Krakow Bars and Pubs

Famous for their vodkas and superb beers, Poles are not shy when it comes to the odd tot or three. As a visitor to the city, the choice is mind-boggling. Just bear in mind that for every drinking hole you find at street level, there is probably another in the basement, and a club upstairs. Even the local franchise of a famous coffee shop chain offers spirit chasers! Once you're here, just remember that the Old Town district has more bars per square metre than anywhere else in the world, so don't expect to get very far on a pub crawl. For a fuller flavour of what to expect on a night out in Krakow, check out our nightlife section with updated info on weekly parties.

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ul. Kamienna 2 & 4

209. Klub Forty Kleparz

0 reviews
ul. św. Jana 8

210. Bulldog Bar

0 reviews
Bożego Ciała, 12

211. Klubokawiarnia Pozytywka

0 reviews
ul. Bracka 3-5

212. Space Craft Pub

0 reviews
ul. Kościuszki 3

213. Klub 30

0 reviews
ul. Brzozowa 20

214. KawaLerka

0 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 19/1 & ul. Sienna 17

215. Katane Gelato Siciliano

0 reviews
ul. Nadwiślańska 5/1
ul. Czarnowiejska 23
ul. Mazowiecka 8

218. Psikawka

0 reviews
ul. Miodowa 43

219. Pub Pod Ziemią

0 reviews
Rynek Główny 6

220. La Bodega Del Ron

0 reviews
ul. św. Krzyża 4

221. Klub RE

0 reviews
ul. św. Jana 30

222. Gossip Cafe

0 reviews
ul. Izaaka 1/1

223. Kraina Szeptów Pub

0 reviews
Plac Wolnica 9

224. Klub Piękny Pies

0 reviews

Reviews about Krakow Bars and Pubs

For some reason you have to put a star to comment. Me and my cousin were lured into this place FEB 2020 for a drink. We ordered 2 beers and they came with those and some free cherry shots. Fantastic. Next thing, my cousin was gone, I was taken off, and ended up walking around Krakow for 3 hours as I could not get back into the Hostel. When I did my cousin had been sick in the reception area. I checked my banks the next days and off one credit card over £4k had been taken. They also charged me and my cousin £70 each for 2 beers! My case is still with the financial ombudsmen and doubt they will give the money back. They drug you and then steal your money. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! It's ruined a lot for me!

Night Club VIP

Thank you!!1

FORUM Przestrzenie

The demons in Krakow are still going on.

Night Club VIP

Not this club but I am sure it is linked another underground club in Krakow called the Angel club. Absolutely robbed me and my fiancé, walking back to our hotel two doors up and was told we could get a drink in here, fine not our usual place but we were having a nice night which we didn't want to end so popped in for one. One drink and then we were leaving, suddenly bombarded with so many free shots! They kept coming, and coming and coming, destroyed us and totally robbed me, got my polish fiancé obliterated and took me for many different payments in a couple of hours. £62.22 £103.98 £208.59 £408.62 £398.56 Took me for over £1000! Sneaky sneaky and completely disgusting. My fiancé was left in a pile on the floor puking on himself! I was crying my eyes out. Took us two days to recover from whatever was is the drinks! day three and I still feel sick to my stomach. How can two people who didn't move from their seats be charged for over £1000! These people know exactly how to play this game, don't fall for it. DO NOT VISIT HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT CLEARED AND LOSE A FEW DAYS OF YOUR LIFE! My bank won't touch it because it was all chip and pin and one on Apple Pay.

Night Club VIP

Surprise Aug 31 2020. I was drugged and lost over three hours of time in a basement under ground strip club in krakow. A chubby waitress with shoulder length hair offered me a free drink and i purchased 4 drinks for me and a dancer which i had a beer and a shot and she the other two. I was lead to a back private room and not even an hour later i was out waking up more then 3 hours later and pushed on the street. I was very lucky i survived. Whatever they used was very strong and took me a few hours even awake too wear off, I'm a user of cocaine, meth also fentanyl. "Not at all proud to admit my addictions" Whatever they spiked me with can kill a horse. Somebody will die and be robbed at place where the entrance has two flaming torched lit at light just passed the old church steeple is all that remains of the old church. I lost almost 4 hours of time after being put down from a spiked drink. Cleared my wallet of 400. polish money. $20.Canadian funds and $1350.00 from my Master card which comes back as a place called surprise. Surprise surprise Surprize surprize. That's what the fraud department is on the chase for now. Call the police if this chubby waitress women waitress drugs you and robs you. Also a pretty longing dancer claiming to be from spain.

Night Club VIP

Propaganda is fantastic don't judge on first impression stay for a drink loads of character and lovely bar staff cant wait to return.


fantastyczne miejsce

Gold Club

Scammed. Took my cards to get cash out while I was in the club and managed to get my wallet back in my pocket. They are extremely good at what they do. Stay clear. They are ruthless. Drinks also spoked. Nearly killed me. Please stay clear

United States,
Night Club VIP

Me; Lager. Finchy; Lager. Strip Club, Lager, sometimes opioid Tranquilizer.... The Tour must go on! Yours, 'Old Man'

Night Club VIP

Got spiked and robbed of €1000+. Same story as everyone else here. Drugged shots and being held against my will.

Night Club VIP