Warsaw Stag

All your mates have had their Stag Weekends in Brighton or Prague and you just have to go one better. How do you do it? Easy! You go to Warsaw - easily one of the best destinations for your stag night on the planet!

You'll be hard pressed to find a more rocking place for your stag weekend party than Warsaw. If you are looking for old town ambience you can always try Krakow, but if you need a thumping nightlife, a bit of shooting practice with Poland's equivalent of the SAS (and perhaps have the urge to drive a soviet-era tank!) then Warsaw's your place!

Warsaw nightlife is legendary and the Poles know how to party big time. Combine all this with some of the most gorgeous women that ever walked the earth (they're everywhere!) and you've got yourself a stag weekend paradise!

Need something to do before the drinking starts? How about paintball, go-karting or a spot of tank driving? You'll find all of that and more in and around Warsaw...

So what's the first step? How do you go about setting up the perfect Warsaw stag weekend? That's simple - you get someone else to do it for you! Just fill in the form opposite with your details and you'll get a list of amazing activities to choose from from a crew who specialise in stag dos in Warsaw. What's more the prices you are quoted will be straight from the actual people who will handle your stag bash, with no mark up on prices! Leaving you a bit extra cash for sampling the famous Polish vodka!

Done Warsaw already? Our friends at Wroclaw Stags and Krakow Stags are just an email away... Or why not head up to the Baltics? We are now offering some excellent packages on Riga Stag Weekends.