Ljubljana Pubs A - Z

This is a full, alphabetical directory of all the pubs in Ljubljana, listed on Local Life.


The Greek god of get-down invites thee 

7 reviews

Cutty Sark

Frisking for foreigners? 

1 review


Reckon you can pull a local? 

11 reviews

Guinness Pub

Bathe in black nectar 

2 reviews

Jazz Club Gajo [closed]

Hot sax every night 

8 reviews

Klub K4

Sounds of the underground 

4 reviews

Le Petit Cafe

A Parisian air we can all stomach 

0 reviews

Lepa Zoga

The place to catch the match 

5 reviews


See and be scene 

1 review

Orto Bar

Rocks so hard you'll get kidney stones 

2 reviews


Top of the morning to ya! 

1 review

Piwnica Kratochwill

Tip-top tipple 

1 review

0 reviews


Get together and feel alright 

1 review


Bling factor 5 

0 reviews

Sir William's Pub

Arise, Sir William ! 

5 reviews

Skeleton Bar

Something for the rag and bone man 

12 reviews

Slamic KavaCaj

Sit and drink Pennyroyal tea... 

4 reviews