Warsaw Cinemas - the Capital's Silver Screens

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Poland boasts a well-developed cinema culture. What else would you expect from the home of such modern day masters as Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Kieslowski, or Roman Polanski? Naturally, Warsaw is no exception. The city is chock full of cinemas to fit every fancy. You'll find everything, from the gargantuan mega-plex where you get a discount on soda for ordering the four-litre version, to the tiny, dark cellar full of snobs sharing a drink you've never heard of.

Below you'll find just a few suggestions. We have tried to cover the basics while providing a taste of all the flavours. These should keep you busy...

Warsaw Cinemas

ul. Chmielna 33
The odd juxtaposition of history and modern creature comforts (much like the city itself), the Atlantic was opened in 1930 and modified many times since. Enjoy 4 air-conditioned halls with all the latest tech.
tel: (022) 827 0894

Cinema City Bemowo
ul. Powstancow Slaskich 126a
A stone's throw from the Trasa Torunska, you'll find this massive multiplex. It is directly connected to the Carrefour Hypermarket by means of a 'cosmic tunnel.' Be sure to check out the bowling arena and coffee shop.
tel: (022) 560 4000

Cinema City Galeria Mokotow
ul. Woloska 12c
This is the massive complex-style cinema you might be used to. Frequently found in Malls and with many locations around town - this is the home of the commercialised, would-you-like-a-bucket-o-popcorn-with-your-heart-attack kind of spot.
tel: (022) 456 6500

Cinema City Promenada
ul. OstrobramskA 75c
...inside Promenada Mall
tel: (022) 611 7511

Cinema City Sadyba
ul. Powsinska 31
Another multiplex connected to a monument to commerce, this time the Sadyba Best Mall. You'll also find the world famous 3D Panasonic IMAX here.
tel: (022) 550 3333

Iluzjon Filmoteki Narodowej
ul. Narbutta 50a
Slightly smaller joint, specializing in strange pics and cult classics.
tel: (022) 646 1260

Al. Ujazdowskie 6
Wanna make an impression on that quiet, artsy, black-clad hottie? By the time you leave this place, even she'll be begging for football, beer and potato chips. Now that's independent cinema, whooo!
tel: (022) 628 1271

Kino Luna
ul. Marszalkowska 28
Independent and classic films are shown here all week, with special ticket deals for students on weekdays.
tel: (022) 621 7828

Kino Wisla
pl. Wilsona 2
In the centre of Zoliborz, on the Wilson Square, you'll find this nice nook. What other spot can boast sofas in the seating area?
tel: (022) 839 2365

Kinoplex Femina
Al. Solidarnosci 115
Another multi-location multiplex. This one is probably not in as good a shape as the Cinema City league. Nevertheless, the gizmos necessary for you to enjoy the latest big money blow-out blockbusters are there.
tel: (022) 620 1810

Kinoplex Relax
ul. Zlota 8
Very modern joint, located right in the middle of the city center.
tel: (022) 828 3888

pl. Defilad 1
All that Culture in one Palace can be exhausting. Step up to the modern facilities of Kinoteka. Join their club, get fat discounts.
tel: (022) 826 1961

Krakowskie Przedmiescie 21/23
Yet another cinemaniac-worthy independent hot spot. Excellent location, across from the Presidential Palace, though you probably won't find Prezzy McPresident there...
tel: (022) 826 3335

Al. KEN 60, ul. Zlota 59
The multiplex that's tearing up the nation. Tip-top salons, tons of screens, fancy gadgetry, all the works, and two locations in Warsaw, including one in the Zlote Tarasy shopping centre.
tel: (022) 644 6600, (022) 201 1610

Orange IMAX
ul. Powsinska 31
The well-known, monstrous monitor makes its way to Warsaw. Enjoy 45 minutes of mind bending shots. Be sure to check out 'IMAX Days' - tickets are about half price.
tel: (022) 550 3333

Al. Solidarnosci 62
Also an alternative runt. But remember small is beautiful. Besides these independent films often have more originality in one minute than 'Spiderman vs. Anaconda XII' ever will.
tel: (022) 826 9091

Silver Screen
ul. Pulawska 19/21
Galleries, bars, theatre rentals, coffee shops, and, oh yeah, cinema! This place has way more than you'd expect from the movies. Feeling extra bling? Get free refreshments and more leg room at the Platinum Screen.
tel: (022) 852 8888


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the address of KINO.LAB is changed now - it's ul. Jazdów 2 but it's still in the same place (Ujazdowski Castle, CSW) though the address changed ;) the web is also the same: http://www.kinolab.art.pl/

Reply Mar 29th, 2009

Are there any cinemas that show kids movies in English? My kids don't speak Polish and we might be moving to Poland. Thank you.

Reply Mar 25th, 2009
United States

One of the best things about Warsaw, the old cinemas. Heres hoping they dont go the way of the old cafes. Damn the Multikinos to Hell

Reply Nov 12th, 2008

i like Poland.... THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Reply Oct 16th, 2008

And another one missing: Muranów 1 gen. Andersa St. www.muranow.gutekfilm.pl

Reply Jul 31st, 2008

Multikino in Zlote Tarasy is missing!!!!! I like it:))))))))

Reply Mar 13th, 2008

I think Kino Luna is missing: http://www.kinoluna.pl/ Only 5 Zloty on Mondays!

Reply Mar 2nd, 2008
Helen Adams

This is a great list of cinemas but it would be even more useful if you could click through to all of them, not just a few.

Reply Oct 2nd, 2007
United States

Where is the cost of the moveie theatr cost>?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l84

Reply Feb 11th, 2007