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First of all. Let's not kid ourselves. The vast majority of people who come to Warsaw, come here on business. Think of it this way: Warsaw's airport sees about 75% of all travellers to Poland passing through its gates. One wouldn't be too far off to say that the city holds the same cut of all investment in this great country... Here you'll find the tallest buildings, the fastest cars, the most expensive restaurants - the works. Warsaw is the reason you see foreigners in business suits attempting to speak Polish. Warsaw is the trend-setter and the big boss of Poland. In short, Warsaw is all about business - and business is all over Warsaw.

Here in Warsaw you'll find all the big dogs. For those with aspirations of world domination there's plenty going on in Warsaw to serve as an inspiration, and if you're coming from abroad and are worried you won't find a job in an English-speaking environment then relax - nothing could be farther from the truth! To get a good idea of which companies you'll find in the capital, just check out the list of Chambers of Commerce at the bottom of this page and go to the appropriate country's list of members.

For those of you who already have some money in your pocket and are looking to increase it, Warsaw - and all of New Europe - is a perfect place for investment. The rapidly developing economy is coupled with a fiery ambition seen in just about every member of the workforce. Trust us, there is definitely a future in these parts... Why else would we be here?!

If you're wary of leaping before you look however (as well you should be!), then it's well worth enlisting some professionals to help you do your homework. PMR Consulting can provide you with all the market intelligence you need to operate in this part of the world, compiling the latest data and bringing you up-to-date news on Poland's economy. As well as free business information in the booming pharma FMCG Construction, IT, Telecom and retail markets, PMR can also provide specialist reports on the likes of competitive intelligence - so you can see what your competitors are up to and keep up to speed!

Other great sources of key information, for those who want to start dabbling in Warsaw business, are the many Chambers of Commerce that operate in the capital. Find a list below, and remember that a veritable treasure trove of possibilities await the brave. So, whether you're going to further your career, diversify your portfolio, or try to take over the world, Warsaw will understand your ambition. Enough chit chat, let's get to work!

Chambers of Commerce

Polish Chamber of Commerce
Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza
ul. Trebacka 4
tel: (022) 630 9600
fax: (022) 827 4673

American Chamber of Commerce
Warsaw Financial Center
ul. Emilii Plater 35
tel: (022) 520 5999
fax: (022) 520 5998

British-Polish Chamber of Commerce
ul. Fabryczna 16/22
tel: (022) 320 0100
fax: (022) 621 1937

Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Room 307, ul. Chmielna 132
tel: (022) 573 6167
fax: (022) 573 6169


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Angels Delight

Does anyone know de way to da festival mon?

Reply May 20th, 2012
United States

Hi! I am still looking for a professional career in Warsaw. I am currently finishing up my studies in environmental management. I have my BA in international relations/spanish! I'm also an English teacher part time. Feel free to contact me for any job opportunities!

Reply Feb 5th, 2012

I have a BA in Journalism from Charles Sturt University and am finishing up my MA in Political Science at Warsaw University. Am open to interesting employment prospects and am waiting for your email: victoriabieniek@gmail.com

Reply Nov 25th, 2011
Raju Poudel

I completed master degree in Economics from Nepal. I can speak polish language(not so well but I can understand). I would like to be their for job and for my next qualification. Is their any possibilities??? so please help me out...

Reply Aug 24th, 2011
balaji kv


Reply Jul 17th, 2011
United Kingdom

hi everyone, i am currently studying Business with Finance (UK) and i am also a graduate in Business Administration and IT (UK). I am fluent in both languages, Polish and English(written and spoken) and i wish to find a Job in Warsaw. Please help ;)

Reply Oct 12th, 2010
manpreet kaur

i have done commerce ,,i have knowledge accounts ,,,,,,,,,,,,,i wanna to do job accounts in office

Reply Aug 24th, 2010
manpreet kaur

i have done commerce ,,i have knowledge accounts ,,,,,,,,,,,,,i wanna to do job accounts in office

Reply Aug 24th, 2010

yea....its very interesting

Reply Jul 13th, 2010

i am an mechanical engineer very good english speaking and writing and little polish and wish to live and work in warsaw what i have to do and where i should to send my c.v any help please

Reply May 28th, 2010
Mostafa Ismaeil

i am interesting to come and live and work in Warsaw but i have no knowledge what i have to do to go there and i wish if somebody can help me on that and send me what i should do? with my best wishes,

Reply Jan 14th, 2010
United Kingdom


Reply Nov 17th, 2008