Krakow Bars and Pubs

Famous for their vodkas and superb beers, Poles are not shy when it comes to the odd tot or three. As a visitor to the city, the choice is mind-boggling. Just bear in mind that for every drinking hole you find at street level, there is probably another in the basement, and a club upstairs. Even the local franchise of a famous coffee shop chain offers spirit chasers! Once you're here, just remember that the Old Town district has more bars per square metre than anywhere else in the world, so don't expect to get very far on a pub crawl. For a fuller flavour of what to expect on a night out in Krakow, check out our nightlife section with updated info on weekly parties.

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ul. Staromostowa 1

177. Punkt Docelowy

2 reviews
ul. św. Katarzyny 2

178. Pierwszy Stopień

5 reviews
ul. św. Jana 10

179. Gold Club

23 reviews
ul. Szewska 7

180. Goraczka Freak Club

45 reviews
ul. Mikołajska 4

181. Night Club VIP

528 reviews
ul. Bracka 3-5

182. Dżumandżi

8 reviews
ul. Meiselsa 18

183. HEVRE

4 reviews
ul. św. Tomasza 4

184. Klub Spolem

4 reviews
Al. 29 Listopada 165

185. Nightclub 66

4 reviews
ul. Szeroka 1

186. Once Upon A Time In...

10 reviews
ul. św. Jana 16

187. Baroque Cocktails & Music

12 reviews
Rynek Główny 27

188. Piwnica Pod Baranami

8 reviews
Plac Nowy 9
ul. św. Tomasza 17

190. Cafe Camelot

37 reviews
ul. Bożego Ciała 12

191. Pozytywka

3 reviews
Rynek Główny 6

192. Budda Drink & Garden

53 reviews

Reviews about Krakow Bars and Pubs

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FORUM Przestrzenie

We were drugged, robbed too and credit cards £86.00 transactions for one round of drinks. BEWARE

Night Club VIP

Based on people's experiences, I would have given this criminal club negative stars. My god, I had lucky escape. I was there in later December on solo trip. Late at night by square, a lady started walking beside me and was offering discounted drinks at VIP club. Though I kept walking but she kept pestering me. I did not know that my route to my hotel was close to this scam club. When I was close to club and I was to turn left, I noticed the atmosphere looked so odd compared to couple of clubs I have been to many years ago. It just looked not right. No one there except a guy who appeared to be more of a bully than bouncer. Though I had no plan to go., but my gut feelings were much more smarter than my brain!! My gut feelings told me do not go in and run as fast as you can. What a lucky escape. I see so many people being scammed. Many years ago I was in Santa Barbara, California. When checking into hotel, they gave a bunch of tips. Showed me the safe zone, not so safe area and places not to go to. I would think Krakow hotels should warm people. I realize some may find it offensive to be told this information. But if it can same a few people form this scam, it is a good idea.

Night Club VIP

Was here last night, great club. Spend time with Natasha, loved it great girl nice personality, In general good girls,

Gold Club

I spend time with Sara, it was amazing, Ask for Sara you won't regret it. Happy dancing x

Gold Club

Very nice place!!! Worth a visit!


Kraftowe nalewki ! naturalne i mocno owocowe.


Shocking place, how the police haven’t shut this place down is beyond me unless they are in on the scam. Never go here unless you want to be robbed! Ruined the whole trip, would never go back to Poland. Wish I would of seen these reviews before I went and was robbed of 3k

Night Club VIP

Wow, you lost 8k GBP it is 8000 GBP. Wow . Next time you will lose 20K GBP ( 20 000 GBP)

Night Club VIP

great place for a quick drink