Eindhoven Nightlife

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One of the best things about the Eindhoven social scene is its diversity. Whether you are looking for a place to have lunch with friends, spend a sunny afternoon on a patio, a memorable dinner or a night out drinking, with its wide array of bars, pubs and clubs all located in a relatively small area in the city centre, Eindhoven has what you want. Five distinct parts of the city make it easy to find whatever you are looking for. The best part is that all of these areas are in and right around the city center. You don't have to pick an area and stick to it. Go and explore, there is your perfect spot for any mood.


The Markt is the heart of the city. Patios line two sides of the square making it an ideal spot for people watching (people sit auditorium style at the tables facing the street for the best view). The patios are comfortable all year long, blankets and heaters make it a great place during the winter but it really shines on warm sunny days. Choose Market Square for lunch with friends, a quiet dinner or drinks on the patio.


The longest pub street in the Netherlands. With more than 50 bars and clubs, the street attracts a young crowd that's up for anything. You can find anything from salsa to rock and roll, a lot of dance & techno, and (Dutch) party music. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights turn this street into a party that lasts until 4:00 AM. Walking up and down the street looking for the perfect spot is half the fun, explore the different bars and clubs and you will not be disappointed.


This quiet street is lined mostly with restaurants. Walk the street reading the menus displayed outside and you are sure to find exactly what will fit your mood. This is also a perfect street for a quiet drink after dinner and on a pretty weekend day the street is lined with patios. Choices are extremely varied; Greek, Italian, Spanish, Argentinian and British food are all represented. This street makes it easy to find a great meal or the perfect spot for a drink, the hardest part of the evening will be deciding which one to choose.

Kleine Berg

Meanwhile, the area known as 'De Bergen', centred around Kleine Berg, is more intimate and trendy. Small boutique style restaurants and bars offer intimate dinners with a cozy atmosphere. The bars along the street are a great place to hang out with friends, still packed on the weekend but they never feel over crowded. Reservations required on busy nights.


This is where you can find a calmer bar with a more mature crowd. Come for dinner and stay for drinks in these fun and lively bars. The rock and roll feel makes this small square a great choice for a night out. The square also hosts events throughout the year that reflect that feel.

Gay and Lesbian

While Amsterdam is the Dutch city by far the most famous for its gay scene, Eindhoven also offers some clubs catering to the rainbow crowd. Club Le Pecheur, Pallaz and Bar Genestho (all on the Stratumsedijk) are the most popular.

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Eindhoven is the best place to be, their police is very hardworking they take your case serious at all point, the party there is always fun and lively so many love in Eindhoven, at the front train station they share sweet things.

Reply Oct 13th, 2019

Hey! i will be in Eindhoven on a tuesday a night next february. Where is the action going on during midweek? Any clubs opened? Thanks!

Reply Dec 6th, 2017

İch bin neu in eindhoven und würde gerne wissen wo hier die besten Techno partys statt finden.

Reply Jun 8th, 2017
United Kingdom

I'm in Eindhoven right now on a Sunday night after just arriving this afternoon from Middle East. Have to say what an awesome city, in my short 5 hours experience here walking around visiting a few bars & a coffee shop, have to say people are very approachable & friendly compared to other cities in Holland. Was told it's the party capital of Holland. Just been taking photos around the city if you have Instagram check them out at travelmandocdot,

Reply Sep 4th, 2016

please anyone can help me?clubs with r n b music are they exist in eindhoven?

Reply Feb 7th, 2016

I just want to get laid with the help of the club girls. Which is the perfect spot for in Eindhoven

Reply Feb 5th, 2016
Vidma dee

And I need it now! :)))

Reply Apr 17th, 2015
Vidma dee

Where is the best night club here? I mean real the best. Or the one where is deep house. Thank you all. :)))))

Reply Apr 17th, 2015

I'm born and raised in Eindhoven and i live there for 19 years now. I always like to visit Club Blush, Club R, M2, De Spijker, De Thomas or Miller Time. If you are really looking for deep house clubs you can better visit club m2 or club R

Reply Nov 23rd, 2015
United Kingdom

thanks for the info :)

Reply Mar 26th, 2014

Well spotted :) We changed it now!

Reply Sep 6th, 2012
MVDG - new student

How is the night life during the other days? ex: Sunday Overall very useful information!

Reply Sep 5th, 2012
Regular Rob - student

spelling error: a quite dinner or drinks on the patio. :)

Reply Sep 5th, 2012
Sam S
United States

very nice to know these things, i will be sure to look up this web site the next time i vist Eindoven. All great information, would be nice to know where somebody could worship on Sundays

Reply Jul 20th, 2011