Strip Clubs in Krakow

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ul. Grodzka 1

1. Wild night

4 reviews
ul. Floriańska 33 (above KFC)

2. Taboo Gentlemen's Club

124 reviews
ul. Mikołajska 4

3. Night Club VIP

522 reviews
Al. 29 Listopada 165

4. Nightclub 66

4 reviews
ul. św. Jana 10

5. Gold Club

21 reviews
ul. św. Tomasza 11a

6. Diamond Strip Club

262 reviews
ul. św. Jana 10

7. Paradise Strip Club

45 reviews

Reviews about Strip Clubs in Krakow

Forgot to mention bar my friend and I went to was Red Pepper or something like that! Please avoid anything that sounds like this! staff, especially lady who seemed to be running the joint was evil as sin and has absolutely zero morals!

Night Club VIP

Honestly devastated with Kraków. Wish i’d read these reviews before going, but how many in here have said that. Went there with a friend to see some of the beautiful buildings and country side, and obviously Auschwitz and all the tourist places. Went out on Saturday night to a bar, wasn’t aware it was a strip club until I got in and was offered free drinks etc etc. Anyway was naive enough to give the lady my credit card to pay my bill, lady kept saying it was declined etc, only to notice the next day they had milked it for £8k. Don’t know what happened as in the space of 20 minutes got unbelievably drunk ( probable poisoned now I’ve read other reviews)... Cherry Vodkas anyone!!!!!!! Pray that my CC sees the scam and pays me back but not holding my breath. Not a friendly place at all, very angry people everywhere. If u do go to Kraków, just go for the tourism and avoid the drinking night life as massive chance you will be robbed and scammed! Will never go back! Still angry, there must be something can be done about this, does any body know what do do?

Night Club VIP

It's so heartbreaking reading all these god awful reviews.This is utterly revolting and disgusting malicious practice by these club owners and promoters.Iam a man in my mid 20's I was approached by a very cute promoter in the late hours of the night ( just now actually) she kept telling me there will be free shots and discounted beers.To keep it short I declined and then I started researching more about the club maybe I visit one day.Oh my! Almost went into the lions den.My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims who have fallen prey to this sickening stuff!! Remember even though you may have lost huge amounts of money you still have your life.Bless

Night Club VIP

I cannot understand why this store still operates. They do not follow what they promise, and ask money for whatever the reasons. Most terrible store I had. They should recognize what they do is to damage the reputation of Poland. If they have pride as Poland people, they can stop this evil. The God will not take care of them.

Night Club VIP

Terrible experience I had. I paid approx 100 Euro by credit card but this store repeatedly said to me that this is not Euro but PLN and asked me to pay more. I will inform this to the police if this store still say the same. If this store give up withdraw money from my card, I will not inform police. Very terrible store. Staff has no pride of being good people

Night Club VIP

Got coaxed into coming in here after being assured it wasn't a strip club... it obviously was. We were told 3 beers would get us a free bottle of vodka and after my friend was almost charged 300PLN for 3 beers (the waitress said it was 30) we got our drinks and free vodka. The strippers and waitress forced us into shots which were clearly spiked (One of the strippers hardly looked 16) and we couldn say no to anything. They started trying to pull each of the guys I was with into the 'back room' leaving me to pretend to be their girlfriends and we weren't left alone. We had to pay them to leave us alone. One of the guys I was with went up to get a water after he started feeling awful (two shots) and they charged him 445PLN (£89) for it. When he complained they said they gave him the wrong recipt. Thankfully we got lucky. After 4 shots of drugged vodka, I felt awful so my friends told the bouncer (who wasn't previously letting us leave) that I needed the toilet and we used the opportunity to leave as quickly as we could. The next morning I woke up with a black eye and my best friend didn't get up because his stomach hurt from the TWO SHOTS. Don't go to this place. We were lucky.

Night Club VIP

Has someone made similar experience in a club called Surprise? I was drugged and kept there for hours and they charged me on my credit cards huge amounts during the whole night.

Night Club VIP

Dear Guest: your comment “ My partner was held against his will for 3.5 hours in this place and forced to repeatedly enter his own number, this was after being drugged, they made 10 attempts on his card only one being successful, our bank have already declined the fraud so we are appealing their decision as it was total coercion and they were threatening his life” is of real interest to me as well. Would you also be open for a discussion with my lawyer or at least provide me with a time pattern/progression of the payment attempts?

Night Club VIP

Dear Guest, still: I discussed it with my lawyer today. He is hesitant to disclose his e-mail address on this platform for obvious reasons. That’s why he suggests as option1: you can use to provide just your e-mail address or a phone number which he will use then to contact you. Or as option2: you create and provide a neutral address like my one which he can use to contact you. What do you think?

Night Club VIP

My lawyer recommends this approach. You can contact me under I will share all answers with my lawyer and will come back to you.

Night Club VIP