Krakow Hostels

It seems barely a day passes in Krakow without a new hostel springing up to help cater for the ever-increasing number of backpackers arriving in the city. This, in theory, is great news for the traveller on the look out for budget accommodation, but the line between supply and demand remains a very fine one, in what is becoming one of Europe's hottest holiday destinations. Established hostels in Krakow are often booked months in advance and the chances of turning up 'ad hoc' and a getting a cheap room in peak tourist season is something akin to winning the lottery two weeks running. Meanwhile the new hostels are often empty and ready to accept to guests (with the paintwork barely dried!) but the guidebooks, even those published six months ago, are hopelessly out of date... And so desperately-needed rooms go begging!

Sounds like a dire situation? Well, fear not dear backpacker, Cracow Life is here to the rescue. As long as we're in town we won't let visitors to Krakow sleep rough! With our fingers right on the pulse of the city, no guest rooms, dormitories, hostels - or indeed any form of budget accommodation - can possibly open in Krakow without arousing our attention!

In short, if you're arriving on a budget, there's no better way to start your hunt for a cheap room than by checking our comprehensive hostel directory - the last word on ALL the cheapest rooms in town!