Shopping in Ljubljana

You're other half has given you a list of what you should bring them from Slovenia? Perhaps you're mum has always liked collecting spoons? Or maybe the true love in your life is the (wo)man in the mirror, and you feel the urgent need shower him/her with lavish gifts? Whatever the situation, Ljubljana won't let you down.

Many people travel to Slovenia just to do their shopping in fact! Zip straight away to Ljubljana's bevy of markets where you can get classic Slovenian souvenirs like lace, brandy, black pottery, glassware, beehive panels and honey. As well as your standard commercial stores, Ljubljana is also home to BTC - the biggest shopping centre in Europe (no fib!) - ready to fulfill even the strangest of shopping needs. Your pockets look too full, let out some of the load! Spend, spend, spend!!!

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Cankarjevo river embankment

1. Antique & Flea Market

6 reviews
Vodnikov trg, Pogacarjev trg

2. Central Market

2 reviews
Smartinska 152

3. BTC City

1 review
Letaliska 3, BTC

4. Emporium

1 review
Copova 40

6. Muller

2 reviews
Cankarjeva 8

7. Kokoska

0 reviews
Wolfova 8

8. Knjigarna Vale Novak

0 reviews
Parmova 25

9. Audio Serum

0 reviews

Reviews about Shopping in Ljubljana

My name is Rita de Cássia Ribeiro, I am a Brazilian, a psychologist and businesswoman in my country. I was visiting some European countries including Slovenia and on May 28, I was in the historical center of the city I made a purchase at the H & M store, shop Müller, located in Copova Street, 40. I looked at several goods and decided not to buy anything in it, around 18.50 I left the same and went to Loja Calzedonia a little below where I bought some merchandise. After getting out of it, I was approached on the street by a man who identified himself as Müller's Security and he hinted that I had subtracted something from the store. At this moment I felt very embarrassed myself and my traveling friend. I asked that we go and talk to the Müller store and he kept insisting and talked to a blonde employee and walked us to the back of the store in an area reserved for employees and asked us to show everything in my bags and shopping bags, very humiliated. then asked the same to my friend, and the same saw that we had not stolen anything, but continued to find even after looking at everything is no excuses asked for making us go through this very bad situation. I would like some action taken, since this security does not have the right to humiliate people.


unfriendly sellers.

Antique & Flea Market

We will be in your town September-October. Looking forward to everything.

United States,
Antique & Flea Market

Lace tablecloth

United States,
Idrija Lace Gallery & Shop

Great market, wish it were open later!

New Zealand,
Antique & Flea Market

top stuffs here


Jam-packed full of great shops.

United Kingdom,
BTC City

You can find some nice pieces here. Bargaining is expected!

Antique & Flea Market

Looks pretty cool.Will check it out in ljubljana

United States,
Antique & Flea Market

One of the loveliest markets in Europe!

United Kingdom,
Central Market