Warsaw Events

Warsaw can rival any major city on this planet when it comes to an events lineup. Here you'll find everything from the grandiose to the intimate. With the national spotlight on this capital city, it's no wonder big stars and up-and-comers alike make their way here for a piece of the action. You might feel a bit overwhelmed at first, but we'll help you make sense of it all. Read more

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A trip to Warsaw can be very rewarding. It's almost impossible to visit and not find a long standing festival or exhibition taking place. Some of these, like the Warsaw Film Festival or the Chopin International Piano Competition have garnered worldwide attention. And rightfully so, many of the events taking place in this great city are of the highest calibre.

Not every event has to be an international one, however. That's why we try to include some of the smaller guys as well. Our events calendar has got listings of DJ spots, jazz concerts, theatre presentations - you name it. Get off the beaten path a little and you will find diamonds around every corner. There are thousands of locales in Warsaw, each a potential treasure trove, so you certainly won't be bored!

Keep your eyes open for the visual arts presence. Poland has a long-standing tradition of painters, poster-artists and movie directors. In many cases, Warsaw is the place where the best were discovered. The city reflects this taste for the finer things and we make sure our events calendar does it justice! And if there are any events, big or small, that you feel deserve special attention, let us know.