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Welcome to Eindhoven, the heart of the southern Netherlands. Once an industrial centre for the country, Eindhoven has reinvented itself as the hip and stylish design capital. The city continues to be a centre of innovation as well. As the birthplace of Philips and home to numerous technology-based businesses, Eindhoven has certainly earned its reputation as Intelligent Community of the Year, as declared by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) in New York a few years ago. But it's not only high-tech that's hot in Eindhoven, the city is also known as a very green city, with many nice parks within its boundaries, and is famous for quite a number of great sports facilities which regularly host high-level (inter)national sports events. Read more

Upcoming events in Eindhoven

21 Jan
Sunday, 21st Jan 2018 Nana
Every Sunday POPEI presents free live music from talented singer-songwriters. Sunday January 21st,...
27 Jan
Saturday, 27th Jan 2018 Winterfest
Bands and singer-songwriters with their own work will deliver an 'eargasm' from 15.00 with a big...
28 Jan
Sunday, 28th Jan 2018 Emma van Dooren
Every Sunday POPEI presents free live music from talented singer-songwriters. Sunday january 28th...

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