Warsaw Airport

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The Frederic Chopin International Airport

The Frederic Chopin International Airport in Warsaw is by far the biggest in Poland, covering an impressive 834 hectares of land and handling about 50% of the country's air traffic. Nine million people travelled to over 80 destinations in 2008, a passenger growth of 2% from the year before.

The new Terminal 2 at Warsaw's Frederic Chopin Airport


Getting from the airport to the city...

Comprising of now only two terminals (the cattle shed-like Etiuda terminal - where most of the budget airlines used to depart from - thankfully closed in March 2009), the Frederic Chopin is just 10km south west of Warsaw in Okecie, and the journey time by bus is usually only around 25 minutes. Between the 175 and 188 you'll be able to catch a ride into the city centre every ten minutes or so, or at night jump on the N32 and you'll get right to Warsaw Central Station (Dworzec Centralny). Tickets for the bus cost a mere 2.8 PLN (approx. $1, 0.70, 0.60) and you can snag one at any kiosk; or buy from the driver for an additional 0.5 PLN. For more information, check the website of Warsaw's Public Transport Authority (ZTM).

If you're happy to splash out on your own 'chaffeur', a taxi is bound to prove quicker and easier than the bus and not too much more expensive either. Do not accept any offers for a taxi while you are inside the terminal - they will charge you much more than the rank outside. You shouldn't have any trouble finding one on the rank outside arrivals, but if you want real peace of mind (see our comments in this section!) then book a taxi cab transfer in advance.

Travelling from town to the airport? Then simply reverse the directions. Head to Warsaw Central Station for buses, or if you are travelling by your own set of wheels then find the Zwirki i Wigury street. It takes you all the way from Warsaw centre directly to the airport.

Flight Delayed?

Well, you'll find plenty of stuff to do around 'ol Chopin to pass the time... Top facilities, shopping and information points are on hand to make your life that bit more comfortable.

Airport Info - (6am to 10pm) or try +48 22 650 4220

Airport Telephone Operator - +48 22 650 1111

Bank - (M-F: 8am to 8pm, Sat: 8am to 2pm). A host of ATMs and over half a dozen Bureaux de Change got you covered

Car Rental - all the top brands, 7 in total. Drive safely!

Avis - phone number: +48 (22) 650 48 69
Hertz - phone number: +48 (22) 650 28 96
Europcar - phone number: +48 (22) 650 25 64
Budget - phone number: +48 (22) 650 40 62
National - phone number: +48 (22) 606 92 02
Payless - phone number: +48 (22) 650 14 84
Sixt - phone number: +48 (22) 650 20 31

Chapel - In the transit area. For schedule and further info, check the Chapel's website

First Aid- For all those nasty paper cuts, etc. For more serious injuries call +48 22 650 2444

Food and Drink - A sit down restaurant, fast food and ice-cream. What else could you want? That's right: a nice chilled pint of beer to wash it all down...

Insurance - In case you just don't trust those airlines with everything

Internet - There are two Wi-Fi hotspots (provided by Era and Orange) that can be accessed in all areas of Terminal 1 to ease you of your Facebook withdrawal symptoms

Java - indulge in a luxurious latte, or a quick espresso if hurtling past to catch your escaping plane.

Lost Baggage Office - +48 22 650 2006

Luggage Storage - +48 22 650 2006

Press - Get your mags and papers in one of the many kiosks

Post Office - For that letter you forgot to send your mother.

Retail Shopping- Booze, toys, bling, all that stuff you forgot to buy... Go shoppin' in Chopin (had to say it, sorry)

Tourist Info - (Terminal 2, 8am to 8pm) or call +48 22 194 31

Tourist Agencies - Skip these guys and just peruse our site instead!

Transit Hotel - If you are stuck waiting for a connection, just ask for the Falcon Hotel or call: +48 22 650 4891

VAT Refunds - (6am to 10pm) Not from around here? ('here' = EU) talk to these guys about giving you some money back!

Transferring to rail

If you are flying to Warsaw and transferring to a train to Krakow for example, then follow the same instructions as before to Warsaw Central Station (Dworzec Centralny), where you can buy your tickets and board your train. The queues at the ticket booths can be pretty big, so keep an eye out for automated 'fast ticket' machines, which accept most major credit cards. Finally don't forget to check our sister site Cracow Life, before you arrive. They can sort you out with all the hotels, tours and info you need!

OK. That about wraps up the basics for Warsaw's Frederic Chopin Airport. If you need more specific info you might want to check out the airport's official site. Read about Krakow Airport on our sister site. Meanwhile, if there is something else you were looking for on this page but didn't find, please let us know!


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United States

I was traveling to Warsaw and after passing through passport control I was confronted by a man in green army fatigues. He stated in Polish "come with me" and led me to an escalator where we went down to the baggage area. When we were in a secluded area he touched my bum and said, in English, "You have a nice backside. Please let me have your dirty panties." I noticed then that he smelled of alcohol, tobacco, and body odor. I ran toward a group of travelers and got away.

Reply Sep 3rd, 2018
United States

Why not put in a good large enough diagram of each floor of the terminal? So people coming in can arrange to meet others in the airport?

Reply Aug 14th, 2016

why not just google warsaw airport diagram?

Reply Sep 4th, 2018

We are travelling from Vilnius to Chicago via Warsaw. There are approx.2 hours between two connected flights. Is this time enough to change a plane, considering security formalities in Chopin Airport? Thank you.

Reply Jul 29th, 2015
Ann O.
United States

I will be flying from Prague to Gdansk via Warsaw and I only have a 30-minute layover. How easy is it to go from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1? Thank you so much for your help!

Reply Sep 5th, 2014
Pata Miskogo

Very easy.

Reply Sep 3rd, 2018
United States

I will fly from New York to Sofia, Bulgaria and change plane in Warsaw airport. My passport is issued by China and US visa is F1. Do I need to apply for a Poland visa in order for changing plane in Warsaw? Your reply is highly appreciated!

Reply Jun 28th, 2013

We are flying to Warsaw from Toronto the 1st of May and have a 23 hr. layover on our way to Greece. Is it possible to see a bit of Warsaw in that time and what is the currency that is used? also do we need to take pick up our checked baggage or does it go on the next plane automatically??

Reply Jan 27th, 2013
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United States

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Reply Nov 28th, 2012

The report is excellent! Now I know about the airport and the transportations to the city. Still, I need some more info about how/what could be done during a relatively long transit period. I have a (connecting) flight with 7 hours of transit in WAW airport. Is it possible to visit the city and come back to catch the connecting flight or is it not allowed to go out the airport or something? what recommendations, if any, about how to spend the time? Many thanks in advance.

Reply Sep 26th, 2012

Hello there , I have flight from Tel aviv to Amsterdam by the end of April 2012 , but I have layover in Warsaw for 8 hours , thinking to visit the city center and then back to the airport , catch my flight direct to Amsterdam , is that possible , I mean the time , How much it's Cost , any one Can Recommended me to go there .... Thanks in advance

Reply Aug 26th, 2012
United States

I heard there is now a train from WAW airport to central train station. How often is the train, how long does this take, and how much is the fare?

Reply Jul 22nd, 2012
United States

I am traveling from Chicago to Moscow with a plane change in Warsaw. Will I have to collect my bags and go through customs before I board my flight to Moscow?

Reply Jun 3rd, 2012

hi everyone i have a flight going from toronto to warsaw and conecting to istanbul turkey i am holding a canadian travel document i want to know if i need a transit visa or not can someone help

Reply Mar 21st, 2012
Tarek A

Hello there , I have flight from Tel aviv to Amsterdam by the end of April 2012 , but I have layover in Warsaw for 7 hours , thinking to visit the city center and then back to the airport , catch my flight direct to Amsterdam , is that possible , I mean the time , How much it's Cost , any one Can Recommended me to go there .... Thanks in advance !!!

Reply Mar 21st, 2012

I am traveling from Belgrade to Warsaw. After that, I have only an hour to catch my flight for Chicago. Is that enough time? And, if you'd be so kind to give me just a short explanation what should I do, when I come to Warshaw... Great thanks for any help!

Reply Mar 10th, 2012
Debbie Ross

pls. can you adv. how much it would cost to access the Polonez Business lounge (travelling economy cls)?

Reply Jan 4th, 2012
D Nadis
United States

There should be info as to when the train from the airport to Warsaw centre will be opening

Reply Oct 20th, 2011
Mee Hung Long

I had a nice stay in Warsaw Courtyard Marriott. It very near the Airport.

Reply Oct 8th, 2011

Totally possible to take a look around the city in the time you have. Get a texi to the old town and have a look around and some food, walk from the old town south to Nowy Swiat. Have a look at the cultural tower and maybe Marszalkowska street and Plac Konstytucji and then head back to the airport.

Reply Sep 2nd, 2011

Hey! I have 8 hours between flights at Warsaw airport, is it possible to get out and check out the city in a few hours or is it totally impossible?

Reply Aug 29th, 2011
Irena M Majcher

i am looking for the absolute cheapest round trip flight to Poland. I am a widow as my husband passed away 2010. I have a hard time being able to afford what many stabilitized singles and families can. could you some how redirect or direct me to the proper site that is the best econimical deal for someone like myself. i would really appreciate it.

Reply Jul 30th, 2011

Hello. I would like to ask, is WI FI free in the airport? If not, how much it costs? Thank you

Reply Jun 23rd, 2011

Lodz is pronounced "woodge" the "L" is actually a "wuh" sound and the Z sounds like "chuh". Enjoy your visit to Warsaw - great city. Paddy

Reply Jan 13th, 2011
Hung Ma Tung

Is Lodz pronounced "loads" or "woodge"?

Reply Sep 15th, 2010
United States

i would like to know how to get from the WAW tO Warsaw Centrelana station. I know it can be by bus, but where I can find this bus, how much it takes time and how much it costs.If it can be by taxi, also give me details. Awaiting your reply. Thanks

Reply Aug 23rd, 2010
Marek Wisniewski

When I was at the Warsaw airport a gentleman from customs asked me, "Have you lost your kitty?" And then, quickly, he added, "Because I have her." I was then detained overnight in a cell.

Reply Jul 23rd, 2010
Reynaldo Penaj

I recently had a transit flight at Warsaw and when I showed my Albanian passport I was detained and asked by an overweight customs representative, "Have you lost your kitty?" Then, immediately, a petite woman said, in a stern manner, "Because I have her!" The contents of my suitcase was then emptied onto the floor and I was led to a detention facility. Very strange.

Reply Dec 9th, 2013
United States

Is there a bus connection from Warsaw airport to Lodz? I have information that Polski Express does not operate on this rout anymore, is it true?

Reply Jul 22nd, 2010
United Kingdom

I am travelling from Warsaw airport to Lodz can anyone tell me how comfortable the Polski express buses are, aircon? Also is it possible to book seats (I am in UK) and what are the approximate prices? Many thanks.

Reply Jul 2nd, 2010
Lydia Bellwood Howard
United Kingdom

Hi Sue , I am also wanting to take the polski express bus from warsaw to lodz. did it go okay for you? does the bus stop at the airport? Best, Lydia

Reply Jun 12th, 2013
United Kingdom

There is a new bus terminal at Chopin Airport in Warsaw since May 30 2010 with 21 bus stops. Can anyone tell me where I can find the towns/cities that the buses go to? The airport website has no details. I need to go to Pultusk and wonder whether buses now go directly from the airport. Thanks

Reply Jun 16th, 2010
United States

hi, i am travelling to poland with 2 young children with my mother in law. on the flight back home to the US, it will just be me and my kids. my children have special dietary restrictions so i want to be able to bring my own snacks and drinks for them. can anyone direct me as to how to get any restrictions about the flight? we are flying on LOT.

Reply May 12th, 2010

Poland is great the food is great the people are great its all great I LOVE POLAND!!!!!!!!!

Reply May 2nd, 2010
Ann Woods

Hello I have a question and am wondering if you can help me. I am flying into Warsaw (WAW) from Toronto via LOF airlines flight LO46 in September. I only have 40 minutes between connections. I am continuing on from Warsaw to Istanbul via Turkish Air TK5. Can you kindly tell me when I disembark how do I quickly get to the check in for Turkish Air. Is there an online site that shows me a floor plan to follow. I plan on getting my boarding pass in Toronto for the entire flight. Thanking you in advance. I great appreciate your assistance. Regards Ann Woods

Reply Apr 26th, 2010
United States

I lost a "pencil" bag that had my cell phone, email addresses and reading glasses at the warsaw airport. Somewhere between the two check points and boarding for the connecting flight. Where is the lost and found located? On my flight home would like to see if anyone turned it in.

Reply Apr 24th, 2010

Is there a day room available at the airport for use while waiting for an outbound flight?

Reply Mar 23rd, 2010

Hello, do you know any low cost airlines that fly BERLIN-WARSAW , Thanks in advance!

Reply Feb 11th, 2010

excuse me, can someone tell me the quicker way to get to Lipsk from Praga? thanks alot. :)

Reply Jan 26th, 2010
Maria in Vancouver

hello! Can I take a train from Warsaw to Bytom? Or would it be easier to fly into Krakow and take the train to Bytom from there? Anyone know?

Reply Jan 12th, 2010
Maria in Vancouver

Good site!

Reply Jan 12th, 2010
United States

i have an 8 hr stopover in warsaw. shud i leave the airport or is it to time consumming and not worthwhile?

Reply Jan 7th, 2010
United States

Yep, the airport is safe. The city is too far away to go there and be back for your flight. I would just stay at the airport if I were you.

Reply Jan 6th, 2010
Czech Republic

Hi, could anyone tell me how is Warsaw aiport in the evening? I´ll have to spend the night there( waiting for another plane). Or the city, is it safe? Thank you!

Reply Dec 23rd, 2009
Mike from Canada

Wow! The guy below from the States doesnt have a clue about prices???? The price of a bus ticket in Warsaw is "Peanuts" compared to Canada. $1 in Poland and about $4.50 in Ontario, Canada. They are robbing us blind over here and it only is getting worse?

Reply Dec 1st, 2009
United States

one dolla bus ticket? damn your country's gettin expenSIVE!!!

Reply Aug 11th, 2009
United States

Sassnitz- i think you need to get to Szczecin in northwest poland first and take bus from there....

Reply Aug 6th, 2009
United Kingdom

hi can you help im looking to get to sassnitz in germany from poland can you tell me best way plz

Reply Aug 6th, 2009

How do I get from the airport to a train that would take me to Brest, Belarus?

Reply Jul 15th, 2009

Hey, can someone tell me if there is a large luggage storage at the airport? and is there a cost for it? Thanks MK

Reply Jun 11th, 2009

What is the cheapest flight to Poland (Warsaw) from Malaysia (KLIA/ MH)

Reply May 31st, 2009

If polish use English for the foreign ?

Reply Mar 16th, 2009

can somebody tell me,please, is it possible to leave car in warsaw airport? how much could it cost?"

Reply Feb 25th, 2009
regina vosyliene

I want shansh ticket 01.01.09. to 20.04.09.I have from Warsaw to Hurghada

Reply Dec 29th, 2008

possible they have parking but i would expect cost much if you leave overnight for few days. i sorry i don't know prices.

Reply Dec 15th, 2008

can somebody tell me,please, is it possible to leave car in warsaw airport? how much could it cost?

Reply Dec 14th, 2008
United States

hey petrulian - i think your best option will be bus... i think the Dworzec Wschodni (East Station) is the one you'll need to go to

Reply Dec 9th, 2008

Wich is the best way to go from Warsaw to Mikolajki (Mazuria region) , after 16:00 (04:00 p.m.)? There are some buses? Where is their departure point ? Is this depsrture bus station near Central Railway Sation, or not ?

Reply Dec 6th, 2008
United States

As mentioned by other posters leaving Warsaw via the airport is a nightmare. Passport control on leaving is worse than passport control on entering. There are huge lines, Security is also gate based and people get in line for later flights causing people on earlier flights problems. There's only one scanner per security line and it just takes very long. I've also found the lines to get taxis out of the airport extremely long. Something needs to be done with airport, which is now becoming really busy but is woefully inadequate.

Reply Nov 13th, 2008
United States

We are visiting Warsaw in May 2017! What is it like to go through the passport controls?

Reply Jan 1st, 2017

Alex, this site is great for finding flights: http://whichbudget.com/

Reply Sep 29th, 2008
United Kingdom

Hi - please can you tell me the best way to get from Warsaw to Berlin? If flying - which is the best airline to book with? How long does the train take? Many thanks.

Reply Sep 26th, 2008
Warsaw Life

Ganta, the best way is either to fly Wizz or Norwegian from Stockholm to Warsaw.

Reply Sep 17th, 2008

Hello, I am planing to travel to Warsaw by next month from Stockholm , sweden any one can tell me the best way

Reply Sep 17th, 2008
United States

My advice is to take Ryanair or one of the other budget carriers to one of the other Polish cities and take the train to Warsaw. It's a lot easier than dealing with the Warsaw airport.

Reply Jul 27th, 2008

Which is best time in the year to visite Warsaw?I dont like winter!

Reply Jun 26th, 2008
United Kingdom

Don't worry about the airport being busy unless you're leaving from Etuida (all low cost apart from centralwings). I lived in Poland for seven years and left in February. Terminal 2 departures is now open which will make terminal 1 much less crowded.

Reply Jun 24th, 2008

can anyone tell me if there is a left luggage office in the center of warsaw? And is it open on sundays?

Reply Apr 21st, 2008
United States

I have traveled to and from Poland several times coming in is ok. Leaving is another story, make sure you get there and plan to wait bunched in and crowded. The airport is very very small and the number of travlers is great as well as the number of airlines there.

Reply Apr 19th, 2008

I have travelled to warsaw and found nothing wrong with airport, the only thing was i had to wait like maybe 15 min go tru passport control, by the time i've done that my luggage was waiting for me on the carousel, and to my suprise ma lagguage was intackt not like when I fly with Lufthansa, as soon as i get my lagguage I run to luggage claim kiosk to show them what they have done it. I think this airport is booming and in few years from now it will be main airport in europe.

Reply Mar 14th, 2008
United States

how can i rent a cheap car from the airport

Reply Mar 9th, 2008

Hi Claire, you can take the train from Warsaw to Krakow, it's the easiest and fastest way, and it goes from the main Warsaw train station (Warszawa Centralna) to the main Krakow train station (Krakow Glowny), both in the centre of the cities, and takes just under 3 hours.

Reply Jan 9th, 2008
United Kingdom

Could you please tell me the easiest way to travel to Krakow for Warsaw Airport. Made a big mistake flying from Warsaw, cant get tickets refunded so will have to live with it?

Reply Jan 8th, 2008
United Kingdom

Be warned. If departing from Etiuda terminal there is no duty free shopping. on the check in side there is one stall selling drinks and cigarettes. once through check in the departure lounge has 2 vending machines, and thats it. just to let you know, if departing from here leave it as late as you can to check in and keep some change. this was the only minor blemish on 3 great nights in warsaw, so take note and plan for it.

Reply Nov 19th, 2007
United Kingdom

What is the fastest way to get from Lodz to the Warsaw airport? Is there a direct bus?

Reply Nov 18th, 2007

We spent the weekend in Warsaw 12th - 14th October 2007. All arrivals were routed through Terminal 2 and all departures through Terminal 1 (except for the odd budget airline flight from the temporary Etiuda terminal). There are no passenger facilities in Terminal 2 other than a few car hire desks. The Tourist information desk is in Terminal 1. The only way there was to walk around the outside of the Terminal 2 building to the right. This was difficult as there were pedestrian barriers in place. Getting out through Terminal 1 on Sunday morning was horrendous. There were huge queues at the check-ins, which moved at a snail's pace. We stood in the queue for over an hour before getting to the check-in desk. There is no system of tapes and fences to channel the flow of people and enterprising Poles jumped to the head of the queue. [Incidentally, the one and only airport employee in the concourse had been retained by British airways to control their Heathrow queue.] There is another long unregulated queue for the security screening. Signposting is poor and we stood in the first queue for a time before realising it was for Gates 4,5,6. We needed to walk past left up to the second queue (not visible when entering) for Gates 1,2,3. Again, no airport staff were present to guide passengers. Two hours from arrival at the airport to get through security!

Reply Oct 14th, 2007

Please tell me how can I get to Hotel Harenda from the Airport (Frederik Chopin) with bus? Thank you

Reply Oct 14th, 2007
Marek Kowalski
United Kingdom

Bus 175

Reply Dec 9th, 2013
Warsaw Life

Hello, the train does not go from the airport. You will have to take a bus or cab to the main train station, Warszawa Centralna, and get a train from there. Train timetables can be found here: http://rozklad.pkp.pl/bin/query.exe/en

Reply Aug 14th, 2007

I need to take the Train from Warsaw airport to Ketrzyn. How do I do that?

Reply Aug 14th, 2007
mehdi mazaheri

i'll return warsaw at 1225 in 30 ,May.I must leave to krakaw,I have some questions; can i handle my luggage in the bus which leaves to train station? Is this possible not to catch a ticket in a certain time after standig in its query because of overloading?

Reply May 25th, 2007

I have a flight scheduled from Warsaw to Krakow in the afternoon. My flight arrives from Moscow at 0955 hours. If I am in time, is it possible to take an earlier flight - approx. 1130 hours - the cost of these two tickets are the same and does not involve an upgrade.

Reply May 17th, 2007

please help me, at the warsaw airport which train is to the central railway station?

Reply May 12th, 2007
Warsaw Life

George, there is a left luggage office that's open 24 hours, where you can leave luggage for 24h for 5 PLN.

Reply May 9th, 2007
George Seawave
United States

Thank you so very much for your reply. One more thing: Are there lockers or any other facilites at the airport where I could store my carry on luggage for a few hours? I wish to be able to walk in town without carrying luggage with me.

Reply May 7th, 2007
Warsaw Life

Hi, you can catch the 175 or the 188 into the city centre every ten minutes or so, or at night jump on the 611 and you'll get right to Warsaw Central Station (Dworzec Centralny). You don't need exact change to buy from the driver, but they likely won't have change for anything bigger than a 10 PLN bill.

Reply May 7th, 2007
George Seawave
United States

Question: do you need exact change to take the bus at the airport? I need a bus to take me into the city during my 7 hours layover in Warsaw. Which bus? can I leave small luggage at the airport? until what time can I catch the return bus from the old city to Chopin?

Reply May 4th, 2007
United Kingdom

this is WARSAW OKECIE WARSAW OKECIE WARSAW OKECIE !!! wszyscy warszawiacy to wiedza.....

Reply Apr 10th, 2007
The Warsaw Life Team

The cheapest and easiest way to get to Krakow from the Warsaw airport would be to take the train like we recommend, as it takes only 2 hours and 45 minutes and runs just about every hour on the weekdays. And if you don't want to risk getting lost on the way or figuring out the Warsaw bus system, why not book a taxi to take you straight there? However, if you'd rather not leave the airport, one solution is the "Polski Express" coaches, which run directly and regularly between Warsaw and the biggest Polish towns. The bus stop is located on the Arrivals Hall level of the passenger terminal of Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport. For more information about "Polski Express" services, call +48 (22) 844 55 55. Be warned, however, that due to stops and speed limitations, the trip to Krakow could take up to 8 hours by bus. Another, though more expensive option is a direct airport transfer, which you can book through Warsaw Life's airport transfer. We hope that helps! - The Warsaw Life Team.

Reply Mar 19th, 2007
United States


Reply Mar 14th, 2007

I am also looking for a direct way to get to Krakow from the Warsaw Airport - preferably by express bus. Is there an express bus available from the Airport and approximately how long is the trip.

Reply Mar 13th, 2007
Julianne Barry

Is there a way of getting from Warsaw Airport to Cracow without leaving the airport, like an airport shuttle bus.

Reply Feb 27th, 2007