Money advice - Ljubljana

You won't have any problem paying by credit card in most shops, as this is the preferred method of most Slovenes, but for little things like a coffee in a cafe, or your favourite English-language magazine from a kiosk, or simply jumping on a bus, you'll have to pay cash. Take our advice, always keep a couple hundred Euros handy in cash.

As of February 2007, Slovenia has now adopted the Euro as its national currency, retiring the Tolar once and for all. The sign for a cash machine in Slovenia will read Bankomat, so just look for this if your wallet is in need of a refill. Every bank has a Bankomat, and there are numerous other buildings around town that also boast one on their wall. Most petrol stations also have one, as do the post offices in the centre of town.

ATMS (Cash Machines)

All major credit cards are accepted and these machines are fast and safe. Street crime is very low here, although obviously it's not a great idea to broadcast to every man and his dog how much cash you've just taken out, so just keep it under your hat. Remember, nobody likes a show-off.


You want to pay by cheque in Slovenia? Forget about it.

Bureaux de Change (Menjalnica)

The exchange rates don't differ too much from place to place here, although the price of commission does. Go to either the post office or a travel agency. Avoid the train station and hotels!


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United Kingdom

Poor country will probably be bankrupted by joining the Euro. No doubt they are now helping bail out the Greeks, and wishing they could have their blessed tolar back!

Reply Aug 18th, 2010