Krakow Bars and Pubs

Famous for their vodkas and superb beers, Poles are not shy when it comes to the odd tot or three. As a visitor to the city, the choice is mind-boggling. Just bear in mind that for every drinking hole you find at street level, there is probably another in the basement, and a club upstairs. Even the local franchise of a famous coffee shop chain offers spirit chasers! Once you're here, just remember that the Old Town district has more bars per square metre than anywhere else in the world, so don't expect to get very far on a pub crawl. For a fuller flavour of what to expect on a night out in Krakow, check out our nightlife section with updated info on weekly parties.

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ul. Sławkowska 23

1. na'lɛfka

4 reviews
ul. św. Jana 18

2. Irish Pub Pod Papugami

78 reviews
ul. Rajska 12 (enter from ul. Szujskiego)

3. Pauza In Garden

39 reviews
ul. Gołębia 6
ul. Józefa 9

5. Eszeweria

8 reviews
ul. Szpitalna 1

6. Szpitalna 1 Klub

8 reviews

7. Strefa

6 reviews
ul. Józefa 25

8. Czajownia - Tea House

5 reviews
ul. Floriańska 20
Plac Szczepański 5


4 reviews
Old Town

11. Krakow Pub Crawl

3 reviews
ul. Królowej Jadwigi 4

12. Zielono mi

3 reviews
ul. Józefa 17

13. Pub Galeria Wręga

16 reviews
ul. Stolarska 13

14. Baccarat

51 reviews
ul. Felicjanek 4

15. Massolit

12 reviews
ul. Grodzka 2

16. Zakatek Cafe & Wine.

11 reviews

Reviews about Krakow Bars and Pubs

Oszuści. Omijać szerokim łukiem. Nie bede sie nawet rozpisywać bo historie poniżej wiele mowią. Jak ktos chce sie w dziwny sposób pozbyc paru tysięcy to polecam. Przez chwile nieuwagi panie barmanki podpatrzyły pin do karty a potem nabijaly coraz to kolejne kwoty twierdząc ze transakcja nie przechodzi. Rano oczywiście okazuje sie ze na koncie brakuje pieniędzy nie tylko przez autoryzowane transakcje ale nawet jakimś dziwnym trafem panie wypłaciły pieniadze w bankomacie moją kartą. Oczywiście policja zapewne niewiele wskóra. Niesamowite ze takie rzeczy sie tam dzieją i nikt nic z tym nie robi

Night Club VIP

This is not a night club. This is a mafia heist. You’re met on the door by an old pro who promises you free drinks and girls, you’re on a stag do and you oblige. Once inside you head to the bar, you order your beers and a waitress directs you to a table whilst the bar man sorts you a liberal dose of GHB in your Heineken and your free shot. All with a smile. Once seated and they bring you your drinks you realise there’s no one else in there, until two scantily clad ladies make their way to your vicinity (2 per person). One complements you on your plain black shirt, whilst the other digs into your annual earnings and tries to find out your mothers maiden name. “That’s weird”, you think. But within 20 minutes the drugs kick in and the fraud begins. Your mates disperse to various rooms, dragged by various ladies. Despite you declaring you’re not interested in a dance they promise you a free taster. They pull you into a cupboard before your legs turn to jelly and you wait there for what could be 5 minutes or could be 50 minutes. By this point it’s a blur. The dance, that you’ve not agreed to, is 20% dance and 80% pouring drugged Polish vodka down your throat until you can’t breath. Once that’s over, they bring you out to wait for your mates, only the room you’re waiting in looks nothing like the one before and there’s a lock on the door. There’s 2 more girls in there. By this point things are really sketchy. You’re wondering why they’re demanding a certain bank card from you and you can’t understand why a woman is waving your phone in front of your face. “It might be time to leave”, you think. Yet there’s a girl straddling your lap and even if you could somehow push her to one side, your legs no longer work. Despite asking nicely to leave, they pour more vodka down your throat and treat you to another beer. The next thing you know it’s 7.00am and you’re hobbling back to your hostel confused and annoyed. You’ve been in there for 5 and a half hours, most of which unaccounted for. You crash out on your bed fully clothed. When you wake up 2 hours later, you check your bank account. They’ve taken a loan out in your name, opened a Revolut bank account to transfer the funds to and they’ve charged £8k to said account through a Virtual Card on Apple Pay. In summary, I would say it’s best to avoid VIP Club, but that’s just my experience. This is coming from someone who got all of their money back, so it is possible. Basically made it my full time job to keep pushing the bank, but 8 grand is 8 grand and I got it all back. Now, whenever I mention this story to anyone else who has been to Krakow, they always recount a similar experience they or someone they know has had.

Night Club VIP

Avoid! If you walk down them steps you WILL be drugged (GHB) you WILL be violated and you WILL be robbed of what ever money you have available on you at the time, cards will be max’d out, smart phones will be used to access funds, if you come around and they not finished robbing you you will be re drugged till they are done with you, if you fight it you will be beaten or pepper sprayed… it’s literally the stuff of nightmares and they have no morals, the whole square at night is one massive scam but they are literally playing with your lives

Night Club VIP

Had a girl stop me on the street, seemed nice and said the club had good music and a free drink. Had my free drink and bought a beer paying g by card. I realised pretty quick what kind of place it was so decided to leave, I was on my own and a girl was suggesting we get a private room. I told her firmly I was leaving. It took me about 10 minutes to get back to my apartment whereI managed to get through the door before passing out and cracking my head on the wall. Clearly been drugged but luckilygot out. My card had been bumped for £190. Never again. Totally criminal establishment. I woke about 5 hours later

Night Club VIP

Oszustwo na całego, dziewczyny dosypują do drinków narkotyki. Po czym człowiek wychodzi bez kasy w portfelu jak i na koncie…

Goraczka Freak Club

Stay well away from these criminals, on the 20th March 2022 like most of the stories on here, we were ushered into the bar not knowing it was a strip club and given a few free shots (this is where they drug you) which is the last vivid memory everything else is a blur. After being drugged they separated me from my friends and told them after realising that I’d left, which I hadn’t they had me in a dingy back room where over the course of a few hours, most spent unconscious they gained access to all my accounts slapping me and using Face ID, whilst passed out they sent and spent multiple transactions amounting to £14,000, After coming round after seeing flashes from them taking pictures of my cards I managed to fight my way out of the club to then pass out again outside my apartment at 6:30am minus 4 degrees, where my mates found me vomiting repeatedly once carried back inside. It wasn’t until the Following day I realised the funds missing and after visiting 3 police stations, as you can imagine got no help as I didn’t have an interpreter and was laughed at, the police are 100% part of the problem and it’s a disgrace to the country that is supposed to be a lovely city break for tourists yet it’s a dangerous and corrupt! This place will get what’s coming to it eventually, fortunately I got the funds refunded this week but not after a very stressful couple of months. Probably best to stay away from Poland altogether, warn your family and friends because reading reviews this is happening across many clubs and has been for years.

Night Club VIP

Avoid scam! They will charge a lot of money and you not going to be aware.

Night Club VIP

On Thursday the 7th of April 2022, my friends and I flew to Krakow for one of their stag-dos. We had been drinking throughout the day (as you do on a stag), and found ourselves spending our day in a pub. Later In the evening we headed to La Bodega. There is a watershed moment, In which after 8pm, you are harassed in the street, constantly, by people aiming to take you to strip clubs. It was acknowledged in the group that we would want to go to a strip club at some point, but not until after we enjoyed heading to a club. Looking at the transactions on my Revolut app, It looks like around 1am we arrived at the strip club (Mr Lucky/Suprise Klub). We were escorted there by a man in the street, he was around 5”8 and was slightly over-weight. He had a buzz cut and looked so pale, like a heroine addict or as If he had an illness. On arrival to the club, It seemed as though we were the only people In there, we sat by the bar on the sofas. The area was dimly lit, and everything had a red glow. A stripper (Katarzyna Grzymek) came over to me, I said that I didn’t want a dance. Her colleague brought over drinks for me and we sat and chatted. When the stripper had her time to do a public dance a litter later, she took me to the room where she was performing (for the club, not just for me). Afterwards she sat down by me, I was extremely drunk at this point. I hadn’t agreed or had been asked to pay for a dance, but she asked me to follow her. It gave the illusion that this was not to be paid for. I do think It’s worth noting at this point that to take advantage of someone who’s this drunk and vulnerable Is awful behaviour, people this intoxicated should be asked to leave. Whilst in the room, Katarzyna and I were chatting. Although again, my memory here is patchy and I have flashes of visuals. A colleague of hers (dark hair, glasses and thin) came in periodically, forcing a card reader towards me to pay for the dances. Whilst I hadn’t consented to pay for the dances I felt It was okay to pay some money as I had spent time with a stripper one on one. This happened on a few occasions (and you can see the frequency and persistence in the Revolut transactions). The lady asking me to pay was threatening me (although I can’t really remember what she was saying, her demeanour was direct and frustrated). She witnessed me being physically unable to input a PIN number, nor being able to read the money being taken from my account, she held my phone to my face to unlock it and transferred funds from respective accounts to facilitate sending large sums of money and override the Revolut 2FA. Katarzyna had spent the evening building a relationship with me, giving me her number, suggesting we go for a drink the following day to create an air of trust. The other lady facilitating the payments would raise her voice at me, take my phone to charge the battery and by the end of the night had me in my boxers on the floor, again, asking for money. The last night of the trip I spoke to a man in a club who’s friend experienced the same treatment at the same place, losing money to the tune of 5k. The police translator had laughed and said at one point “We’ve never heard of a stripper giving out her number, she must’ve liked you”, which whilst this was a great ego boost for a day I felt awful, It is telling of a culture where these actions are supported.

Night Club VIP

I’ve went to this place with some friends. The moment I was gonna pay, they said that my card wasn’t working. Imediatly they took my credit card en tried a couple of times without my approval. They took 650 euro’s. Don’t go to this place!

Night Club VIP

dziewczyny kt9re tam pracujá to złodziejki . okradziono mnie tam na ,439 euro . Tym lokalem powinna sie zainteresowac policja

New Zealand,
Goraczka Freak Club