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Upcoming events in Krakow


Join an everyday Polish Dinner!

You are invited to take part in the must-try experience for every visitor to Poland - the typical everyday dinner... Read more »


RiGCZ! - Round 1

To start the game... come and see A social music meeting. We play for you separately and together. ? Flea?... Read more »


SD #52 - GOLD / Entropia / Them Pulp...

GOLD (dark / occult rock - Rotterdam) - Ván / Profound Lore A Dutch sextant playing amalgam, which is very... Read more »


Join an Authentic Home-Cooked Tunisian...

Hamza, originally from Tunisia, has been living in Poland for 7 long years and as a passionate chef he loves... Read more »


Targ Pietruszkowy (Parsley Market)

Plac Niepodległości

The main mission behind non-profit organisation Targ Pietruszkowy farmers’ market is to connect people:... Read more »


Exhibition: Wyspiański

The National Museum in Kraków has gathered the largest and most valuable collection of works by Stanisław... Read more »

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We try to keep it light-hearted but informative. We've been to all the places reviewed on the site, so you'll get a first-hand idea of what it's like. Krakow is a vibrant city with great cultural and historical dignity, which provides a glorious backdrop to all the fun. Hey, what other World Heritage site can boast the highest density of bars and pubs in the world? You get the idea!

Whether you're just booked to travel or already in the city, we're here to help you make the very best of your stay. We love Krakow - that's why we live here - and we look forward to passing on all the best information and tips about the place, so that you'll be as enthusiastic about it as we are!

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