Warsaw Restaurants

Wry fellows used to say that if you wanted to eat well in Warsaw you had to repair to an embassy, Ferrero Rocher style, and hob-nob with the diplomatic set. But gone are the days when the capital was a gastronomic desert.

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at homes right across the city

1. Eataway

46 reviews
ul. Wilcza 50/52

2. Ganesh

4 reviews
Pl. Konstytucji 3

3. Saffron Spices

4 reviews
Al. Jerozolimskie 28
ul. Piwna 4 A

5. Karmnik

4 reviews
ul. Nowy Świat 23

6. India Buddha

10 reviews
ul. Świętojańska 2

7. POLKA Restaurant

7 reviews
ul. Chłodna 15

8. Trattoria Toscana

3 reviews
Al. Jana Pawla II 23

9. 99 Restaurant

23 reviews
ul. Świętojańska 13
al. Solidarnosci 129/131

11. Natara

5 reviews
ul. Moliera 4/6

12. Sushi Bar Sakana

4 reviews
ul. Szpitalna 8

13. Wedel

34 reviews
ul. Francuska 11

14. Dom Polski

13 reviews
ul. Racławicka 99

15. Balsam

8 reviews
ul. Mokotowska 69

16. Adler

7 reviews

Today new places are springing up like mushrooms in Autumn - and the sheer variety on offer has obliterated the dreary old eastern-bloc stereotype. Needless to say traditional Polish cuisine is the best represented food amongst restaurants in the city, but Warsaw has always been the most multicultural and outward-looking of Poland’s cities, and the choice has been growing dramatically in recent years. In addition, vegan and vegetarian restaurants have become incredibly popular in the capital, and Warsaw has a growing reputation for some of the most interesting restaurants serving this type of food. Naturally, as a business city as well, there are also a good number of rather smart, high-end places to dine, with outstanding fusion and international food.

If you'd prefer to skip the restaurants and eat with a local cook at their home, Eataway is now available in Warsaw.

Reviews about Warsaw Restaurants

Every meal I have been to with Eataway has been amazing and so much fun. I havent been to one in Warsaw though, only Krakow



Indian Dawat

Very good food

Indian Dawat

best damn burger joint in warsaw.. and that was told me and my party by a table full of germans. so we tried it.. well I can do damage to a plate of food... but this meal was .. almost to much. the burger was an inch thick and about six or seven inches round.. the fries and slaw topped with a half litter stein of beer. to this day, if there is any thing I think I cant finish, be it food,projects , or any thing.. its a warsaw burger. but perseverance saw me through. and I must say, in all my efforts to finish such a tasty burger.. it was accomplished slowly and with much savoring. hope to again stretch my stomach with such a meal from the best burger joint in warsaw.

United States,

The best Indian restaurant in Poland. I have been to Krakow Ganesh and got mesmerized with the taste and ambience. Now a regular visitor whenever I am in Krakow. Best wishes for the Ganesh team.


where can I buy this chocolate in new zealand please

New Zealand,

Excellent service. Very good food. Attractive room.

United States,
POLKA Restaurant

Ganesha restraunt is one of the best restraunt in warsaw The lunch in ganesha is cheap and tasty with good quantity Me and my friends visit twice every week and every time we feel so good Very good envoirment


Really enjoyed it. Great prices, comfortable lovely staff and food delicious. Would love the recipe for pork loin with plums

POLKA Restaurant

Absolutely amazing chocolates!!

United Kingdom,