Strip Clubs in Krakow

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ul. św. Tomasza 11a

1. Diamond Strip Club

255 reviews
ul. Grodzka 1

2. Wild night

0 reviews
ul. Floriańska 33 (above KFC)

3. Taboo Gentlemen's Club

111 reviews
ul. Mikołajska 4

4. Night Club VIP

191 reviews
Al. 29 Listopada 165

5. Nightclub 66

4 reviews
ul. św. Jana 10

6. Paradise Strip Club

29 reviews

Reviews about Strip Clubs in Krakow

Great fun,but all girls were busy...

Night Club VIP

Scammers. They steal your monny. There are even people murderd. They are olso on television. In the programe .oplichters in het buitenland. Very very 666 people all off them. They rip your monny.maybe yiur life.

Diamond Strip Club

Dont go there!!!! Scamp! Dangerous! You can be hurt! Shame for Polish people and krakow! It was a programme about you in Nederlands tv...disgusting!!!

Night Club VIP

Avoid at all costs. This place is a complete joke and only there to scam you. Do not enter this strip club. Firstly my friend had a total of £500 taken from his account for 1 dance and 7 beers. Another friend £200 for a round of beers. The girls will enter any amount they want into the card machine and not tell you and make you enter your pin very quickly so you can’t see the amount. Also the cherry shots that they give you for free are definitely drugged. Two of my friends had a few each and 10 minus yes later they completely blacked out. They are lucky to have gotten out injury free. It’s a disgrace that this place is knowingly spiking young men and taking their money. AVOID

United Kingdom,
Night Club VIP

DO NOT ENTER VIP. I was drugged with a cherry shot that I decided to drink with my Lager having been pressured by the staff. The next 3 hours I am unable to recall very well after that but suspect I got off lightly as I was only taken for 1000 ZLT. I do remember trying to leave and being unable to stand at one stage. I also recall arguing a lot and being asked to re enter my card PIN in the machine as according to staff the transaction would not go through because of an incorrect PIN. The next day I discover I must have entered the PIN at least three times. I can only recall bits and pieces and believe some powder may have blown into my face. Horrible experience, i could have been killed. In the UK a person would get a custodial sentence for drugging and obtaining money by deception. However, this is Poland, an apparent EU country. Don’t be fooled by that, leopards don’t change their spots, this has clearly been happening there for years at this club, simply read the written accounts below. Avoid VIP Krakow to avoid a violation of your body and finances. Nil star review!

United Kingdom,
Night Club VIP

How this cunting place is still in business is absolutely beyond me. Ended the night in this place and started the next day in the hospital with 10 stitches in the back of my head and a nice concussion. Assumed I had drunkenly fallen over (which I don’t usually do) and hit my head. Couldn’t find my card so became suspicious and checked my phone - ridiculous amounts had been taken from my account that I would never authorise no matter how drunk. 2 further even larger transactions had been attempted but thankfully declined due to ‘suspicious activity’ (I’ll fucking say). I’m assuming it’s at this point they have decided to literally kick me to the curb, and hospitalise me. In conclusion, after first thinking I had caused this all myself, having read all the reviews and seeing my bank account, I don’t think it is much of a coincidence - think I may have had a helping hand. Avoid this place like the plague. Shit cunts.

United Kingdom,
Night Club VIP

Do not go to this Club!!! They did put 350zl in the Device, but when they did press enter the value did change to 3'500zl.

Night Club VIP

Absolute cheat 3400 zl gone in vane for 3 drinks Machine has some error s do not go in .

Night Club VIP

Girls are trying and doing everything to get your money. Drinking and having normal fun is not possible. Don't go there! At the end you are feeling nailed...

Night Club VIP

Beware of this club don't ever use your debit or credit card they have just scammed me out of £1700 by telling me I was paying in Zloyts when in fact it's GBP

United Kingdom,
Night Club VIP