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Are you in Eindhoven for a couple of days and want to see more than just the Markt and Stratumseind? Or are you here for a longer period of time and want to know what’s so special about Eindhoven? Then let us offer you a guided city tour of Eindhoven! Visit our Tours page to enquire about the options.

Eindhoven specific themes

Did you know that Eindhoven is called ‘the (Dutch) city of light’ or ‘light town’, not because of the Philips history, the light route, or GLOW, but because of the match industry that was big around here at the end of the 19th century / beginning of the 20th century? Fun facts like these are the things you want to hear from a tour guide!

Nowadays the Eindhoven region is known for people, companies and institutes that are successful in the fields of technology, design and knowledge. So maybe you’re interested in finding out more about those and seeing the spots where the magic happens for yourself.

But Eindhoven has more to offer, and if you work in design or technology you might want to see a different side of Eindhoven, like the many special green areas (lots of different parks, woods, water and lakes!) that are located within the city borders, or the several locations where large sports events are regularly held, or places where art and other culture highlights can be seen.

Whether you want to see the Eindhoven highlights with a good bit of history & Philips background, or something different, specifically geared towards your interests, let us know what takes your fancy and we can offer you a suitable private tour!

Explore different Eindhoven areas

You might have wandered around the city centre already, and maybe you’ve also seen Strijp-S. But have you been in Genneper Parken, seen the High Tech Campus, de Groene Corridor, Woensel West or Strijp-R? These are all interesting Eindhoven areas with their own character worth exploring!

Original transportation

Local Life can offer you tours by different means of transportation: a walking tour, a bicycle tour or a tour in a private car. More transportation is available for different group needs, just let us know what you've got in mind and we'll see if it's a possibility! Hotel pick-ups can also be arranged.

For all kinds of groups

Whether it’s just you or the two of you, a family or a group of friends, there's a suitable tour on offer. Are you organising a trip with work colleagues, clients or other business contacts? Let us do the work!

We’ll make sure the tour matches the interests and the knowledge level (Eindhoven ‘experience’) of the group. Tours can be given in Dutch and/or English and other languages on request.

A comfortable experience

Why not combine your group tour with a drink, lunch, dinner, small bite to eat, or with a fun activity? Eindhoven tour guides know the best places to go and we can organise it for you!

Explore the uniqueness of Eindhoven in an interesting, fun and interactive tour! Let us know your needs and we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse! Visit our Tours page to easily make an enquiry.