Getting Around Ljubljana

Above: Should I stay or should I go now? Below: On yer bike!

By Taxi

Hmmm, what can we tell you about the taxi experience in and around Ljubljana? Well, first of all it seems that if you want to drive a taxi here it is a mandatory requirement that you are something of a social recluse! He'll ask you where you want to go, then turn up the radio and take you there without looking at you once. Try communicating with him if you dare. Most taxi drivers in the city hail from the other ex-Yugoslav republics, mainly Serbia or Bosnia, which means that their command of the English language isn't going to be as good as someone educated in Slovenia. This is of course just a generalisation, so don't be surprised if you get the opposite, a born and bred Slovene telling you in perfect English about his city, his family, and that on weekends he likes to wear a dress and be called Susan! Nearly all taxi drivers in Slovenia are helpful, and won't hesitate to help with the carrying and loading of heavy bags, etc. Make sure to call your taxi as the price will be a lot cheaper, and the calls are usually free.

By Car

Driving around Ljubljana is not to be advised. The locals drive at above ordinary speeds, and also the roads are always busy, meaning that you'll get stuck at every single traffic light. Finding a parking space is a nightmare, and usually will take more time than is required to listen to a Celine Dion song in full! Ljubljana is compact enough for you to leave your car in the hotel's car-park and then to explore the city on foot, or to make use of the very well organised bus system.

Public Transportation

Everyone in Ljubljana travels by bus. Services run all over the city, and if you just missed one, you won't have to wait very long for the next one to come along. If you want to pay on the bus it will cost you 300SIT, which should be put into the little box next to the driver, you won't get change so have the right money handy. The better option is to buy a zeton (token) from any news-stand for 190SIT. Just put it into the box on the bus and take your seat. Ljubljana buses definitely get the thumbs-up!


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United Kingdom

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Reply Jun 14th, 2009

this city sucks. that's my opinion.

Reply Mar 25th, 2009
United Kingdom

I found the taxis in Ljubljiana expensive, a 2km ride to the city centre costing about Ä7.50. I was not prepared for the experience one night however when I got into a taxi outside the popular night club "Global" and told him the address of the appartment I was staying at. He asked if I wanted to go to a strip club and I said OK thinking it was nearby. Next thing I knew we were on a motorway and Ä37 was on the meter. I asked him to turn back which he eventually did.I said we would have to negotiate the price. He took me past my address back to the city centre, Ä70 on the clock now! when I refused to pay he called his buddies on the radio who turned up very quickly. I asked them to get the police but instead they beat me up in the street, in full view of passing cars and pedestrians. They only let me go when i parted with Ä60 and had to walk home bloodied and bruised. - They are Gangsters

Reply Sep 16th, 2007

just have a bike, it IS really the best way to go around in the lovable ljubljana :-)

Reply Aug 29th, 2007