Shops in Warsaw

As Poland's capital, Warsaw has attracted all the big international names in shopping, keen to take part in the country's economic resurgence.

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ul. Mokotowska 64

1. Batycki

6 reviews
ul. Nowy Świat 35

2. Delikatesy A. Blikle

6 reviews
ul. Mszczonowska 3

3. Janki Shopping Centre

3 reviews
ul. Złota 59

4. Body Shop

8 reviews
ul. Dobra 56/66

5. Galeria Plakat

5 reviews
ul. Marszałkowska 104/122

6. Galeria Centrum

6 reviews
ul. Nowy Świat 15/17

7. Empik Megastore

9 reviews
ul. Krucza 50

8. Smyk

9 reviews
ul. Ostrobramska 75c

9. Promenada

7 reviews
Pl. Czerwca 1976, 6

10. Factory

4 reviews
ul. Chmielna 7

11. Pollini

8 reviews
ul. Bracka 9

12. Likus Concept Store

2 reviews
ul. Mokotowska 51/53

14. Endo

2 reviews
ul. Górczewska 124

15. Wola Park

1 review
ul. Powsińska 31

16. Sadyba Best Mall

2 reviews

As a business hub, Warsaw is also an oasis for travellers looking for smart clothes at reasonable prices. Still, the city continues to retain its old world charm, and there are plenty of smaller stores tucked on the back streets with treasures waiting to be discovered. Happy shopping!

Reviews about Shops in Warsaw

My mom used to buy some of my clothes from here and they were my favourite! With cute designs on high quality, comfy clothing.


suberb fantastic stores


Hi there! Is it possible to buy a Dowina guitar from you on line ? Thanks ! Laurent

Salon Muzyczny Z.Holdysa

Hello, I have sent you an email, but have not heard anything from you. Please tell me, is it possible to get the music score (sheets) of Maria Szymanowska's "Romance de la Reine Hortense"? Yours Mrs. Toni Bjerremose Denmark

Salon Muzyczny Z.Holdysa

Just great!

United Kingdom,
La galerie Parisienne

I bought bags for my mom and sisters and of course myself. I have used one of my bags at least 6 months out of the year and I believe it must be at least 5 years or more old. It looks exactly the same way as it did when I received it from Poland. There is not so much as a scuff on it. Not a thread is broken, not a bend anywhere not even on the handles. They are made beautifully and just like a Batycki, they are resealent. I have my 5 Neices deciding which bag Aunty can buy them. I am going to get one to raffle off at our Batycki's Reunion next August. With all of the women having the Batycki's name, it is sure to make a hit.


Looking for leather blazers for women

Janki Shopping Centre

I'm looking for a pair of traditional polish red boots size 2

United Kingdom,

I happened to stop by a Thrift store in Houston and my eyes were immediately drawn to a beautiful aubergine shoulder bag that I bought for just a few dollars. I didn't know exactly what I was buying, but I did know it was of a superb quality. My surprise when I checked online the brand Batycki and learned about it. So happy to know I made an excellent choice and from now on I highly recommend it!.

United States,

I buy one every time I visit Poland. I receive so many compliments on them!

United States,