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Zagreb, Croatia's official capital since 1991 has for centuries been the spiritual heart of the Croat people. With the last conflicts of the civil war and the legacy of Yugoslav control now well in the past, Croatia, with Zagreb as its spearhead, is bubbling with action having in 2013 joined the EU. Though the memories of the past are not forgotten, young Croatians are looking to the future with more optimism than ever before. Read more

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Zagreb Nightlife
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Zagreb Nightlife

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Numerous periods of foreign rule, and proximity to some of the great dynasties of Europe, have woven a rich tapestry of cultural influences over the city, and are as evident in Zagreb's art and architecture as they are in its cuisine! Ottoman, Austrian and Hungarian influences mesh with the most typical aspects of Croatian life to form one of the most unique, intriguing, yet still overlooked cities of modern Europe. Newcomers will delight in discovering the city's abundance of fantastic cafes, restaurants and bars, and - for those seeking to extend their activities into the early hours - there's a vibrant clubbing scene to boot. Meanwhile the peak of Balkan art, drama and music is regularly on show in the numerous concert halls, theatres, museums and galleries...

Whether it's a business trip, city-break, day trip while holidaying by the Adriatic or you're a long-term visitor with time to burn, we're here to help you get the most out of your stay. From discovering a new place to do your wine sampling to finding a hotel or learning few choice phrases before you depart, we hope you find everything you need right here at Zagreb Life.

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Though the winter may not have made much of an impression this year, it's time to officially inaugurate Spring. This is the time of year when Zagreb really begins to show its Mediterranean spirit and atmosphere. How about celebrating with a wine-tasting jaunt into the country, or an excursion to one of the several storybook castles and palaces outside Zagreb? Get an early start on that tan along Croatia's unequalled coastline by sunbathing nude before those German tourists come creeping - we'll lather you up... Ahh, Zagreb in the wintertime... Hey you've got the whole city to yourself! Get out there and enjoy this 'Winter Workerland.' Spark a snowball fight on New Year's Eve, study the surplus of art on show at the Mimara Museum and get chummy with the mummy - Zagreb's one-of-a-kind wonder at the Archaeological Museum. In late February catch up on Croatian cinema with the ZagrebDox film festival screening all over the city into the first week of March. Don't miss the after-parties for a chance to hobnob with directors and industry icons and make sure to imbibe many belly-warming aperitifs!

Did you know? Non-Croats might be forgiven for not having heard of one of Zagreb's most celebrated citizens, the inventor Slavoljub Eduard Penkala. Amongst Penkala's many inventions (he held eighty patents at the time of his death) were a type of propelling pencil, a solid ink fountain pen, a hotwater bottle, a bluing detergent, a railcar brake and an annode battery. He also found time to establish the Zagreb pencil factory and construct the first Croatian two-seat aeroplane in 1909. What a clever chap!