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Here it is folks: As promised, we deliver a fully interactive, zoomable map of Ljubljana. Dynamic!

Go ahead, just click and drag the map to explore all of Ljubljana, zoom in, zoom out or use the satellite feature to really get a look at those terra-cota and aquamarine roofs. And now you can see the locations of all your soon-to-be favourite places in Ljubljana by choosing a category from the left-hand side and clicking on the tags that appear on the map. Finding your way has never been easier...

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Hey, where is the centre of Europe?


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you are very helpful

Reply Sep 10th, 2012

i am looking for map of ljubljiana for searching the mosque in ljubljiana

Reply Aug 27th, 2012
Mihajlo Drenkovski

Looking for two rooms flat for students (female) in Ljubljana near IMP-Telecon

Reply Aug 30th, 2010
Sookie Stackhouse
United States

The "show on map" feature is great!

Reply Aug 18th, 2010

I have only seen the map yet. I con't give obective oppinion. You should make your pool after a visitor returns on your web-site.

Reply Mar 10th, 2010


Reply Nov 3rd, 2009

The map is ok, please add the airport. Thank you.

Reply Oct 6th, 2008
United States

This is the best map--the only one that's got locatable places that are visible and usable on the net. The city website is a nightmare. This helped me a lot. But where is the airport? It won't come up.

Reply Jul 14th, 2008


Reply Jul 2nd, 2008
Peter B
United Kingdom

Please add the airport!

Reply Sep 26th, 2007
United States

As a tour manager: This is collossal! The only reason for 4/5: Show parking facilities and make it printer friendly, please!

Reply Aug 25th, 2007
United Kingdom

Great map! Ljubljlana is such a beautiful and compact city that it is easy to explore on foot pretty much all the best sites. The area just to the north west of the castle seems to be the centre (and generally along the river)

Reply May 7th, 2007
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