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Thanks to certain low-cost airlines, and also to some clever investment in advertising the city to the world, Ljubljana has become a real tourist destination whilst still managing to preserve itself from the culture destruction that sometimes comes with a big influx in tourism.

Cheap Ljubljana Hotels are popping up all over the show, and Ljubljana hostels are not far behind! Meaning that whether you're interested in the presidential suite of the city's finest, sleeping on a mattress on the floor surrounded by ten other people, or are content to go for something in between, you're not going to be disappointed. Make your reservations ASAP, if you don't want to be left out in the cold!

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Metelkova 8

1. Celica Hostel

7 reviews
Petkovskovo Nabrezje 41

2. Most Hostel

4 reviews
Vosnjakova 1

3. Hotel Lev

3 reviews
Tomsiceva 4

4. Fluxus Hostel

3 reviews
Tabor 9

5. Hotel Park

3 reviews
Pot za Brdom 55

6. Hotel Mons

2 reviews
Mala 8

7. Apartmaji Sobe

1 review
Gerbiceva 46

8. Simbol Hostel

1 review
Wolfova 12

9. Hotel Emonec

2 reviews
Cankarjevo Nabrezja 27

10. Alibi Hostel

2 reviews
Litijska 57

11. BIT Center Hotel

0 reviews
Veselova 14

12. Vila Veselova

0 reviews
Derceva 4

13. M Hotel

0 reviews
Miklosiceva 1
Miklosiceva 3
Slovenska cesta 34

16. Hotel Slon

0 reviews

Reviews about Hotels in Ljubljana

This hotel rocks

United Kingdom,
Hotel Emonec

Poštovani, da li može maloljetna osoba sa 17,5 godina prenoćiti u vašim sobama uz punoljetnu osobu koja nije roditelj-skrbnik..I što je potrebno od dokumentacije? Hvala

Apartmaji Sobe

Good location, private parking, excellent breakfast, comfortable, big room, the hotel is 5 minutes walking from the citycentre, so the place is quiet. Staff is nice and polite. One negative thing is that there was no exhaust fan in the bath, or it did not work.

Hotel Lev

A superb place to stay! Clean and well-fitted. After 5 days driving through Europe with my cat en-route to Greece (April 2010) the washing machine & tumble dryer were particularly welcome! Free internet (wi-fi) was useful too. Clean simple rooms with comfortable beds. Good (high-tech LOL) security. Easily accessible with parking. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Ljubljana was an unscheduled stop - I'm glad it happened - wonderful city, friendly people and great places to see. Very clean & welcoming. Excellent pubs and great restaurants with superb local dishes.

Simbol Hostel

Celica is an amazing project and one worth experiencing. I would say, though, that the 12-bed dorm is pushing it a little too far in terms of filling the space with beds. AMuch too crushed but even then, the shower and toilet facilitis are vastly superior to anything else I,ve seen in a hostel. As for the rest of Celica, well next time I will check out one of the rooms when a girlfriend comes with me or I am not leaving at 5am .-) Last night the entertainment was a devastating bunch of virtuoso musicians doing whatever it is they were doing (it was their own music, their very own) and clearly a lot of people come to Celica for the entertainment alone as there was quite a crowd of non-residents. Definitely a must-visit place!

United Kingdom,
Celica Hostel

How cool was that? I can now say I've stayed in prison!

United Kingdom,
Celica Hostel

Remove the link! There's no Most Hostel!!!

Most Hostel

We've stayed in about 30 hostels and this one is the WORST. There was no hot water, but when we complained, the owner insisted it was a small problem and refused to refund the 2nd night, even though we only stayed for 1 night. And he said hostels are for young people who should not mind the water heater breaking down, which was just a machine's problem. He clearly did not understand the concept of customer service. He even said many hostels in Europe don't provide hot water, which is completely ridiculous - this is year 2010, not 1910! And to make things worse, he made rude racial remarks against us, saying that there are worse hostels in China and we Chinese should know better. So, fellow travelers, if you still want to book this hostel, make sure you're not Chinese, don't complain to the owner no matter what, and don't book the private room which doesn't have its own WC. The only good thing about this hostel is Vanja the manager, who's very nice and hardworking. But I pity her for working under such an unreasonable man!

Hong Kong,
Fluxus Hostel

This is kind of an upscale hostel with a great staff and nice rooms. Some oddities like no storage lockers and only one major bathroom, though. Would recommend asking how full it is when you book.

United Kingdom,
Fluxus Hostel

that's weird ...

United Kingdom,
Celica Hostel