Shiny, Happy Varsovians

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Being gay in Poland is no easier than being gay in any deeply Catholic, formerly Communist, state - in other words, it's no walk in the park. But modern Warsaw is the most open city in Poland when it comes to the acceptance of homosexuality, and many gay and lesbian Poles will also tell you it's also the place with the most gay and gay-friendly clubs. Below, we've gathered a selection of the best clubs and cafes, and even hostels and hotels for the gay or lesbian traveller, as well as some Polish websites of various GLBT organizations and communities.

For general information about the history and current laws and statistics on homosexuality in Poland, see our Gay Krakow page.

Above: Warsaw's Tolerance Parade in 2007

Warsaw's gay and gay-friendly venues:

Bars and Clubs

Le Garage:
ul. Burakowska 12
A club known for its warm atmosphere and clientele (not to mention the wild decor and wall paintings), Le Garage is a laid-back place to have a few drinks and occasionally enjoy a drag queen show.

Marszalkowska 3/5
Another one of Warsaw's most popular gay bars, Toro hosts frequent events like disco parties and shows which last all night.

Fantom Club:
ul. Bracka 20a
Yet another hard to find spot, Fantom is a club and sauna for men only, with dark rooms, video rooms, and themed parties on Sundays.

Wild Club:
ul. ul. Chlodna 39, lok.3
Similar to Fantom above, Wild Club is a bar and sex club for men.

Plac Mirowski 1
The occasional drag queen shows make this little bar worth coming to.

Lodi Dodi:
ul. Wilcza 23
This small bar in the very centre of the city now has a cinema and darkroom downstairs.

ul. Mokotowska 17
Small gay-friendly cafe

Accommodation and Tours

Friends Guest House:
ul. Sienkiewicza
+36 (309) 323334
Friends Guest House, also with a location in Krakow, was the first gay owned and operated guest house in Poland, and is still the only one in Warsaw. The guest house has three rooms in one building located right in the very centre of the city, close to the Central Train Station, and a stone's throw from stores, cafes, and the Old Town.

Gay Warsaw Tour:
From the people at Warsaw Tours:
A gay tour of Warsaw that not only takes you to the best clubs, but also treats you to a day of spas, sightseeing, and a chance to meet local activists.

Polish GLBT Organizations and Websites:

Culture for Tolerance:
Campaign Against Homophobia:
Poland's gay portal:
Lesbian and feminist portal:
GLBT portal, events:
Lesbian Coalition (LBT):
Positively homosexual portal:
Women for Women:
Independent lesbian and bisexual portal:
GayGuide Cracow: - A guide specially catering to the gay or lesbian traveller. Also available for Cracow, Prague, Sofia, and Budapest.

If you know of other particularly gay-friendly places in Warsaw, please let us know; and feel free to post your comments about gay Warsaw on this page below. We encourage different viewpoints and want to hear your thoughts about the gay cause in Warsaw (though we won't tolerate abusive or hateful comments). For more information about pro-gay organisations and events in Poland, visit You can also download a PDF of the Campaign Against Homophobia's "Situation of Bisexual and Homosexual Persons in Poland - 2005 and 2006 Report" here. We've included a few Poland-specific GLBT websites above, though many are only in Polish. We hope they'll be a helpful resource; if you know of any other helpful websites, let us know as well!


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Sooo sad to spend last night alone at Warsaw. Would like to invite Uni up to 80kg for dating. Intelligence and delicacy are must be

Reply Apr 19th, 2024

I'm in Warsawa

Reply Mar 9th, 2022

Some girl out there who could show me the places to go?

Reply Mar 9th, 2022

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Joe Paul Naudi
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I am in Warsaw until 20.01.2019 and looking for a good man

Reply Jan 25th, 2019

Anyone visiting Warsaw for pleasure/ work in November and/or December 2018? Hit me up!

Reply Nov 13th, 2018

ill be in warsaw since 3 December till 7 December

Reply Nov 25th, 2018

Please leave a contact email.

Reply Nov 25th, 2018
Karan pl

Hello I am staying warsaw i am looking for friend here....

Reply Oct 18th, 2018
United States

Coming to Warsaw, from Florida, for two days (August 12 and 13). Would love to meet a local guy to hang around with, have fun, and see the town. Speak English and Spanish, as well as some Italian and French). I am 51 but athletic.

Reply Jul 22nd, 2018
United States

Im not local but i will be here those dates. Will be here all of august.

Reply Jul 31st, 2018

Hi! Me and My lesbian friend are Traveling to Warsaw at the 27,28,29 of July. We would like to know which lesbian club/parties we can attend to? Which places are the best for girls who like girls?

Reply Jul 3rd, 2018

Hi, did you find anynice lesbian clubs in Warsaw?

Reply Sep 15th, 2018
United Kingdom

Hi, Gay asian guy here! plan on travelling to Warsaw with my lesbian best friend early August for a few days. Would love to hear about an LGBT parties :))

Reply Jun 25th, 2018

Any gay tourist/ businessman in Warsaw now/this week?

Reply Apr 1st, 2018

I am in Warsaw visiting for a few days. Love to meet

Reply Apr 1st, 2018

Hi guys, any Indian guys new to warsaw and looking into making new friends?

Reply Dec 8th, 2017
United Kingdom

Me and my boyfriend are going to be here for new year. We arrive 29/12

Reply Nov 27th, 2017

In Warsaw early January 2018 anyone wanna meet up

Reply Sep 5th, 2017

I want to meet you my no. Is 9034968462

Reply Dec 5th, 2017

Hi, I'm in Warsaw too. Let's catch up

Reply Dec 8th, 2017

hi.. i am in Warsaw fir work this week .. if anybody is interested in meeting ....

Reply Jun 10th, 2017

I am in airport now.Warsawa. Yu

Reply Sep 18th, 2017

Any gay tourist/ businessman in Warsaw this week?

Reply Jul 18th, 2016
United States

Looking for a tourist guy for january to show me nice places, some good gay bars with good drag shows and maybe someone who wants to come to usa for a couples of week to have fun with me

Reply Dec 31st, 2017

Friday 8th of April:)

Reply Apr 5th, 2016

I'm going by myself for a rave party to 1500m2 on friday eve in Warsaw. Any girl or guy would be interested to join? I'm longing for dancing, laughing, good drinks.

Reply Apr 5th, 2016
United States

In Warsaw at the moment Apurav.

Reply Jan 4th, 2016
Apurav Nagpal

in warsaw looking for some fun??? im an hindi guy living in warsaw. i would like to meet older men 35+. open for anything.

Reply Oct 29th, 2015

Hi. Reach me via if you will treat me well

Reply Nov 14th, 2017

I am in Warsaw Friday evening Sept18th and Saturday 19th. Where can I og - somebody want's show me around?

Reply Sep 9th, 2015

In Warsaw for a month. Like to meet like people

Reply Aug 27th, 2015
United Kingdom

In Warsaw this Friday night, the 24 July 2015 I want to visit the Bunkier. Or can someone suggest better place for a average guy into kink?

Reply Jul 20th, 2015
United States

Hello Guys, I will be in Warsaw from April 3 to 6 2015. I would like to meet a nice polish guy to hang out, have fun, who shows me Warsaw by night, the nightlife, nice gay places. I'm 37 y/o, 179 cm, 73 kg in weight, versatile. generous, open minded, easy going. If interested, email me:

Reply Mar 25th, 2015
United States

Hi nice friendly gentleman, spending March 27 in Warsaw. Would like to see a few gay places, grab a bite late 50s and not to bad on the eyes

Reply Mar 25th, 2015

Hello everyone, who can show me Warsaw by night? I will be in Warsaw from April 1, 2015 Help me have a funny stay and unforgettable moments in beautiful Warsaw... Thanks in advance email me to joebelt@hotmail,com Hablo español, mow trocho polsku. Joe

Reply Mar 11th, 2015
United Kingdom

Hi I will be in Warsaw 20 21 March any gay guide for the night life?

Reply Feb 18th, 2015
United States

Hello Guys, I will be in Warsaw December 31 2014 to January 3 2015. I would like to meet a nice polish guy to hang out, have fun, maybe go to a party December 31. I'm latin 5 feet, 6 inches, 140 pounds in weight, Versatile. email me:

Reply Dec 20th, 2014

Hi guys! I am 33, 175 and 69kg I'd love to show you city around. I speak english and swedish so swedish guys are welcomed in a very first place:), but not only of course. Mail me at:

Reply Aug 31st, 2014

Hi. I am staying in Warsaw 5-7th September. Are you polish?

Reply Sep 4th, 2014

Hi guys...In Warsaw and Krakow from sat 6th to monday 15th sep 2014...Anyone to show me 38yo, 176, 70kg and my london friend 45yo, 190, 80kg around? contact on Thanks!!

Reply Aug 27th, 2014

Hi. I am visiting warsaw in August. can anyone tell me about gay bar's around town?. like toro and so on....... thanks

Reply Jul 27th, 2014

Hello everyone, who can show me Warsaw Interesting nights??? I will be in Warsaw till 25 of July . Help me have a good and unforgettable moments in Warsaw... Thanks advance

Reply Jun 9th, 2014

Glam club : ul.Żurawia 22, Mekka club : ul. Chłodna 35. I will recommend that places:)

Reply Jan 4th, 2014

Where are the most popular gay clubs in Warsaw : Glam and Mekka?? better than any other:)

Reply Jan 4th, 2014

Hola chico...LLegando a Varsovia el 27 de diciembre alguien quiere ensenarme la ciudad.. contactme si hablas espanol por el + 33 6 15 01 46 23

Reply Dec 23rd, 2013

hello, I I'll be in Warsaw from 6- 12 THIS NOVENBR . anyone up for a tour of warsaw? IM A FAT 33/120KG thanks

Reply Nov 4th, 2013

hello, Next week I'll be in Warsaw from monday 26th to friday 30th. anyone up for a tour of warsaw?

Reply Aug 24th, 2013
United States

got here today and looking for some nice guy to show me around. 177cm/75kg/30 years old here.

Reply Aug 5th, 2013

In warsaw during this weekend, let me know guys if you need somebody to roam in the city. Gringo8 in PlanetRomeo the best way to contact me.

Reply May 31st, 2013
Peter Solberg

Coming to Warzaw 31/5-3/6 with to friends, anyone who want to meet and show us Polens gay life?

Reply May 5th, 2013

Hi guys, Im Cabin crew and here with female colleagues who dont go out would like to meet someone to go clubbing with friends drinks etc please get in touch I am at the Hilton until the 22/04/13

Reply Apr 19th, 2013
United States

HI Christiaan - Mike here - also visiting Warsaw this weekend. How can we get in touch?

Reply Apr 20th, 2013
United States

visiting from US and here till 20th April. Would any one like to meet?

Reply Apr 7th, 2013

in Warsaw till June! let me know if you wanna meet up top.speed741@gmail

Reply Apr 1st, 2013
United States

I am visiting from the USA and on my own, would love to hear from you and let me know where you are going Sunday night? 31.03.2013

Reply Mar 31st, 2013
United Kingdom

Alex and Russell, very similar situation however on my own - let me know if you want to meet up. I

Reply Mar 28th, 2013
United Kingdom

Hello Warsaw, Myself and my bf will be in Warsaw over Easter weekend, I know it's meant to be very quite in Warsaw that weekend because of Easter, but any tips on what to do (gay stuff) would be much appreciated. I'm Brazilian and my bf is English and we live in London. Alex :-)

Reply Mar 22nd, 2013

hello, i am latvian girl, who want see the best drag queen show in Warsaw. i want to know were ,i can see it in april first/ second week weekend? i wanna to know your opinion. write me to e-mail

Reply Mar 7th, 2013
United Arab Emirates

Hey anyone friends and aquaintances in warsaw april 4-10 'discovering Warsaw

Reply Feb 28th, 2013
Hong Kong

Visiting Warsaw for conference in Apr. Any suggestions on what to do after? Probably have 2 days by myself. Ben

Reply Jan 31st, 2013
United Arab Emirates

Hey Irish man, fancy meeting up?

Reply Jan 7th, 2013

@Buggermehugger I'm Irish and live in Warsaw if you need any help?

Reply Nov 10th, 2012

@julien: j'habite à Varsovie et je suis disponisble à vous aider :)

Reply Nov 10th, 2012

Hey Boys, I'll be cumming all the way from Dublin to Warsaw heehee. totally excited, where can I go to get some Polish fun fun!

Reply Oct 8th, 2012
United States

Coming to Warsaw with friend. We are looking for a local guy to show us around the city.

Reply Oct 1st, 2012
United States

Not sure what the last commenter found, but I went to all of those three places last night and all were busy. There are places to go out in Warsaw

Reply Sep 23rd, 2012

There are now NO gay bars in Warsaw. We tried three in one night, every one of them had been closed. down. What has happened to this place? We tried Lodi Dodi, Klatka and Sqandal - all gone! Do we see, again, the rise of fascism?

Reply Sep 9th, 2012
Ryan Dior
United Kingdom

Hallo and thank you for your hospitality when I visited Warsaw back in March when I was filming a documentory about the night life in our gay commuity, as an actor/Writer I was very well receved and made welcome everywhere I went, and gave many TV and radio interviews, I was very serprised to say the very lest as to how wealthy poland was, and came away with a fressh slant on the place, the people are so friendly and kind the night life is great and the gay commuity are treated as eqis there is a lesson for the british the pink vote is very strong so lisen up, I would go back if invited in a secon, provideing my diary was free, Ryan Dior Actor/Writer Facebook Ryan Dior Manchestre uk

Reply Jul 27th, 2012
United States

Hello I am visiting warsaw from los angeles, I am here now Dec 24th - 27th,I am looking for polish boys to show me around and to play with, Are there any go-go boy bars here I have not found anything gay here , Help,

Reply Dec 26th, 2011
new boy

Hello. I'm new boy in warsaw. I will be here this weekend, and I would like to meet some company for good time.

Reply Oct 22nd, 2011
United Kingdom

Hi - always great visiting Warsaw - will be here again 29th Aug to 2nd Sept - any guys interested in meeting up - email me at - Thanks

Reply Aug 27th, 2011

hey ill be in warsaw from 2 october till 4 october...y would like meet some nice guy to some the city...

Reply Aug 23rd, 2011
United Kingdom

Hi - always great visiting Warsaw - will be here again 1st to 5th August - any guys interested in meeting up - email me at - Thanks

Reply Jul 31st, 2011
carlos Suarez
United States

Thanks for the information about Poland . Im Plan to be in Poland in Septiembre I hope I find good men from Poland . Love Carlos

Reply Jul 30th, 2011
carlos Suarez
United States

Thanks for the information about Poland . Im Plan to be in Poland in Septiembre I hope I find good men from Poland . Love Carlos

Reply Jul 30th, 2011
George guzman
United States

I'm visiting Warsaw and krakow and am just concerned about safety being gay and Latino

Reply Jul 19th, 2011
United Kingdom

Hey lads, I'm visiting poland 9 to 12 August 2011. Anyone interested in meeting up?

Reply Jul 13th, 2011
United Kingdom

Hi - always great visiting Warsaw - will be here again 4th to 8th July - any guys interested in meeting up - email me at - Thanks

Reply Jul 1st, 2011
United Kingdom

Hi - always great visiting Warsaw - will be here again 2nd to 6th May - any guys interested in meeting up - email me at - Thanks

Reply Apr 28th, 2011

Hello, I am Manuel and I will be in Warsaw for four days in mid-March, would like to have male company to show me the town.

Reply Jan 28th, 2011
United Kingdom

Hi - always great visiting Warsaw - will be here again 4th to 7th Jan - any guys interested in meeting up - email me at - Thanks

Reply Dec 29th, 2010

hey! i'm caroline and live in sweden but i have family in poland so every summer I'm spending two months in poland, warszaw. I'm hetero but I love gay bars and clubs cause there is always a wonderful atmosphere, so I wonder if a can come to a gay club with you guy gays? =) I would love to maybe go shopping also or take a cup of tea in zloty terasach. Odezwijcie sie, rozmawiam po polsku, angelsku i szwedzku =)

Reply Dec 2nd, 2010

Warsaw's City Council (a local government) has the first openly gay member :)

Reply Nov 24th, 2010
United States

A friend and I will be in Poland for a few days for my Birthday. Were both girls and visit strip clubs here in the states and would like to go to one In Warsaw. I figured this is a gay friendly site so there shouldn't be negative feedback to this. Will we get stared at when we go? Do girls go to the strip clubs like they do here in the states? Will the strippers ignore us? Will we be asked to leave? I just want a nice evening out no drama. Thank you to any feedback!

Reply Oct 28th, 2010

hi, I am a 23 year-old traveler and will be in Warsaw a few days alone (from 5-oct until 7-oct). I don't like being alone... any interesting guy wanting to meet? I am also looking for a place to stay and something to do during the days (gay sauna / bar...). can anybody help me??

Reply Sep 22nd, 2010

hey i´m a Spanish guy and i´ll live in warsaw for a year...i´ll arrive there on september 22nd and i don´t have contacts in the city...i hate being alone...if u want to meet me drop me a line to

Reply Sep 14th, 2010

i am guy from asia and will vist warsaw in mid of sep-10. i need a friend/partner to help me during my trip .

Reply Sep 13th, 2010
United Kingdom

Travelling to Warsaw from 16/9 for 3 days. Looking to go to a sauna or hook up with singles and couples for some daytime fun.

Reply Sep 12th, 2010
Bobby Rosenberg
United States

Hi! I am Bobby, work as a nurse in neurology @ The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, PA, & ethnically Polish from: Brzesc Litewskie nad Bugiem. I am Gay & plan on doing advanced graduate work in Nursing @ the University of Warsaw. I was in Warsaw before, but did not experience the Gay Culture that Warsaw has to offer. I enjoy the "arts & sciences," besides the academic "stuff," which includes dancing & going to restaurants. Life is great & Poland rocks!!!!! My E-mail is: & USA Cell Phone is: (732) 485 - 5468. I live in the area of New Brunswick, NJ/New Jersey, 45 minutes South of New York City/NYC. Oh yeah, I enjoy a "good" cup of coffee & with "great" conversation. I am an athlete, too - cyclying, running, swimming, & weight lifting.

Reply Sep 12th, 2010
United States

Excellent website!!!!! Keep adding to it!!!!!

Reply Sep 12th, 2010

HI, I'm Andrea, 43 years old, I'll go in Warsaw at the end of october, there is someone who can help me whre I can find gay place? Saunas, disco, bar? Thank you in advance

Reply Aug 30th, 2010

I've visited Warsaw with my boyfriend. We were holding hands and kissing in shopping malls and people even didn't stare at us. So you shouldn't be afraid and you can behave as you want ;)

Reply Aug 28th, 2010

Hi, I´m a latin guy traveling to Warsaw in September. I would like to meet a friend who can show me around your city. I´m 1.77, black hair, brown eyes. send me an email

Reply Aug 27th, 2010

Hello there, im going to warsaw pretty soon and im looking for a friend(s) who can show me around im 1.78,brown hair, green eyes im a nice person, send me an email and lets meet

Reply Aug 24th, 2010

i am visting her and live in Mercure Grand.So feel alone at night.If you want to chat with me,free to let me know.

Reply Aug 15th, 2010

We are a gay couple (56) from munich staying the first time in Warsaw for a weekend end of august, who can give us some hints for visiting town and meeting gay people. Mail to

Reply Aug 14th, 2010
United States

Visiting from San Fran. Need to know what to do this weekend. Need some...

Reply Aug 6th, 2010

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