Festivals in Eindhoven

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While there is always something going on in Eindhoven (which you can check in our events calendar), there are several occasions throughout the year when Eindhoven is really the place to be. Whether it's the world-famous Dutch Design Week festival in autumn, or Park Hilaria in summer, festival times are a special time in the city, and definitely worth experiencing. Check below for an overview of the highlights.

XO Life
A massive one-day dance event
When: July
Official festival website: xofestival.nl

Park Hilaria
A fun fair in the city
When: August
Official festival website: parkhilaria.nl

Lichtjesroute - Route of Lights
The commemoration of the liberation of Eindhoven during World War II.
When: September/October
Official festival website: lichtjesroute.org

Dutch Design Week
A major festival of Dutch design, taking place in various locations in the city.
When: October
Official festival website: dutchdesignweek.nl

Glow Festival
International forum of light in art and architecture.
When: November
Official festival website: gloweindhoven.nl

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