Strip Clubs in Krakow

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ul. Grodzka 1

1. Wild night

10 reviews
ul. św. Jana 10

2. Gold Club

47 reviews
ul. Mikołajska 4

3. Night Club VIP

645 reviews
Al. 29 Listopada 165

4. Nightclub 66

5 reviews
ul. św. Tomasza 11a

5. Diamond Strip Club

264 reviews
ul. św. Jana 10

6. Paradise Strip Club

46 reviews
ul. Floriańska 33 (above KFC)

7. Taboo Gentlemen's Club

126 reviews

Reviews about Strip Clubs in Krakow

I can speak much on this question.

Night Club VIP

Is the address correct? I was in a strip club at Grodzka 4, but it is not marked anywhere, so I would venture to assume that we are talking about this club. If so, I strongly advise against going there unless you want to be robbed.

Wild night

@Redemption haha, go ahead. Visit us. Take even 10 friends, we will meet in front of the club. We will show you how is a boss here

Night Club VIP

Enough is enough, after a few months of trying to sort this with police, me and 5 friends are going to sort this out in person. never thought id be going back to Poland but this place needs shut down, if the police and government wont help....drastic actions will be taken.

Night Club VIP

Bunch of thieves, beware or they’ll take you to the cleaners. Stole my credit cards, tried to steal my money but hey, they are too damn stupid to even do it discreetly. Avoid!

Night Club VIP

They prey on tourists and scam them out of money. I heard some murders happened here too a few years ago

Wild night

Enter at risk of losing your life and or your money. Drinking scam,, get you drunk, rob you, or if they don't manage that, put a zero on your credit card receipt, most of the staff arrested today due to all of there scams and murdering customers.

Hong Kong,
Wild night


Wild night

disgusting place, asked a women on the street for a pub that was still open, took me somewhere and i saw there were metal poles all over the place then i knew this wasn’t no pub. Remembering a women sitting with me being all chatty, next thing i know she’s feeding me these massive red shots, then i’m in some sort of back room and i don’t remember anything, then woke up in an allyway and maybe 3 men js there laughing i think i was on the floor. Defiently spiked do not recommend, disgusting place and steals all your money. Lucky enough for me i’m a young lad with not all the money in the world so couldn’t scam me much. STAY AWAY

Night Club VIP

Attempt to steal by overcharging for dance and by mutiplying transactions. Yes, I was drunk and did not need more shoots, unfortunately they brought more FOC shoots, so at the end I was f***d. At that point lady with terminal appeared and started appear more and more often. At some point she had my mobile and my card in hands. Nethier of above should happen. Trust me there places like "Smile" where being drunk does not mean you have be robbed. My advice, do not go there under any conditions! At some point, my phone and card were in hand of girl with terminal, yes I was drunk

Night Club VIP