Money Advice

Any hotel, restaurant, bar or shop worth its salt will accept all the major credit cards, however you may be asked to produce photo ID to confirm that you really are Dr. Joe Bloggs esquire and not a light-fingered ragamuffin with a burning desire to purchase two 'I heart Eindhoven' t-shirts.

The Netherlands are part of the Eurozone of the EU, so if you're coming from another Eurozone country such as Germany or Belgium, you won't have to change your currency. The country uses euros, where 100 euro cents = 1 euro.

ATMS (Cash Machines)

ATMs are the best way to go if you have a bank card with you. You'll get the best exchange rates, even with any ATM fees you may be charged. Before you leave, check with your local bank to make sure your card will work abroad.

Traveller Cheques

If you're old enough to remember traveller cheques then you should probably be more worried about your medical insurance than your finances.

Bureaux de Change

Rendered somewhat redundant by the rates you get from your bank at the ATMs, if you do have some cash to change up best to go to one of the several branches of official banks in the city centre, like Rabobank, ING bank or ABN Amrobank.


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