Krakow Bars and Pubs

Famous for their vodkas and superb beers, Poles are not shy when it comes to the odd tot or three. As a visitor to the city, the choice is mind-boggling. Just bear in mind that for every drinking hole you find at street level, there is probably another in the basement, and a club upstairs. Even the local franchise of a famous coffee shop chain offers spirit chasers! Once you're here, just remember that the Old Town district has more bars per square metre than anywhere else in the world, so don't expect to get very far on a pub crawl. For a fuller flavour of what to expect on a night out in Krakow, check out our nightlife section with updated info on weekly parties.

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ul. Sławkowska 4

65. Dekafencja

5 reviews
ul. Mostowa 1

66. Lokator

11 reviews
ul. Mikołajska 26

67. Tower Pub

31 reviews
ul. Straszewskiego 27

68. Stary Port

4 reviews
ul. Szewska 25

69. Klub Kulturalny

11 reviews
Rynek Główny 1/3

70. Noworolski Kawiarnia

8 reviews
Mały Rynek 2

71. Shisha Club

19 reviews
ul. Bracka 4

72. Czekolada

9 reviews
ul. Bracka 3-5

73. Cafe & Bar Kratka

6 reviews
Plac Szczepański 3a

74. Cafe Bunkier

22 reviews
Rynek Główny 41

75. Loza

13 reviews
Mały Rynek 4

76. Albo Tak

5 reviews
ul. Nadwiślańska 1

77. Drukarnia Podgorze

4 reviews
ul. Gazowa 21

78. Cocon Music Club

11 reviews
ul. Grodzka 1

79. Wild night

5 reviews
ul. Brodzińskiego 4b

80. Cafe Rekawka

7 reviews

Reviews about Krakow Bars and Pubs

nie polecam odradzam.

Gold Club

agresja naciągacze .

Gold Club

Tylko nie ten klub ......

Gold Club

Najgorszy klub w Krakowie.

Gold Club

Uwaga oszuści ....

Gold Club

I was spiked at this club and when I refused to give my card because I noticed the extra zeros and forcibly left, the taxi that picked me up outside tried to take me outside of krakow, I only got out of the taxi when I jumped out while slowed down for lights. The driver got out of the car in traffic and pepper sprayed me in the face, stole my phone and wallet and pmdrove off. Luckily for me I had but my bank card in my bum bag before going into the pub or I would have been stuck in Poland. I was luckily helped by a hotel who's doors I managed to stumble in. Do not go to to this bar, under any circumstances. This was 3 years ago and this place is still scamming people and probably stranding, seriously injuring or even murdering tourists. Two of my friends called their banks the next day and both banks had the bar on their radar at that stage! Three years ago!

Night Club VIP

I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are not right. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will talk.

Tower Pub

I visited club VIP in Krakow on 10 May 2017 after I was approached by a lady outside the club. She told me I could have one beer for 19 zlotys, no obligations. I had the beer, watched a few average strip dances, and left. Within half an hour after I left I received two text messages of transactions on my card, totaling about 2500 zlotys, but there was no transaction for the 19 zlotys.

Night Club VIP

Last time I went there with my Polish friend, they were trying to charge me 20pln more on the exact same drink as my Polish friend had. When we mentioned it and ask for a manager - instead some dumb bouncer came and told us to leave or he will drag us out. Horrible place, horrible people.

Prozak 2.0

Gorąco polecam. Piękne dziewczyny , miłe i czarujące:-)

Gold Club