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Sometimes when you visit a new place, you need more than a museum or a fine dinner. Even the most avid traveller gets a toothache and the best driver can encounter car trouble. What do you do when you're in dire need of legal advice - for whatever reason (we won't ask!) - and you find yourself in a foreign land?

Now, you can relax. We've compiled a list of these and many other services which might come in handy. Besides, when you fall in love with this city and decide to stay, you might need a real estate guru as well. Click onwards for a list of property agencies.

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ul. Michałowskiego 2/3
ul. Smocza 4 A
ul. Sławkowska 6
ul. Borelowskiego-Lelewela 13

4. Cichoń Dentistry

10 reviews
ul. Gołębia 1

5. Hair & Beauty ROMAN

10 reviews
ul. Sienkiewicza 34

6. Ladies Clinic

9 reviews
ul. Augustiańska 4
ul. Dolnych Młynów 5

9. Fitness Mlyn

3 reviews

10. Translatorion

3 reviews
ul. Kącik 6

11. Accent School of Polish

100 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 6A

12. Cruising Krakow

12 reviews
ul. Masarska 3/11

13. LexDom

5 reviews
ul. Grodzka 27/3, ul. Dietla 103/2
ul. Zwierzyniecka 14/4

16. All For Body

4 reviews

Reviews about Services in Krakow

Best Beauty Salon in Cracow !


Hello there, my wife and I visited Krakow on the 14th June for five nights. We really enjoyed the city, the people and trips to the major tourist spots around the city. We had a fantastic time. On the day of our return home we had lots of time to kill and decided to take the train from the city to the airport. This is where our problem began. The 17.43 train was delayed and unknown to us we boarded the wrong train heading away from the airport. Realising the journey was taking too long we spoke with the guard and with assistance from another passenger we were advised to get of this train at Myslowice station and travel back to the city. This is an unmanned station and with further assistance from another lady we took the 19.20 train back to Krakow. On this train another lady passenger overhead our discussion with the guard and options for making it to the airport in time for our flights. She took control of our situation and advised us that we may miss our flight if we went back all the way into the city. She then arranged for an Uber taxi to pick us up at Bronowice station to continue the trip to the airport. We made our check in within 5 minutes of the gate closing.We thanked everyone who helped us at the time but did not get any contact details of the two wonderful ladies who made our journey to the airport on time possible. This is a big thank you to both. It goes further to confirm that there are some kind and considerate people in this world. Love you Krakow

Tourist Information Office

Szukam 3-tygodniowy kurs języka polskiego dla córki- 16 lat.

VARIA Polish Language Center

how much is it cost to wash my 2 kilos dirty clothes. and should i bring my detergent with me

Pepe Laundry

I have rooms for Ukrainian family. Free, from English family. The owner is a Homeopath!

Apteka Studencka

Sadu for your work with Ukrainian refugees.

Sanghaloka Buddhist Centre

Umówiłam się na zabieg peelingu kawitacyjnego twarzy. Na karcie informacyjnej zaznaczyłam, iż obszar, który ma zostać poddany zabiegowi to twarz. Przed zabiegiem Pani kosmetyczka zapytała, czy reflektuje na peeling twarzy z maska kremową za 200 zł czy peeling twarzy z maską algową za 220 zł - zdecydowałam się na drugą opcję. Jakież było moje zdziwienie, kiedy, gdy przyszło do zapłaty usłyszałam, że wykonano zabieg peelingu kawitacyjnego twarzy, szyi i dekoltu za 260 zł. Zostałam naciągnięta, za to co uważałam za działania promocyjne, musiałam słono zapłacić. Na pisemną skargę nie usłyszałam nawet słowa: przepraszam. Nie polecam, radzę uważać.

Ambra Day Spa

OMG! it was the best massage ever, thank you very much for so good experience. I will be back very soon.

CHAIYO Thai Massage Centre

Worst hairdresser I’ve ever been to. Ruined my hair twice - first time, my hair fell out because the new guy did it for the first time without any supervision, and then they gave me a very uneven haircut,

Hair & Beauty ROMAN

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The atmosphere was quiet (bonus) and soothing. My personal favorite is the heated pads which one lays on for the massage. Highly recommended, will return.

Thai Smile