Krakow Bars and Pubs

Famous for their vodkas and superb beers, Poles are not shy when it comes to the odd tot or three. As a visitor to the city, the choice is mind-boggling. Just bear in mind that for every drinking hole you find at street level, there is probably another in the basement, and a club upstairs. Even the local franchise of a famous coffee shop chain offers spirit chasers! Once you're here, just remember that the Old Town district has more bars per square metre than anywhere else in the world, so don't expect to get very far on a pub crawl. For a fuller flavour of what to expect on a night out in Krakow, check out our nightlife section with updated info on weekly parties.

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ul. św. Tomasza 31

65. Oldsmobil

10 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 4

66. Dekafencja

5 reviews
ul. Mostowa 1

67. Lokator

11 reviews
ul. Mikołajska 26

68. Tower Pub

31 reviews
ul. Straszewskiego 27

69. Stary Port

4 reviews
ul. Szewska 25

70. Klub Kulturalny

11 reviews
Rynek Główny 1/3

71. Noworolski Kawiarnia

8 reviews
Mały Rynek 2

72. Shisha Club

19 reviews
ul. Bracka 4

73. Czekolada

9 reviews
ul. Bracka 3-5

74. Cafe & Bar Kratka

6 reviews
Plac Szczepański 3a

75. Cafe Bunkier

22 reviews
Rynek Główny 41

76. Loza

13 reviews
Mały Rynek 4

77. Albo Tak

5 reviews
ul. Nadwiślańska 1

78. Drukarnia Podgorze

4 reviews
Plac Dominikański 6

79. Prozak 2.0

164 reviews
ul. Gazowa 21

80. Cocon Music Club

11 reviews

Reviews about Krakow Bars and Pubs

Sorry.should had read Jan 2022

Night Club VIP

Just in case anyone may think this is all historic and that the club is okay now my friend and I got drugged there Jan 2002. Only when down for night cap as out appartment was litterally next door. We got away lightly. Couple of hundred pounds each. We refused the advances of the girls which made the fat "waitress" very angry. As we were staying nearby it became apparrent that the other "customers" in the bar were in fact also working there and will intimerdate and worse if you dont give them what they want. The up side is that for the rest of trip we disscouraged anyone we saw being approched on the street from entering. despite the massive bouncer hovering beside us. If anyone wants to get in touch reply to this. Perhapes if we pull together we can get these criminals shut down before someone dies. I firmly believe that to be only a matter of time.

United Kingdom,
Night Club VIP

Avoid this place, they will try to make You drunk giving You free shots of vodka, my friend lost 400 euro becouse he dont remember anthing after one shot of vodka (probably they added something to the free shots). Choose other club or better dont go to any becouse it looks very similiar in Cracow at the moment.

Goraczka Freak Club

These guys are scammers.

Night Club VIP

I lost 430 euro for 2 min of dancing. They got me drunk, took my card.. They wanted me to pay 1000 eur more, threatening me and physically holding me. But luckily I managed to run away. Avoid this place and all cost. If you were unlucky to visit, report them to the police!

Goraczka Freak Club

Just came back from a lovely visit to Krakow... got spiked on my first day. Very similar story to everybody... We were looking for a new club, met a girl on the streets, she was also going to a club. We decided to walk together but after entering we looked behind and the girl was gone. We didn't think much of it but as soon as we entered realize this wasn't just a new club.. it was a stripclub. Me and my mate sat down and bought 2 drinks ($10) and decided might as well have a short stay. Got offered 2 free shots and my friend went into private room. They gave me 2 or 3 more shots before they convinced me to go into a private room and thats where I have my last memory. My first next memory is 5 hours later after walking through the city with no coat in the cold for 4 hours and finally arriving home. Checked my account the day after and had 2 more transactions... $560 and $900.. I don't remember anything.. I don't even know if they danced for me or anything. Should I get tested?? I transactions were from Mr Lucky, but they call it Surprise Klub or something. It's in a small alleyway at Grodzka 4.

Night Club VIP

Dokładnie jest tak jak piszą, okradają, dziewczyny na siłę biorą za kotarę, poją alkoholem, a po chwili przychodzi babka z terminalem i karze płacić.

Goraczka Freak Club

They not allow people who are look to good really unaceptable never come here again

Prozak 2.0

Scammed me £1000. Absolute w***ers. Obviously I was an idiot to use my card, but was lied to about the price and done me over big time! The fact it was in Poland was why I just put it down to being a twat, otherwise place would of been turnt upside down the next day if in England!

Night Club VIP

Me and my friend visited this club on a Friday evening. Experience was ok however I noticed they had over charged us a ridiculous amount in drinks. If you are a tourist visiting this club for the first time always question the amount as we have been completely ripped of by this place. Be careful!!

Prozak 2.0