Ljubljana Weather

What's the weather in Ljubljana like?

Nesting between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, Ljubljana's climate is influenced by both the warmth of the sea and the chill of the mountains. Unlike Slovenia's coastal regions, which enjoy hot summers and mild winters, Ljubljana reflects a more continental climate, making the winters colder. Ljubljana summers (like the tourist season) max out in July and August at a very Mediterranean +30 degrees centigrade, but generally average +20 to +25 with comfortable, cool evenings ideal for occupying the cafes along the river. Autumn mornings are full of sunshine, but subject to showers and cloud cover in the afternoons. Because the city lies in a basin, Ljubljana receives perhaps more than its due share of rainy days. Despite an overly sunny climate (by Slovenian standards) sudden, but short storm showers are very common from April all the way until the end of November. As such, it's advisable to have some sort of rain gear on hand for any outing, no matter how sunny it looks.

The winters in Slovenia's capital can be quite cold, fluctuating in December and January from +2 to -5, but generally tarrying at the freezing mark. By late February, however, things begin to warm up and even dry out before those spring showers begin to strike at random. Before heading out, make sure to check here for rain drops and lightning bolts.


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