Eindhoven Guide

1 Travel tips

Safety First! In general, Eindhoven is a calm and safe city, and tourists should feel at ease. However, that's not to say that crime never…

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2 Getting to Eindhoven

Above: It helps to bring a bike for getting around the city. Centre: Fly into Eindhoven's modern airport. Below: It's easy to get to Eindhoven by…

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3 Getting around Eindhoven

Above: Some zones in the centre are pedestrian-only Centre: Spare your legs and take the bus. Below: UFO parking available!By Public…

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4 Money Matters

Any hotel, restaurant, bar or shop worth its salt will accept all the major credit cards, however you may be asked to produce photo ID to confirm…

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5 Language

One of the things the Dutch are famous for are their language skills. The majority of the people speak English quite well and even a bit of a second…

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6 Info about Eindhoven & Netherlands

The history of the city of Eindhoven dates back to the 13th century, when it was originally known as Endehoven, literally meaning 'End Yards'. The…

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About the guide

Above: The Holy Heart Church Left: St. Catherine's Church, near the Market Square Below: Former famous club Danssalon, now Bermuda

While there's plenty to see in Eindhoven, the good news is that the city is fairly compact, and it's possible to see most attractions on foot or by bike. For a good start, see our walking tour guide below, or visit the following pages for more information about Eindhoven:

Green Eindhoven - Information on the city's parks and recreational centres.
Culture in Eindhoven - Where to find museums, music and the arts in the city.
Nightlife in Eindhoven - Where to go when the sun sets and museums close.
Events in Eindhoven - What's going on during your stay.
Philips in Eindhoven - Information about the electronics company that's an integral part of the city's history.
History of Eindhoven - Some background before your visit.
Tours in Eindhoven - Let us organise a tour for you.

A Walking Tour

The best place to start a tour of Eindhoven is the Markt, or Market Square (below), which lies south of the main train station. This is the heart of the city, and the pedestrian-only streets surrounding it form the city centre.

As you wander the pedestrian area, you'll find that this is the best part of the city for shopping as well as dining, and if you head south through either shopping street Rechtestraat or past the Heuvelgalerie through the Jan van Lieshoutstraat, you'll end up at the Catharina square with the impressive Catharina church where you'll find the start of the Stratumseind, a narrow but long street with plenty of bars and clubs that can be explored in the evening.

As you head south, you will inevitably cross the Dommel River, which offers plenty of riverside paths as well as green areas for summertime strolls. Follow the Dommel to the west, cross it again, and you'll run into Stadhuisplein, or City Hall Square, home of the very modern City Hall building. Just over the Dommel lies the even more modern Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven's contemporary art hub, and a must-see for any visitor.

If you follow the Dommel further south, you will enter the Stadswandelpark, a city park with diverse vegetation and outdoor sculptures. Those with more time (or a bicycle) can follow the river even further south to the Genneper Parks, a vast green recreational area with sporting activities as well as museums.

But there's still more to see! Head back towards the city centre, but veer west this time and you will run into the arty area known as 'De Bergen'. A good way to approach this area is to go up Hoogstraat Street, which is full of trendy vintage shops. Grote Berg and Kleine Berg streets are both worth fully exploring, as they feature some of the city's most unique galleries, cafes, and shops. Finally, you can make your way north to Wilhelminaplein, a small square just outside of the centre that caters to an older crowd.

Of course, while these are the highlights, there's much more to the city that can only be discovered in person, so get out there and explore Eindhoven!


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Hi I'm interested and planning to study language English in eindhoven

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Reply May 5th, 2017
John H
United Kingdom

I will be staying in Eindhoven on my European bike tour in November. The hotel says it does not store bikes and that I should use the bike park in the station. Is it secure and how much does it cost? Thanks

Reply Sep 23rd, 2015
Gail Mew

We are looking for a statue of a young boy by a sculptor in Eindhoven dating back to the late 40's early 50's. We understand that the sculpture was placed on a bridge coming into Eindhoven. In the article on Eindhoven it was mentioned that the Eindhoven Tourist Board has a publication listing and or describing the artworks /sculptures of Eindhoven. We would like to be able to access this if anyone can help to see if it is included. Regards Gail

Reply Aug 30th, 2015
Peter Schuck

Ich suche eine Stadtführung für eine Sportgruppe (40 Personen) für Samstag den 23. Mai 2015. Können Sie mir helfen. Bitte um Rückmeldung

Reply Apr 27th, 2015
Kandy Shelton
United States

My Dad was in Holland during World War II. I found a postcard that shows the Eindhoven market prior to the bombing of the square. A car with what appears to be a gas chamber on top of a car is driving through the square. He had written it was apparently during the German occupation. If this is of interest to the town , I would be glad to send this to the city for historical purposes. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

Reply Aug 12th, 2013

The site's looking great, love the re-design!

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wonderful site

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