Where to stay or live in Eindhoven?

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If you come over to Eindhoven to live here for a short time, longer period, or forever (you'll never know!), you'll find yourself looking for a place to live. Whether it's to study, to work or just to visit of course you need a roof over your head. Just like everywhere, you first have to figure out what you want, and what you can afford. There are different options; do you want to rent or buy a place, do you want the long-term security or do you want flexibility, do you want a formal place like a hotel or do you prefer the homey feel of an apartment?

Everything is available in Eindhoven; from a room to a studio, from apartments to houses or even luxurious villas. However, it might be a bit of a challenge to find something that suits you and to find it quickly. So good preparation is key.

Areas & neighbourhoods in Eindhoven
First of all; although Eindhoven isn't one of the biggest cities worldwide, it still a city consisting of different areas, each with its own character. You might have heard about Woensel, Strijp, Gestel, Stratum and Tongelre; together with the city centre these are the six main neighbourhoods that can be found on the Eindhoven map. They are former villages which play an important part in the Eindhoven history. They all have their own little centres, squares, markets and so on but their characters are hard to describe; the look and feel can change around the corner of a street or a block and of course it's very personal as well.

Woensel could be a good option if you want to live close to the Eindhoven University of Technology or Fontys University of Applied Sciences or if you enjoy the large multicultural market at Kruisstraat every Saturday, Strijp is where Philips was first founded, the Philips Stadium is there, surround by an area with former factory workers houses. And there's Stijp-S, a former Philips industrial area which is now being transformed into a new cultural and creative quarter. Gestel lies between the Dommel and the Tongelreep rivers, and has its centre around the Franz Leharsquare. It's also right next to Genneper Parken. On the other side of Genneper Parken and the Tongelreep river starts Stratum, a cosy area with a mixture of chique and more upperclass neighbourhoods and cheaper areas. Tongelre, on the border with Nuenen, is mostly a lively multicultural neighbourhood alongside the long Tongelresestraat, starting at the DAF-museum in town.

A good idea to get a feel for the several areas is just to cycle around with an Eindhoven map. And maybe you don't want to live in Eindhoven at all, if you prefer to live in a smaller town, there are many options in one of the friendly towns around, like Veldhoven, Son, Waalre or Nuenen.

Your new home in Eindhoven?

Housing agencies
When you're ready to start looking for a place it's wise to contact one of the many local housing agents who can assist you in finding rental accommodation, or a place to buy. There are often options for either furnished or unfurnished and most accommodations require a minimum stay of a year. It's also common that you pay one month rent as guarantee and in many cases also as the agency fee.

If you're here to study in Eindhoven, often your university will arrange or assist you with your accommodation. Also for expats in Eindhoven some companies assist with accommodation or with finding the right agency for you.

Shortstay accommodation, not in a hotel
If you can't get a longterm contract Woonhotel Eindhoven, which literally means 'living hotel' Eindhoven can be a good option for you.

Hotels, hostels and B&B's
If you're coming over for a short period of time, there's also a large choice of hotels available, there's something for every budget. You can also check out our full hotel directory. If you're looking for a hostel, there's 3BE and there are several B&B's available to get the comfort of a persons home while you're staying in Eindhoven.

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Hi! i'm Mary, 23 years old, I'll stay in Eindhoven fr 1 August to 1 Febraury to do the thesis at Tue university, so I'm looking For a room in a shared apartment! If you can help me, please contact me! Thanl you

Reply Jun 13th, 2015

I will be moving to Eindhoven in February. My son will be enrolled in the international school. Which are the ideal places to house hunt so that i am within 2 kms of the International school.

Reply Oct 30th, 2014