Culture in Warsaw

At first glance, Warsaw doesn't appear like an interesting destination compared to other European capitals since it was decimated during the war and rebuilt during communism. Thus, without a defined city centre, its cultural life is now spread out rather haphazardly across the city.

A lot of these new hot spots are hard to find as many are located in courtyards, former factories, train ticket stations and dark backstreets. However, Warsaw has the largest cultural budget in the country, and there is more going on now than ever before. Though Krakow may be considered Poland's "cultural capital," Warsaw has actually often eclipsed its southern relative in the arts. Two cultural heydays of Poland's capital stand above the rest: the years under the country's last King, Stanislaus Poniatowski as well as the inter-war period, when the city was dubbed the Paris of the East. Now, after a challenging twentieth century, Warsaw is back and more vibrant than ever! Festivals, cultural institutes, museums, galleries, theatres, all that you can handle... we'll help you find the best.

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ul. Jasna 5

1. Warsaw Philharmonic

4 reviews
Pl. Defilad 1

2. Palace of Culture

4 reviews
ul. Foksal 16

3. Teatr Sabat Revue Show

15 reviews
ul. Stanislawa Kostki Potockiego 10/16

4. Wilanow Poster Museum

5 reviews
ul. Otwocka 14

5. Fabryka Trzciny

5 reviews
Al. Jerozolimskie 3

6. National Museum

3 reviews
ul. St. Kostki Potockiego 10/16

7. Wilanow Palace Museum

3 reviews
ul. Agrykoli 1

8. Lazienki Palace

12 reviews
pl. Małachowskiego 3
ul. Konopnickiej 6

10. Studio Buffo

4 reviews
ul. Hoża 42/8

11. Raster

3 reviews
Plac Zamkowy 4

12. Royal Castle

2 reviews
pl. Teatralny 1

13. Teatr Wielki

5 reviews
ul. Jazdów 2
Rynek Starego Miasta 27


4 reviews
ul. Foksal 1/4

16. Galeria Foksal

4 reviews

Reviews about Culture in Warsaw

Better then in Paris times ... 3? ;)

Teatr Sabat Revue Show

Hello. I'M Going to be in warzaw from 24/05 to 27/05. Will You advise me things to do there. For exemple music concerts? Thank You for your time and help.

Warsaw Philharmonic

SORRY! i meant to rate it 5 stars not 1....

United States,
Teatr Sabat Revue Show

Good entertainment. Definitely should go if thinking about it!

United States,
Teatr Sabat Revue Show

It's a blight. That fake palm tree is a joke. Honestly, it's super ugly. Why not put up a beautiful spruce or some other evergreen that can be decorated every Christmas time?

United States,
Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue

Great and new museum in Warsaw! Very close to the railway station and Palac Kultury so you can visit them even waiting for a train. Beautiful modern interiors and exhibitions

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw


Teatr Sabat Revue Show

The palace is a bit austere with too many pictures of men that even my Polish friends had never heard of, but it is still worth a visit to see the floors and plasterwork. Better still is the park, which is a joy to walk and can be done easily within an hour. Access to the gardens is free on Thursday; access to the Palace is free on Sunday. Even if you have to pay, the cost is not huge and it is good value for money. Be sure to try the hot chocolate and Polish cake in the old tea room - delicious.

United Kingdom,
Wilanow Palace Museum

After my 69 hour flight to Poland, I soon looked at the largest thing that caught my eye, the Royal Palace. After I had visted all the 'clubs' I entered the Palace, and found the President of the Royal States of Canada. As o much of my suprise, the secret service ninjas jumped out of no-where and I was forced to take action,. I managed to defeat the ninjas and fire the president from his office to install Abraham Lincolen ad their new monach. I then ate some Cheese.

United States,
Royal Castle

I have a 25year commerative pin:Enscribed:JUB.ORK.,XXV,FILH.WARSZ.,1901-1926. Believeved to have been presented to Josef(joseph) Englander,A Violinest at that time who migrated to the escape the war.Further, it was given to my wife by Joanna Englander,his wife.(deceased).We would like to sell it,If anyone is interested,Please contact me via E-mail:

United States,
Warsaw Philharmonic