Warsaw Weather

What's the weather in Warsaw like?

Poland often gets the reputation of being a great cold country, with Siberian winters and grey summers. Nowhere is that less true than in Warsaw. While the winters have been known to be harsh, with temperatures dropping to the negative 20s on the coldest days, Warsaw's location in the centre of Poland gives it a more temperate, plains climate than Gdansk in the north or even Cracow in the south. Nevertheless, a warm hat, gloves, scarf, and stockings are essentials between late November and mid-March. Spring temperatures can vary greatly in Warsaw, from sunny sweater days already in March to snowfall in April - both have been known to happen, depending on the harshness of the winter. But once spring comes, it doesn't take too long for the temperatures to warm up, at least when it's not raining. If travelling between the months of March and May, we'd definitely suggest taking a durable umbrella on your trip. Summer in Warsaw can be a gruelling time if you're not a fan of the heat. Temperatures often break 30 degrees in July and August, and the cement streets and reflective skyscrapers only make things worse. Luckily, Warsaw has plenty of parks with ample shade to relieve the heat. Once the leaves start falling in September and October, the temperature will generally remain mild, and autumn is one of the best times to visit the city. Just be careful to pack a hat and gloves, just in case.


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Finally - the sun is out! That was a horrid winter!

Apr 19th, 2013
Jimmy Fernandes

What would be the weathr like in second half of August 11 What are the Pack Packers places. Is it safe for me and my wife??Senior citizens from Mumbai

Jul 10th, 2011
United Kingdom

It has been very warm so far this Spring. I have lived in Poland for 10 years, and it has a great climate for 8 months of the year. November to February is a disaster, but the rest of the year is terrific - better than the UK for sure...

May 5th, 2011