It's All Mapped Out - for Free!

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As a teenager, did you ever cringe as your dad unrolled a map the size of Mongolia and proceeded to talk very loudly as the family was marched across some quaint foreign city? Well, now's the time to embarrass your own children, as Cracow Life has rustled up its very own map marvel.

But wait a moment. There's something different about our green machine. That's right, not only is it FREE, this bi-monthly map gives you all the lowdown on the hottest events of the season, from jazz festivals to clubbing nights to art exhibitions. Listings and coordinates of all the best clubs and cafes, restaurants are also there, not to mention some pithy articles on what's making the news in town. Last but not least, this little monster folds up so neatly that you can slip it into your pocket without even noticing the thing. Discretion is all important, Mr. Bond.

So where do you find the Cracow Life minimap? Look out for our space-age silver boxes in all good Krakow hotels, bars, cafes and cultural centres - copies are flying fast we can tell you.

It's all in there, so much so in fact that we've already lost track of all the different goodies we've packed in. Recap Ronaldo!

* A connoisseur's calendar of the season's best events

* A quick language guide

* Travel tips

* A miniature history of Poland

* A list of the city's finest places to eat, sleep, drink, shop, play

* News and intros to life in the city

So get to your local pub or museum on the double and pick up one of these green critters before you miss out!

If however you prefer to do your tracking down online then head straight for our fully interactive Krakow map to unlock the city's best kept secret locations.

And if you're in Zakopane and Wroclaw, be sure to look for our Guides there as well.


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Raimo Aaltonen

In february we are coming to Krakowa for five days. We need city map and also map for tramway. Thank you!

Reply Oct 31st, 2018

You can find our map in over 300+ locations around the city - when you arrive in Krakow -just look out in cafe's, museums, restaurants & shops for the friendly local-life green booklet :) It's a guide & map all in one! The best thing for trams and transport is to use Jakdojade (use the free website or download the free app). You just type in your location and your destination and it shows you all busses, trams times etc and a map.

Reply Oct 31st, 2018
United Kingdom

i would just like to find a street map that I can print out and that actually has the names of the streets on it!!

Reply Jun 15th, 2018

You can pick up one of our Free Maps (with street names) from most bars, pubs & restaurants around the city ;)

Reply Jun 18th, 2018
United States

What nationality is that guy holding the map? He's so cute!

Reply Mar 30th, 2010
United Kingdom


Reply Feb 25th, 2010
United Kingdom

This guide is everywhere! If you're ever lost in the city, just nip inside almost any bar, pub, restaurant, hotel or whatever and you'll find one of these handy things! The simplest but best guide to Krakow you can find! Oh, and best of all it's free! Love it!

Reply Sep 15th, 2009
United Kingdom

An awesome guide to the city! Not too bulky and really useful! Always look forward to seeing the latest edition!

Reply Mar 18th, 2008
dj annalog

omg, can i get that map d00d's number? he's hotxcore!

Reply Mar 27th, 2007
United States

it's peter hawranek

Reply Mar 26th, 2007
Peter Bulstrode
United States

Who's the dude with the map???!!!

Reply Mar 23rd, 2007
United Kingdom

very nice colour ! i realy like cracow-life

Reply Mar 21st, 2007
United States

fantastic job !!!! and great disagn : )

Reply Mar 15th, 2007
United States

always so helpful every month!

Reply Mar 2nd, 2007
United States

That green map is a life saver!

Reply Mar 1st, 2007