Cafes in Krakow

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ul. Rajska 12 (enter from ul. Szujskiego)

1. Pauza In Garden

36 reviews
ul. Józefa 9

2. Eszeweria

3 reviews
ul. Felicjanek 4

3. Massolit

10 reviews
Plac Wolnica 7

4. Cafe Mlynek

3 reviews
Plac Nowy 9
ul. sw. Tomasza 17

6. Cafe Camelot

33 reviews
ul. Królowej Jadwigi 4

7. Zielono mi

2 reviews
ul. Wiślna 8

8. Choco Cafe

1 review
ul. Zabłocie 23

9. Coffee Proficiency

2 reviews
al. Krasińskiego 34

10. Filmowa Cafe

2 reviews
ul. Karmelicka 52

11. Mamy Cafe

0 reviews
Plac Niepodległości 1

12. Cafe Cinema Paradiso

0 reviews
ul. Estery 5

13. Alchemia

89 reviews
Rynek Główny 35

14. Europejska

13 reviews
Plac Szczepański 3a

15. Cafe Bunkier

17 reviews
ul. Rakowicka 17

16. Wesoła Cafe

18 reviews

Reviews about Cafes in Krakow

Europejska klasa w krakowskim wydaniu!


Urocze, spokojne miejsce, dobre na spotkanie-gadanie przy kawie lub czekoladzie.

Choco Cafe

Jedno z najfajniejszych miejsc na Kazimierzu, sympatyczna atmosfera, dobre jedzenie i ogródek na Placu Wolnica.

Cafe Mlynek

Superowe miejsce, Kazimierzowskie klimaty, i w okresie letnim nietuzinkowy ogródek.


To już nie jest tajemnica, że Tajemniczy Ogród zachwyca!

Tajemniczy Ogrod Kazimierz

Przyjemne miejsce na spotkania, miła obsługa i same dobre rzeczy do skosztowania.

Cafe Camelot

Super famous/popular place for locals & tourists which normally makes places awful... but Eszewaria is just actually so cool that you don't care that it's 'too cool'. Doesn't feel like it's trying to hard, just chilling. You can smoke inside which let me tell you is RARE these days and sooo welcomed by me. It's really hard to find somewhere you can sit inside and drink and smoke and curl up on a comfy couch all at the same time. If only they served food it would be the king in my eyes, but they don't mind if you bring food in with you. Its perfect in winter, really dimly lit, fairy lights & candles, old singer sewing machine tables, mismatched furniture, cool rustic apartment, classic kazimierz vintage vibe, like some place the main characters would have a drink in a hipstery film. In summer they have a really relaxing little garden out back with big trees, hammocks and sink-into lounge chairs. There are pretty much always people here, chatting and relaxing... yeah... worth a visit for sure. Happy its there.


Totally cute little cafe which is always a favourite for locals. Everyone loves this place. Its got a very british feel to it and its perfect for enjoying the atmosphere of the old town, sitting outside on a sunny day and watching the world go by. They always serve fruit with their drinks which is a really nice touch. Their menu is light, cheery and sweet with sandwiches, pastas & salads plus lots of cake & sweets & a large selection of teas... great wine too. Medium prices.

Cafe Camelot

Been living here for a few years and Massolit has been a lifesaver with its actually incredible selection of books in English (not the oprahs bookclub, airport bookshop kinda stuff!) They have regular writers workshops and meetings and discussions and events and a really cosy cafe in there and its just got the best atmosphere

United States,

Bit of a tourist trap in the summer, but generally OK.