Krakow Bars and Pubs

Famous for their vodkas and superb beers, Poles are not shy when it comes to the odd tot or three. As a visitor to the city, the choice is mind-boggling. Just bear in mind that for every drinking hole you find at street level, there is probably another in the basement, and a club upstairs. Even the local franchise of a famous coffee shop chain offers spirit chasers! Once you're here, just remember that the Old Town district has more bars per square metre than anywhere else in the world, so don't expect to get very far on a pub crawl. For a fuller flavour of what to expect on a night out in Krakow, check out our nightlife section with updated info on weekly parties.

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ul. Sławkowska 23

1. na'lɛfka

4 reviews
ul. św. Jana 18

2. Irish Pub Pod Papugami

78 reviews
ul. Rajska 12 (enter from ul. Szujskiego)

3. Pauza In Garden

39 reviews
ul. Gołębia 6
ul. Józefa 9

5. Eszeweria

8 reviews
ul. Szpitalna 1

6. Szpitalna 1 Klub

8 reviews

7. Strefa

6 reviews
ul. Józefa 25

8. Czajownia - Tea House

5 reviews
ul. Floriańska 20
Plac Szczepański 5


4 reviews
Old Town

11. Krakow Pub Crawl

3 reviews
ul. Królowej Jadwigi 4

12. Zielono mi

3 reviews
ul. Józefa 17

13. Pub Galeria Wręga

16 reviews
ul. Stolarska 13

14. Baccarat

51 reviews
ul. Felicjanek 4

15. Massolit

12 reviews
ul. Grodzka 2

16. Zakatek Cafe & Wine.

11 reviews

Reviews about Krakow Bars and Pubs

Scammed me £1000. Absolute w***ers. Obviously I was an idiot to use my card, but was lied to about the price and done me over big time! The fact it was in Poland was why I just put it down to being a twat, otherwise place would of been turnt upside down the next day if in England!

Night Club VIP

Me and my friend visited this club on a Friday evening. Experience was ok however I noticed they had over charged us a ridiculous amount in drinks. If you are a tourist visiting this club for the first time always question the amount as we have been completely ripped of by this place. Be careful!!

Prozak 2.0

My son and his mates are in Poland this weekend. They went to this club, ordered a drink and was given free shots, they cannot remember a thing after this. My son checked his bank the following day to find three transactions totalling £1500 taken. His mates also had money taken off their cards in the hundreds. They also stole all the cash from their wallets that was left in their coats in the cloak room. An absolute disgrace and reading from other reviews the police do nothing.

Night Club VIP

Scammer/Hope they die! We ordered jägern, and rum/cola And 1 bottle of champagne! I have receipts for everything! They have charged us with 2x21000 9000 and 4k! I personally hope they die!

Night Club VIP

SCAM! Don't go there. The amount to pay was 190 while they charged me 2000 PLN. They didn't want to show me the terminal. I informed police about the scam and waiting.

Goraczka Freak Club

Lost 5000 euros inside this club. Please go to another club. Don't go to stripclubs in Krakow. They all steal your money. People here are animals.

Goraczka Freak Club

STAY AWAY! All the other reviews are fake. This club is only open to steal your money. When you pay your drinks they film your pincode. Later you will lose thousands of euros.

Goraczka Freak Club

Biggest scamm ever. DON'T GO INSIDE! They give you drugs and steal your money. Even girls are not save here. They tell your friends that you already left the club but they abuse you, burn your skin and steal your money

Goraczka Freak Club

I had a good time in Goraczka! A girl was dancing for me and was really really nice. After a few minutes she gave me a vodka shot and later a few cherry vodka shots. I was getting really drunk haha. It only cost me like 50 slottie for good company and even better drinks! Later she wanted to dance for me in a place that was more private. I liked that a lot, because she was very hot! She was dancing and I could touch her, no problem at all. She did that for like 30 minutes for free. Good! And after that she still wanted to dance for me! For like 250 slottie. Why not, I thought. That was really good. I had a great time for a few slotties haha.

Goraczka Freak Club

Krakow. nice town with nice strip clubs. but this club was the best of all. In this club you get free lap dance. because my friend paid for it for me. bit expensive for him cheap for me! thank you vera for this great evening!

Goraczka Freak Club