Warsaw - Poland's capital - has shrugged off its dour Eastern Bloc image, and is finally showing its true colours. The vibrant heart of the largest country in "New Europe", Warsaw is now poised to make is presence felt as a business and cultural hub. Not your tip-of-the-tongue tourist destination, the city is all the better for it, with its uncontrived but cosmopolitan choice of restaurants, hotels & apartments, cafes, bars & pubs, shops and places to have fun. Read more

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Join us in the country's capital in Poland's delightful second city, Cracow, (also called 'Krakow'), the Baltic beauty of Gdansk, the Silesian jewel of Wroclaw, Greater Poland's capital Poznan, or at the weekends in Zakopane, Poland's mountain resort! Or go further afield and visit Barcelona - we've got you covered in so many great cities right across Europe!

There's a bossy charm to Warsaw - it has the big city character you'd expect of a capital, and a skyline to prove it - one that's dominated by modern skyscrapers and the Gotham City-like Palace of Culture. There's no escaping the fast pace of business, sophisticated nightlife and elegant dining. It even has its own Old Town, rebuilt to perfection after the ravages of war. Don't come here to relax - Discover the energy of one of Europe's great survivors!