Warsaw Car Rental

Well, sure the public transportation around here is pretty good. Sure, the roads aren't the best in the world. And, of course, Warsaw traffic can be enough to turn your kids' hair gray. But sometimes you just need your own ride, darn it!

We can relate. Maybe you're coming to Warsaw with your family or a group of friends or co-workers. Or maybe you're just not too thrilled with the idea of standing in a metro everyday. There are plenty of good reasons to think of why a car rental (or "car hire", for the UK chaps) might be the best option. And, as always, Warsaw Life comes to the rescue...

Below we've got the basic info to get you started on renting a car while in Warsaw. Just remember to drive defensively around here - almost everybody else won't... Finally, just to prepare you, prices can be a bit on the upside. The reason? Well, for one, you won't find a car rental on every corner the way you do in some countries. And secondly, there is a relatively high population of individuals who like to borrow other people's vehicles without asking...

All the same, car rental (car hire) does give you all the independence you could possibly desire. So enjoy those streets of Warsaw! Just not too much...

Drive Safely!

The Warsaw Life Team

Warsaw Car Rental

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