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The capital of Poland until the end of the sixteenth century, Cracow has been superseded by Warsaw, and is now the fourth largest city in the country, but is often still referred to as the country's cultural capital. The world-renowned Jagellonian University, Wawel Castle and one of Europe's largest market squares are all contained in one of the best-preserved medieval city centres in Europe. The largely unspoilt Old Town has now been declared a World Heritage Site.

Laid out in 1257, the Rynek Glowny (Main Market Square) is one of the largest medieval market squares in Europe - the centrepiece of a town plan which was, and remains, a remarkable piece of town planning. The grid-like pattern of streets surrounded by a tree-lined pedestrian avenue (once the limit of the city walls) makes it easy even today to walk around the city. To the south, and connected to the Market Square by the long, straight Grodzka street, lies Wawel Castle, the seat of Polish kings from the eleventh to the early seventeenth century.

A few minutes walk south of the Old Town, and separated from it by Jozefa Dietla street, lies the old district of Kazimierz. Until 1880, Dietla was a tributary of the Vistula river, and Kazimierz an island. Best known as the old Jewish Quarter of Cracow, it is in fact divided into two distinct halves, with Jewish Kazimierz occupying the northeastern part and Christian Kazimierz the southwestern part. Jewish culture flourished here from the 15th century until World War II, when the Nazis forced most of the remaining Jews into a specially created ghetto across the Vistula river, where they were either killed or transported to nearby concentration camps, including Auschwitz. At the end of the war, only 6,000 returned, but few could settle. The vestiges of this once prosperous Jewish world cover Kazimierz, and numerous synagogues have been preserved and restored and now house exhibits depicting pre-war life.

Population: 39 million Capital: Warsaw Major language: Polish Major religion: Christianity Life expectancy: 68 years (men), 77 years (women) Monetary unit: 1 zloty = 100 groszy Main exports: Machinery and transport equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals Average annual income: US $11,300 Internet domain: .pl International dialling code: +48

About Cracow

Positioned at the centre of Europe, Poland has known turbulent and violent as well as prosperous times. There have been periods of independence as well as periods of domination by other countries. Several million Polish people, half of them Jews, died in World War II.

In 1989 Poland became the first of the eastern European countries to overthrow Communist rule, following years of demonstrations, strikes and underground political movement led by the Trades Union movement Solidarity. Despite strong Russian objections, Poland joined Nato in 1999 and in 2004 became a member of the EU.

Poland has achieved some success in creating a market economy and attracting foreign investment. However, unemployment is high and incomes and growth low. The huge farming sector is unwieldy and very inefficient, many farms still retaining their medieval land divisions into inefficient, long strips. In spite of this, Poland's agricultural output is greater than that of Great Britain, France and Italy combined, which is why future EU subsidy levels have been a major area of controversy. Corruption has been singled out by the European Commission as a particularly major problem which must be urgently addressed, as well as the necessity to improve border controls.

The Roman Catholic church, a very strong force in Polish life, has expressed concern that modern lifestyles are corrupting moral values. The church has been involved in heated debates over issues such as worship in schools and abortion.


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Jimmy from United Kingdom Reply Jun 21st, 2015

How much do you tip taxi drivers and restaurants

Diane Dutcher from United States Reply Jul 25th, 2014

Wondering if anyone knows anything about Izby Poland, a smalll village south of Krakow... looking for information relating to WWII. Email me. Thank you.

Zachary heikes from United States Reply Feb 3rd, 2014

I need to know more information about the weather in kraków Poland during midieval times

Elvin from Papua New Guinea Reply Jun 7th, 2013

I really like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and reporting! Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve included you guys to our blogroll.

Mark B from United Kingdom Reply Oct 4th, 2011

FAO callum from United Kingdom on Sep.22.2011 I suggest you take warm clothes :)

kusk from United States Reply Oct 1st, 2011

attention with the scamming at hard candy bar sep 2011 is still on aND i know over 30 people SCAMMED the last 2 years!the police they know about that and they have many reports!tey are a bit permissiv, i wonder why?to the pretty australian girl we where just going for a drink nothing else,why u defend the russian girls bribers are u maybe one of them?that would be good to carry something to defendourselves in that street because police is not goiing to do it for u!an abuse AN SCAMMING A ROBBERY AT 100 METERS FROM COMISARY APRT FROM TAT BAD EXPERIENCE GOOD CITY

Fernando Pinczowski from Brazil Reply Sep 29th, 2011

I´d like to know when the 2012 Jewish Festival will be held. Thanks Fernando

callum from United Kingdom Reply Sep 22nd, 2011

hey everone, im planning to go to krakow in march 2012 to see the sites and tours, could anybody suggest what kind of clothing i should think about packing thankyou for your help

Ann Marie from Ireland Reply Apr 19th, 2011

Are any shopping malls open Easter Saturday,Sunday or Monday in Krakow?

caroline from Ireland Reply Mar 21st, 2011

Hi...myself and my husband are heading over to Krakow on the 22nd March, how much should a taxi cost from the airport to the jewish quarter and is it possible to do the trips to the Saltmines and Auschwitz without going on the tours

sarah from Ireland Reply Jan 11th, 2011

We are visiting krakow the first week in may and im just wondering what weather and temperatures we should expect?

Pretty girl from Australia Reply Sep 20th, 2010

To everyone who was scammed at a place called "Hard Candy Music Bar"... If you had all spent more of your time focusing your attention on all the beautiful buildings Krakow has to offer then you would probably would've saved some money... I think the name coupled with a pretty girl standing outside luring men in should have been a strong indicator of the type of place you were walking into. My advice... next time stick to the churches rather than thinking with the lower parts of you anatomy.

Lorek from Poland Reply Sep 7th, 2010

Hello Hannah, the weather in October in Cracow should be quite good , not to sunny and not very warm. Also, if you wish to come to Zakopane and spend few days, it is good to have some warm clothes and rain jacket.To know more about Zakopane, ckeck and contact me on email given on some of my posts.Cracow and Zakopane are Great Cities.

John from United Kingdom Reply Sep 6th, 2010

WARNING !!HARD CANDY MUSIC BAR located in Szewska Street is THE place to avoid as it is a place where tourists are scammed, invited by russian pretty girls and then they suggest youto order some drinks of their choice, the price list is not available and then you may pay 3 drinks for 1200PLN or 300 pounds.All that money is going to a russian mafioso who has similar place in RIGA and I guess elsewhere.Make anyone of your friends going to Cracow know about that FUC.ING PLACE.But however enjoy Beautiful Cracow , polish food and lovely polish girls!!

Hannah from United Kingdom Reply Sep 6th, 2010

thankyou for warning about hard candy bar.goin to krakow on 2nd of oct.first vist.anything else to look out for?and whats weather usually like in oct

Adam from United Kingdom Reply Sep 5th, 2010

Hi Jorg, about the HARD CANDY BAR CLUB cheating, almost racket and fraud, as it seems you did not get a receipt or bill, you were not able to contest the amount to be paid.Also, to complain if there was any sufficient proofs to police, you would have needed that bill.But like anywhere and in any situation or case, always ask the price list and then check the bill(if bill paid in other currency, also be careful to the exchange rate or the currency specified on the bill or card machine/terminal of payment).Then you may be in your right to complain and get to police.

Lorek from Poland Reply Aug 29th, 2010

Hello Jorg, I have read and heard about that place HARD CANDY MUSIC BAR that is own by a man which has the same kind of places in Riga and others cities. I would have advise you to check and keep the price list before ordering anything and then if trouble it would have been, I would have have get out and then call police to report and make complaint.As it looks like they intimidate you to pay and not to complain and that of course the price is out of real sense, I would advise you to post reviews and report anywhere you can on internet:tripadvisor, cracow life, touristics websites known in Netherlands.Then, you may have demonstrate nearby the bar to notify customer that that place is a CHEAT, STEALING and ABUSING place where it is not good to get in.You may also report it to some newspapers in Holland , in Poland, in UK...

Lorek from Poland Reply Aug 29th, 2010

I just saw the weather forecast for Saturday/It would besun and shower rain and about 20celsius.But do not know if it is very is about 5 to 10 PLN if you drink on the main square and surroundings. Ogrodygorskie of Zakopane

Deb from United Kingdom Reply Aug 29th, 2010

Hi im off to krakow on saturday just wondering what the weather will be like and how much for a beer

Jorg Jenz from Austria Reply Aug 19th, 2010

Lorek, what do you think we can do to stop the robbery activities in Hard Candy Music Bar? We lost very much money in this crazy bar... around 1.200 lotty for the 4 longdrinks we ordered (:- It was not what we saw in their drinks price list... And they didn't gave us a specified bill... But for the rest Krakow is a fantastic city with cool people and nice dancings.

Maarten from Belgium Reply Aug 13th, 2010

WARNING for all tourists: Never visit HARD CANDY MUSIC BAR Krakow. They have scamed much money from us!! Local autorities undertake action please and close this bar. Just a warning won't be enough... Terribly bar personel which scam people with on a threatening tone.

Sue from United Kingdom Reply Aug 6th, 2010

Hello All. I wonder if any one can help me? I am looking for a Village, Town or area in / nearby to Krackow that was / is called (sounds like) 'OLLY'? I have family who where born there and need to find their Birth certification as a result of a medical survey that is being done here in Britain with our family because of repeated illness / health problems within our family. We need to trace back through the generations to collect any information on the cause of death of our Grandparents, (& their parents etc.) on their death records. Our parent's are all deceased and we do not know where to start to find out these details. Our family member from 'OLLY' was born between the wars in the mid to late 1920's. Could someone possibly point us in the right direction to find these Birth, Marriage & Death certifications. Also, none of us speak Polish so need someone to help us get around this problem?

lorek from Poland Reply Aug 2nd, 2010

Hello Evelina from Poland, which kind of job you are looking for in Poland, in which area?? Hello Eva, i think that most university are EU recognised and you may get an ERASMUS visa from your university.For accomodation also, you may get some help from the university you will be in contact in Poland to help you to find out . Hello George, amber shops are a bit evrywhere in Cracow, mainly around the main square(rynek)

george from United States Reply Jul 27th, 2010

were i can found amber in krakow

Eva from Cyprus Reply Jul 20th, 2010

Hi everybody. i would like any useful info about coming to Krakow for studies. Any good Univercities recognised by the EU? Any foundation programmes?(language) how about flats for rent? In general any info would be apreciated Thank you Eva

Ewelina from Poland Reply Jul 13th, 2010

Looking for a job opportunity in Poland?

alex from United Kingdom Reply Jun 14th, 2010

ill be in cracow 21, 22, 23 of june 2010, any good event, festival, bar, concert... place to go in a budget that you know?

brien from Poland Reply Jun 13th, 2010

There's a place called CK Browar that has some good beers. They serve them in tall boots, 5 and 10 liters, I think. There are some larger breweries near Krakow if you want a brewery tour. CK is in the listings here and the tour is offered through the Krakow Tours. Cheers.

Rob Zukowski from Australia Reply Jun 7th, 2010

Gday are there any brewerys in krakow area any advice thirsty aussie

Lorek from Poland Reply May 16th, 2010

Hey Paul, you are right , Cracow is a Great city to visit, explore by day and night.And also, to drink and eat nice food for realy good value for money.But that is not all.The beer is from 2 in supermarket to 10 in normal bars/pubs (not the dodgy bar for tourist where girls catch you in street with smile and invitation to enter then you may receice a bill with price for beer can be a excessively outrageous).Take Care Paul and Drink with responsibility vodka also .Cheers

Roger DANIELLS-SMITH from United Kingdom Reply May 5th, 2010

We are arriving in Krakow next week by car We will be oaded with luggage and baby equipment. Our apartment is in Slawkowska, within the pedestrian precict zone. Can we drive to the apartment, and park while we unload without getting a fine. Do we need a permit to do this?

paul from United Kingdom Reply Apr 26th, 2010

went to krakow 3yrs ago , brill place friendly folk and good beer, thinking of going back in sept, how much is the beer now?? is it still good value? roll on september!

Ogrodygorskie from Poland Reply Apr 9th, 2010

Hello, First, you will have to get to the train station by bus or taxi.Only 1 bus number 23 , running every hour: Then you maycheck train timetable and fares:on Railway slovakian : choose english version and also It should take around 9 hours by train from Kosice to Cracow if no connection trains.Hope it helps

olympia fortotira from Greece Reply Apr 7th, 2010

i would like to travel in june from kosice to cracow with train,please let me know if this is possible and some informations for the way

olympia fortotira from Greece Reply Apr 7th, 2010

i would like to travel in june from kosice to cracow with train,please let me know if this is possible and some informations for the way

del boy from United Kingdom Reply Mar 31st, 2010

Already been in MARCH 2010 its quite a good place I am undergoing some dental treatment so I am going back in APRIL for a further 2 visits then that will be it.Polish people are OK but dont smile much the bars are good the prices of everything is the same as UK apart from public transport(this is always dirt cheap compared to miserable UK)the place is full of people from all over the world as are most tourist centres. Oh they dont have as much rain as we do which is a bonus!!!

Terry Taylor from United Kingdom Reply Mar 30th, 2010

Krakow is an excellant and beautiful city. I bookedv a taxi pickup from the airport at 30 percent cheaper than taxis at the rank. Train is very cheap however . My wife and I will definitely be coming back.

Lorek from Poland Reply Mar 18th, 2010

Shops in shopping centers would be for sure opened on Easter weekend, until 7pm or 8 pm saturday, earlier on sunday.For other shops, it is really up to the owner of each place, but restaurants should be normally opened.I suggest you as well to go further than Cracow and visit Zakopane , if you do not already know.If you need advices on accomodation, please just ask by posting again a review.

Lorek from Poland Reply Mar 18th, 2010

The best way to get from the airport to the center is by the outdoor tramway that can be taken in the tramway station located 500 m from the get there, there is free shuttle bus.Cost is 8 PLN one way.Weather is getting warmer, about 10 celsius.

Marit Orskaug from Norway Reply Mar 18th, 2010

Hi, I am planning to travel to Krakow this Easter. Is anything open (shopping) on Saturday (3 april)? And when will it close? Thanks :-)

Kelly from United Kingdom Reply Mar 18th, 2010

Hi, I am visiting Krakow in the next few days. What is the weather like at the minute? What is the best way to get from the airport to the centre? What are prices like? Thanks

lorek from Poland Reply Mar 8th, 2010

Hi, I would say that May and June are the best months to visit and experience all what Cracow has of so special.In July and August, it may be very hot but that is the charm of Cracow in summer.Do stay in Shadow, have a cold drink in a underground bar, visit the Salt mine.The city of zakopane, 1 h30 by private bus would have a more cooler climate and a lot to see as well.Check If you are fancy to visit Cracow and Zakopane, please do reply to this review to get advices on spring and summer activities there and on accomodation possibilities.take Care

claire from United Kingdom Reply Mar 7th, 2010

hey im looking to go to poland in krakow in august with my boyfriend, where r the best places to go out e.g clubs, and wheres the best places to stay??? is august a good month to go?

Mark from United Kingdom Reply Mar 6th, 2010

I am in the market square and desparate for a big smelly curry poo! Any decent toilets in my vicinity??

CLife from United States Reply Feb 26th, 2010

Hi Monica, you've got to always expect the unexpected in Poland! But May is more often than not the most beautiful month of the year, what with all the flowers in full blossom. So fingers crossed.

michelle watton from United Kingdom Reply Feb 9th, 2010

we love poland, my partner and i come to poland every year for a long weekend, been to wroclaw,proznan and krakow, but krakow is the nicest. love the city, love the food and drink and love the people. going again march 2nd can't wait.

Monica from United Kingdom Reply Feb 8th, 2010

Hi, I am half Polish and come to Poland every year to see family but that is usually around August. I am dragging my boyfriend over for a long weekend to Krakow in May this year - what will the weather be like then? I hope to show him around a lot of the places and it would be nice to hear that the weather will be nice! :D

diane from United Kingdom Reply Feb 2nd, 2010

hi i am going to krakow on march 22nd for 2 nights will it srill be extremely cold then and snowy just trying to work out what clothes to bring no hi heels me thinks haha

editor from Poland Reply Feb 2nd, 2010

Hi, Jan. It will likely be quite cold in February. Mostly below zero (celsius). If your daughter will be outside on tours, we recommend a warm jacket (ski-type or thick wool) with a hood, hat, scarf and warm gloves. Many people also wear leggings under their pants or long skirts. The key, as always in cold weather, is to dress in layers you can add or remove to stay comfortable. Have a great trip to Krakow!

jan from United Kingdom Reply Feb 1st, 2010

my daughter is going krakow with the school on the 16 th feb 2010. the school has said they need sky wear as its so cold has anyone been in feb and would they need sky wear.please can anyone give me some advice on this.

Karen from United Kingdom Reply Jan 29th, 2010

My daughters traveling with the school on 16 Feb, what is the weather usually like to be around that time - is it still as cold / snowy as now.

Holly from United Kingdom Reply Jan 21st, 2010

i am visiting cracow on a school trip in two weeks yay.

michael vincent from United Kingdom Reply Dec 24th, 2009

hi im michael i am also coming to see all you hot men out there , hope your reay for me !!!!!!!!!!

Victor Marsh from United Kingdom Reply Dec 24th, 2009

Hello boys of Poland, I am visiting Krakow for this new year. I am eager to meet some young and hung males to show me a good time. I have given up on woman as I have been layed less than the Virgin mary.

david lloyd from United Kingdom Reply Dec 24th, 2009

Has anyone got any taxi numbers for Deal? Sammy the retard let us down!!

david lloyd from United Kingdom Reply Dec 23rd, 2009

We are 4 lads going to Krakow for New year, can anyone tell us where the nice young ladies hang out? (not prostitutes or strippers)

Jan from United Kingdom Reply Dec 10th, 2009

Brilliant site. After visiting Cracow many years ago it's been a pleasure returning (in 2007, 2008 & 2009), am hoping to marry there April 2010.

Karl from Iceland Reply Nov 21st, 2009

Hallo there friends in Polland. I was in the saltmines in august this year, and there was a art show wich I was very interested in. What I like to knowe is the name of the artist.Can you help me on that matter? Wirh thanks for a very good time. Karl

Lorek from Poland Reply Oct 18th, 2009

Hello John, someone from (Wieliczka Salt mine website)told me that you can buy DVDs from the salt mine there in their shop.Hope ii helps.Cheers.Lorek from at Zakopane.

John Romatowski from United Kingdom Reply Oct 3rd, 2009

would like to purchase a dvd tape of the Wieliczka Salt Mine where in poland would i be able to buy one

Doris Vician from United States Reply Jul 14th, 2009

Visited there some years ago. My grandparents immigrated from there in the early 1900's. Krakow is a wonderful places. Interesting people, preserving their culture and history.

Natko from Croatia Reply Jul 13th, 2009

Great city, great history, wonderful food, just great! This page was a lot of help, keep it up. The town is worth coming back... Amazed by the quantity and quality of bars, pubs etc

Chris from United Kingdom Reply May 29th, 2009

Lovely city, great market square, nice cafes and friendly people.

alan from United Kingdom Reply May 18th, 2009

Love KRAKOW we are returning for our 3rd visit in June and cannot wait. plenty to see and do.

andzia from United States Reply May 11th, 2009

Love Krakow! Can anyone tell me the easiest way to get to and from Debrecen, Hungary, from Krakow? Thank you :)

Patrick Bradley from Ireland Reply Dec 1st, 2008

Just back from Poland and stayed in a beautiful hotel in the Jewish district. Food and drink very cheap and good. Shopping for clothes and shoes is expensive and not a great range of styles. Would love to visit in Summer when trees and flowers are in full bloom.

karina from Mexico Reply Nov 19th, 2008

this really cool and i am trying to learn polish

Lashonna Taylor from United States Reply Oct 3rd, 2008

I am looking to continue my studies here next fall year. I will try to visit early Feb. I am already excited by what I am viewing on this website.

Sue from United Kingdom Reply Oct 1st, 2008

Looking forward to visiting Krakow this November for a week.

Piotr from Poland Reply Sep 10th, 2008

try to write on: This is "The Lost-and-Found Office" on the territory of Krakow I can't find this kind of office on a station

Ryan Dereska from United States Reply Sep 7th, 2008

I was leaving the Krakow train station about two weeks ago, and left a bag there. I was a in hurry to catch my train, so didnt get to investigate to the train station security on its whereabouts. Is there someone I can contact? Anything else I can do?

A. Ahmed from United Kingdom Reply Aug 28th, 2008

Thank you for the useful website. I'm coming to cracow from 2-6 of Sept.2008 to attend a conference. Are there Muslim people there to contact them? I need to know whether there are Mosque, Halal resturant?

Henrietta from United Kingdom Reply Jun 17th, 2008

Really love your sight - now then please help me find some good quality photographs of Krakow carnival either recent or old - I am making a project here in Oxford UK and desperately need images to show of your wonderful city having fun !

john dodridge from United Kingdom Reply May 27th, 2008

Cracow is an excellent base to study Poland and to to paint the atmosphere and architecture

Noel from Ireland Reply Apr 20th, 2008

Paid my first visit to Krakow last October.Loved the city so much im heading back again this week.

Ulrich Mundt from Germany Reply Apr 18th, 2008

Chcia³bym ustawiæ siê z powodu mi³oœci do krakowianki w Krakowie egzystencjê.Mienie przy moich odwiedzinach zdziwi siê jakie ¿ycie i odjazd nastrój w mieœcie panuje.Jestem majstrami piekarskimi i mam trochê kapita³. Pi³ka no¿na EM chcia³by tak¿e w wzglêdzie otworzyæ 2012 ma³ych sklepów z pieczywem. Kilka sklepów sta³o w centrum pusto. Tak¿e poza tym centrum na du¿ej ulicy kiosk by³by tak¿e interresant.Czy pañstwo mog¹ pomóc mi znaleŸæ sklep? Oni mog¹ tak¿e z Agata kontakt podnieœæ Ruchomo. 696977514 Ulryk pozdrawia wiele Mundt Weißenfels 06667 Weißenfels / Niemcy Jüdenstraße 43

tuku from United Kingdom Reply Mar 9th, 2008

Very helpful and useful site. Pls advise me on what to do during my visit from 12 to 15 March 2008 when heavy rains are expected in Krakow!

Raul from Portugal Reply Mar 7th, 2008

im a portuguese student living in jersey, and im searching for a school that i can go to in Cracow in order to learn Polish. please contact me if you have any information....

Raul from Portugal Reply Mar 7th, 2008

im a portuguese student living in jersey, and im searching for a school that i can go to in Cracow in order to learn Polish. please contact me if you have any information....

dipesh vashishta from India Reply Mar 7th, 2008

hello and czesc to every one am dipesh from india and i love krakow to much bcoz my fiance is living there my fiance is the most gorgious beauty on this world i love u jaaann am coming soon ok i love u soo much Krakow is best

Matthew Moore from United States Reply Feb 17th, 2008

Krakow and the surrounding regions are amazing. I love the city and I can't wait to go back. I've been to Krakow twice for study abroad with the University of Northern Iowa. Friendly people, great food and entertainment. I particularly enjoy Kazimerez. I am looking for a permanent place to settle there so if anyone has any information on how to find a permanent apartment..that would be great!

dipesh vashishta from India Reply Jan 11th, 2008

krakow is the most beautiful city in the world because "jaan"(darling) live there i love krakow and i love you jaan

ALLAN from United Kingdom Reply Dec 24th, 2007

where can i get costs for train journey krakow to budapest 19 feb 08 1st class sleeper

ritaml from United Kingdom Reply Dec 10th, 2007

Returned from Krakow today, first visit cannot wait to go again, superb. Everyone should visit.

Byron Rivera from Poland Reply Dec 1st, 2007

Para gente interesada en conocer Cracovia y Polonia les ofrezco los mejores precios en tour guiados en espanol, tambien puedo ayudar a conseguir hotel o cualquier extra

zuzka from Slovak Republic Reply Oct 21st, 2007

Krakow is awesome, we were there last weekend and i was impressed. Looking forward to studying there!!! So see ya Krakow in February!!!

Dorota from United States Reply Oct 15th, 2007

Krakow is the cutest city i have ever seen in my life!!! Everyone should see it! :) Poland =

Sotiris from Greece Reply Oct 12th, 2007

Hello I would like to visit Krakow with my family (my wife and our child) for six months from September 2008 until February 2009. I would like to rent an appartment with 2 bedrooms in a good neighbourhood. Please if someone can give me infos I would appreciate very much it.

Daga from Denmark Reply Sep 25th, 2007

Krakow is simply the best! every year I visit Krakow and the city just keeps getting better! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR..Przekochane ludzie oraz przekochany kraj! :-)

Rita from United Kingdom Reply Sep 19th, 2007

Hello,is there no one out there that wants to talk to me,Iam so looking forward to visiting Cracow,will someone tell me what to expect?

Rita from United Kingdom Reply Sep 18th, 2007

My husband and I are visiting Krakow in December can anyone tell us what kind of weather to expect and what are the best bargain buys?

Ghalib from India Reply Sep 4th, 2007

Ah!!! how can I forget the days when I was a part of Cracow life!!!

Mr A C Ellerby from United Kingdom Reply Aug 31st, 2007

I am Going to Krakow for 3days b&b how many cigarettes am I allowed to take back to uk also alchohol for my own use only

Marian F Furlaga from United States Reply Aug 21st, 2007

Krakow jest najpieknieszym Miastem Swiata.

Gianni from Italy Reply Aug 6th, 2007

wonderful site for a wonderful City !

Sultan from Kazakhstan Reply Jul 18th, 2007

the contry smells like old fish... but i find it plesant

BH from Czech Republic Reply Jun 21st, 2007

Regarding changing money - I STRONGLY recommend to not change money at the Kantor shops on the street. The average quoted rate for changing Czech Crowns in the shops was approximately 12/13 CZK to 1 PZL. The actual going rate is around 7.6 CZK to 1 PZL. You will do much better if you simply use an ATM card to withdraw local currency!

Cracow Life from Poland Reply Jun 18th, 2007

Hi Brian - in Polish shops you'll find that only Polish Zloty (PLN) are accepted, and generally cash only, especially for smaller purchases. Some hotels might accept Euro, but in general the official currency is the Zloty, and 99% of the time it's the only currency accepted.

Brian from United Kingdom Reply Jun 18th, 2007

Lots of info on your site. Fantastic help. However could you advise about general payments in shops and restaurants. Do they accept Euro as payment or is it only Polish currency. Kind regards Brian.

Cracow Life from Poland Reply Jun 8th, 2007

Please see our page on Bulgarian visas: And contact your embassy directly for the most current information.

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