Services in Krakow

Sometimes when you visit a new place, you need more than a museum or a fine dinner. Even the most avid traveller gets a toothache and the best driver can encounter car trouble. What do you do when you're in dire need of legal advice - for whatever reason (we won't ask!) - and you find yourself in a foreign land?

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ul. Michałowskiego 2/3
ul. Bosacka 18

2. Main Bus Station

26 reviews
ul. Smocza 4 A
ul. Sławkowska 6
ul. Borelowskiego-Lelewela 13

5. Cichoń Dentistry

10 reviews
ul. Gołębia 1

6. Hair & Beauty ROMAN

9 reviews
ul. Sienkiewicza 34

7. Ladies Clinic

9 reviews
ul. Augustiańska 4
ul. Dolnych Młynów 5

10. Fitness Mlyn

3 reviews

11. Translatorion

3 reviews
ul. Kącik 6

12. Accent School of Polish

100 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 6A

13. Cruising Krakow

12 reviews
ul. Masarska 3/11

14. LexDom

5 reviews
ul. Cybulskiego 2

15. Hamilton May

20 reviews
ul. Grodzka 27/3, ul. Dietla 103/2

Now, you can relax. We've compiled a list of these and many other services which might come in handy. Besides, when you fall in love with this city and decide to stay, you might need a real estate guru as well. Click onwards for a list of property agencies.

Reviews about Services in Krakow

Wąski zatłoczony korytarz pełen niewygodnych ludzi. Nauczycielki są bezosobowe i nigdy nie mówią nic miłego żadnemu uczniowi. Zero nacisku na wymowę – to wszystko nudna gramatyka. Zarządzanie pojawia się dopiero pierwszego dnia – potem tym nigdy nie zobaczysz Anetę ani Katarzynę. Kawa jest dobra i obfita. Nosił wilk razy kilka, ponieśli i wilka.

VARIA Polish Language Center

The coffee machines don't work! They just take money and do not give any coffee. I was there 2 months ago but my friend checked it today - it's the same!

Main Bus Station

Well it is a scam, yes. Fortunately I figured it out before paying the whole amount. Simply when I saw that the classes were performed in some kind of corridor and the teachers were changing every time, for me it was obvious that something is wrong. But when they asked me to pay whole amount immediately I already knew that they are cheating 100% and I was right. I didn't pay, but the rest of the students paid everything and after 2 more classed they cancelled everything and locked the so called "classroom" which was simply a corridor with a board and 4 chairs. Pathetic !

Bamboo Language School

BEWARE THIS SCAM! I bought my 8 hour day tour for the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Schindler's Factory Tour, and came from Canada for this. I waited with another family, and NO ONE SHOWED UP. We called and were told "all we can do is cancel your booking and refund you". I then later called the office when they were open, and they tell me they didn't even buy the tickets for the tours that we paid for (I paid for mine over 1 month in advance), then they hung up on me! SAVE YOUR TIME, MONEY AND FRUSTRATION!

Tourist Information Office


J'adore Instytut

Beware taxi drivers!! This taxi driver, for a few kilometers ride, charged 95 zloty. After checking computer taxi estimate website for Krakow, we discovered it should have been 15 zloty. Taking advantage of people coming in from the airport on the train who are unfamiliar with currency and public transport system carrying luggage and tired, this taxi driver was in the taxi lineup located across from the entrance to the Galleria Shopping which is also the entrance to the train station. He was super friendly in the taxi, upon arrival from 4 minute trip, showed us the price of 95 zloty; we gave him 100 and received no change. He was suddenly in a VERY big hurry.

Tourist Information Office

Michal has made many translations for my company and they are always of an excellent quality.

Michal Fluder Translations

Wysoki poziom, bardzo ciekawie opracowany program. Lektorzy na bardzo wysokim poziomie, zawsze przygotowani do zajęć. Dziękuję.

VARIA Polish Language Center

Polecam klinikę zarówno na makijaż jak i instytucje szkoleniową. Jako osoba z branży beauty polecam szczerze profesjonalny zespół i usługi na najwyższym poziomie❤️


Lovely place and very nice people. I had a facial treatment- Oxygeneo. All was OK. I recommend. Thank You VICI