Long Live The King!

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King's Day (or 'Koningsdag' in Dutch) is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It's celebrated on April 27th, the birthday of King Willem-Alexander.

This year's slogan for King's Day in Eindhoven is: "everyone in Eindhoven=KING", and this means there's something for everyone. With over 200.000 visitors our city is a real hotspot this day, mainly focussed around dance and other music. Every available spot has live music - from a guy and his guitar playing to a small crowd on a patio, to a massive stage with a popular DJ. Every square will have its own unique vibe so half the fun is wandering around and finding the scene that suits you best. There are also flea markets, where people from all over the area set up tables or lay down blankets to display used goods for sale. Anything and everything is available and the streets are mobbed with people looking for a bargain. The one rule of the day: wear orange. The more (and brighter) the better - the locals will love you for sharing their national pride!  

Eindhoven King's Day celebrations 2019
There's so much going on in our lively city, both on King's Day and the night before, it's impossible to give a complete overview of all performing acts and activities. Visit the 'Eindhoven=King'-website for more info (also in English) and check out your favourite places for their own program. Also many neighbourhoods organise their own events.

Eindhoven 'King's Night' celebrations 2019
The night before King's Day traditionally also is a night of celebrations, called King's Night (Koningsnacht).

There's so much to do! We have no doubt you'll have a great two days!


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Ilse | Eindhoven-Life

That's so cool! Thanks for sharing your video with us :)

Reply May 14th, 2012
United Kingdom

That was an amazing party! It was so cool that we did a video: http://youtu.be/dc9rqZoH_So Enjoy!

Reply May 9th, 2012