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Perhaps this isn't surprising given Krakow's long-standing reputation as the country's cultural capital. It certainly is rich in the arts, with more museums and music venues than you could possibly hope to visit on a short trip. Whilst the sheer variety may seem a little overwhelming to the outsider, we hope that our events calendar gets you off on the right foot. Read more

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Cracovians often liken their city to a big village, and in many respects this is true. However, although the scale and character of Krakow are intimate, culturally, there seems to be more going on here than in many other bigger European cities.

To begin with, Krakow plays host to an array of festivals throughout the year, including film, classical music and photography, as well as the internationally famous Festival of Jewish Culture. There are plenty of treats in store then, not forgetting numerous one-off events, from retrospectives of great artists to Klezmer concerts through to evenings of experimental drum and bass in old medieval cellars - there's certainly something to suit all tastes.

Krakow is riddled with marvelous old cellars, and in recent years they have enjoyed something of a renaissance, playing host to exhibitions, jazz concerts and experimental drama. More often than not these places double up as bars and cafes, offering a quintessentially Cracovian experience that's not be missed. To kick things off, we have opened a calendar that focuses on one-off cultural events. These include concerts and theatre plays as well as pickings from the weird and wonderful world of Cracow's nightlife (only of the savoury variety of course...!)

Also worth bearing in mind are exhibitions. Although the openings of exhibitions can be found in the events calendar, we will also be highlighting long-running events here on the Events homepage. Krakow sees some of the best exhibitions in the country, and the city can draw some marvelous surprises from the vast resources of the National Museum, not to mention the collections of the Royal Castle at Wawel. There is always something that's worth catching in town, be it a small photography exhibition in a cafe or a grand museum retrospective of a legendary artist.