Warsaw Hotels

Finding a hotel in Warsaw is not a problem these days, and whether its tip-top luxury you're after or no-frills basics in Warsaw hostels, there's plenty to choose from in the capital. We've divided the accommodation up into a range of different levels, and we hope that this gets you straight to what you're looking for.

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City Centre

Warsaw Hotels

3 reviews
Al. Jana Pawła II 21

The Westin Warsaw

17 reviews
ul. Boleslawa Prusa 2


10 reviews
City Centre

Warsaw Apartments

16 reviews
ul. Ks. I. Kłopotowskiego 36

Hotel Hetman

12 reviews
ul. Krucza 28
Al. Jana Pawła II 22
Krakowskie Przedmieście 87/89

Dom Literatury

1 review
ul. Pańska 5
Al. Jerozolimskie 117/ 30

Palace Apartment

1 review
Sewerynów 7

Hostel Helvetia

2 reviews
ul. 1 Praskiego Pułku 89
ul. Płowiecka 83
ul. Augustówka 9
ul. Towarowa 2

Premiere Classe

0 reviews
ul. Marszałkowska 28

Warsaw is very much a business destination, so prices can vary considerably between weekdays and weekends, and we suggest you shop around to find the best deal. Location also makes a big difference in the cost, but with sites to visit so spread out around the city, and taxis pretty cheap, you might find some great hotel deals in areas you might not have considered before. Warsaw is now booming, and the quality of hotels is rapidly improving. Enjoy!

Reviews about Warsaw Hotels

I want to make my husband a small gift, he likes to go on a ribbon with his friends and I decided that a pocket knife would be a good gift for him. But I do not understand anything about this, please tell me a good and inexpensive option that could become as a gift? Thanks!


Beautiful place. Amazing atmosphere. Grate room Services. U have to come here!

Dom Literatury

Simply the best!

Warsaw Downtown Hostel

The best hostel in the whole universe :)

Warsaw Downtown Hostel

Thanks with regard to offering these types of superb knowledge.


Best place to stay in Warsaw and great staff!

Warsaw Downtown Hostel

Amazing piace and fantastic staff!

Warsaw Downtown Hostel

My favorite place to stay in Warsaw

Warsaw Downtown Hostel

The best place!!

Warsaw Downtown Hostel

Amazing place and great staff!

Warsaw Downtown Hostel
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