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While most people come to Eindhoven for the festivals or some fine dining, you never know when something unexpected will pop up during your vacation and you may need a good dentist or lawyer. Perhaps you've fallen head over heals for Eindhoven and need a real estate agent (we wouldn't blame you!). Luckily, our services directory includes a comprehensive list of information offices, car rentals, pharmacies, doctors and the like, for all of your home away from home needs!

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Vestdijk 27a
Geldropseweg 86C

3. MyHousing

19 reviews
Parklaan 16

4. Eindhoven English

0 reviews
Kruisstraat 90A

5. HousingXL

4 reviews
Edenstraat 4

6. Friendly Housing

0 reviews
Moreelselaan 54-56

7. Heerings Bicycles

2 reviews
Just behind DAF industries :) Ganseboom 29, Geldrop

8. Rubik Coaching

2 reviews
Kleine Berg 12-2
(school location) Dirk Boutslaan 25

10. easyNL

0 reviews
Apparatenfabriek Torenallee 24

11. Seats 2 Meet

10 reviews
Bennekelstraat 139A, 5654 DD Eindhoven

12. Studio Realign

6 reviews
Willemstraat 14

13. Rots-Vast Groep Eindhoven

20 reviews
Mecklenburgstraat 37

14. Goeth Vastgoed

3 reviews
Joris Minnestraat 12

15. Kare4Karz Hand Car Wash

2 reviews
Michelangelolaan 2

16. Central Pharmacy

2 reviews

Reviews about Services in the City


Eindhoven University of Technology

Unfortunately, despite all the warnings, reviews and news articles (Program Kassa) I made the mistake of renting an apartment through Stoit Group. It already started extremely badly with the delivery of the apartment: non-working central heating boiler, very dirty (attached photos), broken blinds and non-working ventilation system. Following that, Stoit also sent an unjustified invoice for mediation fees (€1,200), which I refused to pay. Stoit also did not adhere to the legal deadline of 14 days for refunding the deposit. This took over 7 weeks(!). You only receive the deposit after they make an illegal deduction for damages. In my case it was for lime scale (which is not seen as a damage by law) and an invoice where everything is redacted. In short; be warned about, Stoit is known for it and the Municipality of Eindhoven is aware of it!

Stoit Groep

Our experience with Amber was very positive. She is professional and responsive in communication. Highly recommended.

Regio56 Huisvesting

As already posted in several google reviews about how Goeth Vastgoed tries to unfairly swallow all or major portion of tenant's security deposit, I am one another victim of Goeth Vastgoed. I am an expat and completely agree to one of the reviews posted in google reviews about Goeth Vastgoed Eindhoven: “Foreign tenants are vulnerable in the Netherlands but this agency has a reputation for not returning deposits”. They deducted 876 euros (cleaning of 8.5 hours for 257 euros and full apartment repaint of 589 euros) from my security deposit of 1278 euros. I was also never given any time to fix any issues that they found in their inspection. I lived in the apartment for 12 months and I cleaned the apartment myself before moving out (except kitchen chimney cover). I had asked them for their cleaning services before which they had mentioned as hourly service only and never mentioned about anything such as ‘final cleaning for 8.5 hours’. I later cleaned the house myself and informed them on email on the day of leaving itself that even if they would need to do any extra cleaning it won’t be for more than 1 hour of cleaning which was proven by their inspection pictures also but they somehow spent 8 and half hours in cleaning the ‘already cleaned’ apartment and charged me 257 euros for the same. Also, regarding full repaint of whole apartment, the post-inspection pictures shows just three spots on three walls where a repaint was needed but they decided to repaint whole apartment and charged 589 euros on me. This is a scam that this agency plays to snatch the security deposit away from foreign tenants. I repeatedly kept asking them for the reasons behind the need to 1> clean the apartment for 8.5 hours after I already cleaned it, and 2> repaint the ‘whole’ apartment. They sent back pictures that they took during post inspection and “none” of the pictures showed either 1> any need to clean for 8.5 hours(instead of atmost 1 hour), or 2> the need to repaint the whole apartment. They sent me the invoice of whole-apartment repaint but that also does not prove the need to repaint the whole apartment instead of fixing those 3 spots. Please run away from this agency if you want to save your hard earned money from getting snatched away unfairly.

Goeth Vastgoed

Goedemiddag meneer, welk programma? Binnen en buiten graag zeg ik. Dat is dan 40 euro meneer! 40? Was altijd 28. Ja maar u auto is heel smerig en met die velgen zijn we lang bezig. Prima maar voor dat bedrag ben ik dan wel iets kritischer dan voor 28 euro! Mag u gerust zijn meneer! Uurtje later: u auto is klaar! Eerst even kijken of alles naar wens is! Eerst natuurlijk de velgen bekeken, zwart in het blikveld! Ik zeg er iets van en dan komt de reactie: voor 40 euro maken we de velgen niet helemaal schoon, we zijn geen slaven! Ik ga u velgen niet schoonlikken! U veegt aan de achterkant van de velgen! ???? Ik mocht toch kritisch zijn ? Als ik dat dan ben krijg je eigenlijk te horen dat 40 euro nog niet genoeg is om goed werk te leveren, maak er dan gewoon 100 euro van! Ik stap ontevreden in de auto, deze discussie win je op dat moment toch niet! Word er nog achter je aan gezegd dat als ik de volgende keer kom ik word geweigerd. Omdat ik kritisch ben word ik dus geweigerd..... Uiteraard nog verhaal gehaald over deze uitspraak! Nogmaals een discussie die je niet wint. Uiterst ontevreden weggereden en kom nooooit meer terug bij dit uiterst klantonvriendelijk en onprofessioneel bedrijf

Kare4Karz Hand Car Wash

Columbus is really a unique place where children feel quickly at ease. Even the little ones who just arrived in Holland. Playing with other children and the warm, patience pedagogical staff gives them a feeling of home.

Columbus International Childcare Eindhoven

What is the fee prospects and how do you operate and available locations. Please share details of it.

Columbus International Childcare Eindhoven

Great what you guys do. Thank you!

Eindhoven News

It is wonderful I can stay updated on what is happening in Eindhoven!! In my own language. Easy.

United States,
Eindhoven News

Annelies was a great help to me. I think it would have taken me twice the amount of time to find a job, had I had to do it on my own. She helped to look at job postings I was interested in, and was able to help me "translate" the requirements and transferrable skills that I could contribute to the jobs. She also sent me postings that she found were suitable for me, that I had never even considered. Her top quality was that she helped me to "Dutch-up" my CV and cover letters, which helped me to stand out from other candidates. She was always easy to talk to and quick to respond to any questions I had. Her knowledgeable background and friendly personality are the reason I recommend talking to Annelies at Rubik Coaching.

Rubik Coaching