Printable guides

If you're like us, you don't want to pay outrageous fees for data roaming abroad. Right. Using mobile internet when travelling costs money. Much more money than usual, actually.

Download a free eBook/PDF

So we decided to create a printable version of the most important information on our site for our readers to print out and take with themselves!

Download PDF

We've prepared it so it's also much cheaper and eco-friendly to print than any website! If you're like us and refuse to believe that paper is dead, just download the PDF and show those electronically-savvy youngsters your printer is still kicking ass. By the way, you can also copy the PDF to your phone or tablet.

iPhone app, anyone?

If you are fine with using some internet, we're pretty sure you'd want it to be as fast as possible without compromising the usefulness of information. Well, that's why we've created a free iPhone Local Life app! Just download it to your device now and use it wherever you go.

Download the app

It automagically knows where you are and shows your the most relevant information on top. It's like that one friend you have who knows everything about the city. Yeah, that's us. Get it :)

That's how it looks!


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