Krakow Restaurants

Forget all the old jokes about Polish potatoes and boiled cabbage - Poles have been described as the Latins of the east, and know not only how to party, but also how to eat in style. Krakow is jam-packed with a whole range of eating establishments, from the rock-bottomed priced milk bars (bar mleczny) to the most sumptuous gourmet restaurants.

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ul. Augustiańska 3

1. Hummus Amamamusi

7 reviews
ul. Szewska 22


5 reviews
ul. Ślusarska 9 (enter from ul. Przemysłowa)

3. BAL

4 reviews
ul. Mikołajska 3

4. MoaBurger

54 reviews
ul. św. Gertrudy 21

5. Restaurant Pod Baranem

23 reviews
ul. Starowiślna 15 A

6. Il Calzone

24 reviews
Plac Szczepański 6

7. BaniaLuka

11 reviews
Plac Kossaka 1
ul. Miodowa 8

9. Edo Fusion Asian Cuisine

15 reviews
Rynek Główny 35

10. Europejska

7 reviews
ul. Michałowskiego 14

11. Cupcake Corner

7 reviews
ul. Straszewskiego 16

12. Biala Roza

7 reviews
ul. Wąska 2

13. Zalewajka

5 reviews
ul. Dominikańska 3

15. Skansen Smakow

3 reviews
ul. Krakowska 27


3 reviews

Be prepared to try everything! Go to our directory for a complete list of Krakow restaurants, or why not see exactly where they are on our new map? Or, for something completely different, you can now also eat with a local cook at their own home in Krakow !

Reviews about Krakow Restaurants


United States,
Tandoori Flame

This place seriously has the one of the best breakfasts in Krakow. A whole array of seriously sensational Turkish dishes with neverending bread + tea.


Been there, seen it! Enjoyed or no let's say totally LOVED it! Unique experience with so many tastes at the same time! Damn, need to go back when I'm back to Krakow


we live in podgorze and we LOVE bal :)






A must go place, cozy atmosphere and amazing service which is totally friendly!


Wonderful hot sandwiches!

Mr. Broda Sandwich Bar

The best Turkish Food! Actually the only in the heart of the city!


Just eaten here with my son and had a fabulous meal...poultry liver with potato dumplings along with kosher wine while my son had the steak came to just over 20 English pounds and was just lovely as was the service