Services in Ljubljana

Let's be honest, your time away from home would be a pretty boring experience if all you had to tell your friends when you got home was that you took a stroll up to the castle.

We all like a bit of drama every now and then, and, unfortunately, our adventurous spirit often means requiring the services of a pharmacy, doctor, travel agent or Slovene-speaking lawyer (confidentiality guaranteed here at Local Life!). Relax, we're on the ball. At Ljubljana Life we are compiling a list of these and many other services which might come in handy. And when you realise that this is the city that you have spent your whole life searching for, who knows - you might just need an estate agent as well!

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Brnik 130a

2. Ljubljana Airport

3 reviews
Trg Osvobodilne fronte 4

3. Bus Station

5 reviews
Trg Osvobodilne fronte 6

4. Train Station

5 reviews
Litijska 16

5. Taxi Metro

19 reviews
Nusdorferjeva ulica 15

6. Taxi Laguna

7 reviews
Ljubljana-Brnik Airport

7. Europcar

4 reviews
Vodovodna cesta 109

8. Relocations

1 review
old town

9. Ljubljana Card

2 reviews
Krekov trg 10

10. Tourist Information

2 reviews
Zaloška 151

11. Taxi Elit

0 reviews
Kamniska ulica 25

12. Taxi Rondo

1 review

Reviews about Services in Ljubljana

Bad athmosphere at the begining:

Taxi Metro

We booked a car to pick us up in Ljubljana, but needed to cancel ride on short notice. We got full prepaid amount back with no questions asked, even that they were not obligated under their terms. Very client friendly and understanding company.

Airtrail Slovenia

Absolute disgrace from start to finish..Surly and aggressive agent..Made me sign for a full tank even though it was nowhere near full..claiming the car gauge was faulty...and that he had personally filled it before the rental. bullshit!! Went straight to a petrol station and put 18 euro in which didn't even fill it..Took it back with much more fuel than I was given to be told they would charge me as it wasn't full. Fortunately...I took photos when I picked the car up and had receipts ..and we'll when the agent realised I wasn't going to be done..he changed his mind. What a surprise First and last time to use Europcar anywhere. ..but definitely at Ljubljana Airport.Have rented 40 cars in Ljubljana and ALL other hire companies have been great and charming But Europcar .NEVER again..Your have been warned ... .Be aware ..Don't rent with this outfit


Very good airport transfers service in Slovenia!

Airtrail Slovenia

Very useful during COVID 19 lockdown. Helped me a lot getting my daughter home.

Airtrail Slovenia

Waiting for one hour and guy at dispatch center was very rude. don't use it, use instead Rondo or Laguna taxi

Taxi Metro

We rented a car in Ljubljana and had the same experience as Niklaus.


Hello, would you please inform how much is it? can I use it to pay bus or train cost from LJublana to Celje? is there any card for celje too?

Ljubljana Card

Great service!

United States,
Taxi Rondo

Long waiting times to get the car. They sold me an extra insurance where the excess drops to 0 €. At return they found a small damage under the car. I never parked bachwards and I'm sure it wasn't my damage. Nevertheless, they charged me 91.50 € as administration fee. If You rent a car there look closely as hell during pickup. They just want to find something to charge you. Very unprofessional!