Night Club VIP

Night Club VIP
ul. Mikołajska 4

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Editor's review

WARNING: We have noticed a lot of worrying comments from visitors to this Strip Club regarding claims of drink spiking, large amounts of stolen money from credit cards, and other possibly criminal behaviour. Please read the comments below before visiting and be cautious about your decisions. 

At first glance, Night Club VIP looks like a typical modern upscale nightclub, complete with sleek cubic furniture and clean sterile walls. But then you notice the ubiquitous metal poles and the girls enter and you realize this is a very different kind of nightclub. VIP can be booked for all kinds of special events, including business outings, stag dos, birthdays, etc. The club is open daily from 9 pm till 4 am., phone number: +48 (12) 4237621 (after 9 pm).

Editor & Krakow Local


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@Redemption haha, go ahead. Visit us. Take even 10 friends, we will meet in front of the club. We will show you how is a boss here

Reply Jun 3rd, 2023

GHB first the GBH second I’m guessing #boss

Reply Jul 1st, 2023
Death to drug poisoner scum

Lol, you must be stupid as well as evil, poor Polish peasant.

When it happens, you will be alone. It will be dark. And it will hurt.

Reply Jul 22nd, 2023

Enough is enough, after a few months of trying to sort this with police, me and 5 friends are going to sort this out in person. never thought id be going back to Poland but this place needs shut down, if the police and government wont help....drastic actions will be taken.

Reply May 23rd, 2023

I got ripped off in Krakow recently, I'll join you. I'm a big fella, 125kg, might be helpful.

Reply Sep 1st, 2023

Bunch of thieves, beware or they’ll take you to the cleaners. Stole my credit cards, tried to steal my money but hey, they are too damn stupid to even do it discreetly. Avoid!

Reply May 19th, 2023
shit place

disgusting place, asked a women on the street for a pub that was still open, took me somewhere and i saw there were metal poles all over the place then i knew this wasn’t no pub. Remembering a women sitting with me being all chatty, next thing i know she’s feeding me these massive red shots, then i’m in some sort of back room and i don’t remember anything, then woke up in an allyway and maybe 3 men js there laughing i think i was on the floor. Defiently spiked do not recommend, disgusting place and steals all your money. Lucky enough for me i’m a young lad with not all the money in the world so couldn’t scam me much. STAY AWAY

Reply Feb 24th, 2023

Attempt to steal by overcharging for dance and by mutiplying transactions. Yes, I was drunk and did not need more shoots, unfortunately they brought more FOC shoots, so at the end I was f***d. At that point lady with terminal appeared and started appear more and more often. At some point she had my mobile and my card in hands. Nethier of above should happen. Trust me there places like "Smile" where being drunk does not mean you have be robbed. My advice, do not go there under any conditions!

At some point, my phone and card were in hand of girl with terminal, yes I was drunk

Reply Feb 13th, 2023

I managed to delete the Google Maps accounts of a lot of the VIP Strip scam Clubs in Poland as well as Spain as they are so stupid mobsters :)))) Just report the retards as they use same accounts to give between themselfs 5 stars. Next will bomb their place with stinky bombs and I will start with Wild Orchid in Gdansk and Level Up in Krakow. Will have a knife and pepper spray in case the retard bouncers fight back.

Reply Jan 22nd, 2023

Kurwy jebane złodzieje

Reply Dec 13th, 2022

I was drugged and robbed in January 2017. I cannot believe they are still running. Please do not visit this place. I'm going to get in touch with the embassy as it's totally unacceptable.

Reply Nov 24th, 2022

Watch out, they fill in another amount of money if you don't look.

Pretty sure they put something in my drink.


Reply Oct 29th, 2022
P Chafers

Stole almost £1000.

They attempted a number of other transactions.

Pretty sure I was spiked too.


Reply Oct 7th, 2022
UK expat

Hot Peppers Club - Be Warned!

Was in Kracow for the weekend and my friend and I were encouraged into this place for a drink and to see some topless girls - that really should've been the warning we needed.

Anyway we had a couple drinks and two girls sat either side of us. I felt obliged to buy them a drink and that didn't feel like a problem.

Fast forward a couple hours later. From 2am-5am they got me for close to £3k and my friend for £500 (he got an authorisation text from his bank, which is when he caught on).

His bank reversed the charges but I'm still disputing with mine. I'm in the UAE so not sure I'll have much hope of getting the money back as chip and pin was used. At least its a lesson and I hope it can help others to avoid the same scam.

Basically the first dance for two girls was about 400Zl. There were four more transactions that I can remember making all in the thousands. I recall the lady with the card machine coming into the room every so often for more time/payment.

Do yourself a favour and don't enter these places. I'm glad my friend has his wits about him as it could've been worse.

Reply Jul 26th, 2022
UK expat

*can't remember making.

Reply Jul 26th, 2022
Václav Skřivan
Czech Republic

hello, the same thing happened to me last weekend, I want to ask how you solved it with the bank, thank you.

Reply Aug 24th, 2022

omg mate reading yours feels like all I can remember is that exact thing you said!

they got me for like £4100 and was trying to take more and dont know what happened or how I got back to the hotel. but woke up in the morning and didn't know nothing about it until I looked at a message from the Mrs

Reply Jan 24th, 2024


Reply Jul 6th, 2022

Tricky club. I highly not recomend, they force you to drink a lot of booze and they pay ridiculous amouths of money for almost no services.

I arrived sober, and girls forced me to start drinking. First drink is cheap, then prices go up, also you have to pay drinks to a girl which sits with you. After half hour they asked me, if I want private show, I agreed, they wanted 900 zloty for hour, which is really expensive. Worst was that after 10 minutes in private room they told me that I need to pay another 2900 zloty for continuing. I was confused and declined, lady was like OK, I will come back in some time. Whole time girl begged me to drink shots. After 5 minutes second girl arived that she wants to join. I told her that she can, but that I will not pay for that, she joined anyway. After another 5 minutes cashier arrived and demanded another money. I argued, that I didnt had my hour and that I didnt wanted second girl. All 3 started to force me into more payments, so I left the club. One hour and 1250 zloty was gone, I didnt even enjoyed my lap dance, because they still came to ask for more money. When you dont want to drink or have expensive services, they start asking over and over again ehy, that Im making them sad, that I shoul enjoy life and so on and on and on.

Scam club!

Reply Jun 15th, 2022

Why don't you call a police?

Reply Sep 23rd, 2022

what for ? they were plenty of police operations there and nothing resulted from that.

Reply Oct 2nd, 2022

Because you are a retard idiotic working/running a polish concentration scam club

Reply Jan 22nd, 2023

Please watch on youtube: Opgelicht in het buitenland - Krakau. A dutch reporter went inside those clubs and made a documentary about these evil strip clubs!

Reply Jun 15th, 2022
United States

Whatever you do brothers please ensure that you report the charges and request a refund from your bank and keep pursuing your claim until you get your money back. Please do not be too embarrassed to do so! I had to answer some tricky questions but I ended up getting my money back eventually after half a year. These experiences happen to thousands of people every day across the globe and it's not your fault - shit just happens sometimes after a few drinks. Just ensure that you learn from the experience and don't let it happen again and don't give up on getting your dollars back!

Reply May 26th, 2022

No comments! Don't go! It is a terrible place! All comments are true.

Reply May 25th, 2022

How much you Lost?

Reply May 26th, 2022
Wieczór kawalerski

Oszuści. Omijać szerokim łukiem. Nie bede sie nawet rozpisywać bo historie poniżej wiele mowią. Jak ktos chce sie w dziwny sposób pozbyc paru tysięcy to polecam. Przez chwile nieuwagi panie barmanki podpatrzyły pin do karty a potem nabijaly coraz to kolejne kwoty twierdząc ze transakcja nie przechodzi. Rano oczywiście okazuje sie ze na koncie brakuje pieniędzy nie tylko przez autoryzowane transakcje ale nawet jakimś dziwnym trafem panie wypłaciły pieniadze w bankomacie moją kartą. Oczywiście policja zapewne niewiele wskóra. Niesamowite ze takie rzeczy sie tam dzieją i nikt nic z tym nie robi

Reply May 22nd, 2022
Mr Unlucky

This is not a night club. This is a mafia heist. You’re met on the door by an old pro who promises you free drinks and girls, you’re on a stag do and you oblige.

Once inside you head to the bar, you order your beers and a waitress directs you to a table whilst the bar man sorts you a liberal dose of GHB in your Heineken and your free shot. All with a smile.

Once seated and they bring you your drinks you realise there’s no one else in there, until two scantily clad ladies make their way to your vicinity (2 per person). One complements you on your plain black shirt, whilst the other digs into your annual earnings and tries to find out your mothers maiden name. “That’s weird”, you think. But within 20 minutes the drugs kick in and the fraud begins.

Your mates disperse to various rooms, dragged by various ladies. Despite you declaring you’re not interested in a dance they promise you a free taster. They pull you into a cupboard before your legs turn to jelly and you wait there for what could be 5 minutes or could be 50 minutes. By this point it’s a blur.

The dance, that you’ve not agreed to, is 20% dance and 80% pouring drugged Polish vodka down your throat until you can’t breath. Once that’s over, they bring you out to wait for your mates, only the room you’re waiting in looks nothing like the one before and there’s a lock on the door.

There’s 2 more girls in there. By this point things are really sketchy. You’re wondering why they’re demanding a certain bank card from you and you can’t understand why a woman is waving your phone in front of your face. “It might be time to leave”, you think. Yet there’s a girl straddling your lap and even if you could somehow push her to one side, your legs no longer work. Despite asking nicely to leave, they pour more vodka down your throat and treat you to another beer.

The next thing you know it’s 7.00am and you’re hobbling back to your hostel confused and annoyed. You’ve been in there for 5 and a half hours, most of which unaccounted for. You crash out on your bed fully clothed.

When you wake up 2 hours later, you check your bank account. They’ve taken a loan out in your name, opened a Revolut bank account to transfer the funds to and they’ve charged £8k to said account through a Virtual Card on Apple Pay.

In summary, I would say it’s best to avoid VIP Club, but that’s just my experience.

This is coming from someone who got all of their money back, so it is possible. Basically made it my full time job to keep pushing the bank, but 8 grand is 8 grand and I got it all back.

Now, whenever I mention this story to anyone else who has been to Krakow, they always recount a similar experience they or someone they know has had.

Reply May 20th, 2022
Mr. Lucky to be alive

Sorry to hear your experience, just returned couple of weeks from a stag do where similar experience, I also woke up and next day saw a new revolut app on my phone, when was you aware regarding the loans? We just had our debit and credit cards took for a ride…. Understandable it’s broken from the core in krakow, but there needs to be more media attention and warnings for tourist visiting, especially krakow… how it has a reputation for good location for stag do’s is crazy now looking back.

Reply May 22nd, 2022
Mr. Lucky to be alive

Avoid! If you walk down them steps you WILL be drugged (GHB) you WILL be violated and you WILL be robbed of what ever money you have available on you at the time, cards will be max’d out, smart phones will be used to access funds, if you come around and they not finished robbing you you will be re drugged till they are done with you, if you fight it you will be beaten or pepper sprayed… it’s literally the stuff of nightmares and they have no morals, the whole square at night is one massive scam but they are literally playing with your lives

Reply May 17th, 2022
John Wilson

Had a girl stop me on the street, seemed nice and said the club had good music and a free drink.

Had my free drink and bought a beer paying g by card.

I realised pretty quick what kind of place it was so decided to leave, I was on my own and a girl was suggesting we get a private room.

I told her firmly I was leaving.

It took me about 10 minutes to get back to my apartment whereI managed to get through the door before passing out and cracking my head on the wall. Clearly been drugged but luckilygot out.

My card had been bumped for £190.

Never again.

Totally criminal establishment.

I woke about 5 hours later

Reply May 13th, 2022
J. Wick

Stay well away from these criminals, on the 20th March 2022 like most of the stories on here, we were ushered into the bar not knowing it was a strip club and given a few free shots (this is where they drug you) which is the last vivid memory everything else is a blur.

After being drugged they separated me from my friends and told them after realising that I’d left, which I hadn’t they had me in a dingy back room where over the course of a few hours, most spent unconscious they gained access to all my accounts slapping me and using Face ID, whilst passed out they sent and spent multiple transactions amounting to £14,000,

After coming round after seeing flashes from them taking pictures of my cards I managed to fight my way out of the club to then pass out again outside my apartment at 6:30am minus 4 degrees, where my mates found me vomiting repeatedly once carried back inside.

It wasn’t until the Following day I realised the funds missing and after visiting 3 police stations, as you can imagine got no help as I didn’t have an interpreter and was laughed at, the police are 100% part of the problem and it’s a disgrace to the country that is supposed to be a lovely city break for tourists yet it’s a dangerous and corrupt!

This place will get what’s coming to it eventually, fortunately I got the funds refunded this week but not after a very stressful couple of months.

Probably best to stay away from Poland altogether, warn your family and friends because reading reviews this is happening across many clubs and has been for years.

Reply May 6th, 2022
Another victim of the Polish mafia

Did you get a toxicology test? Did it reveal anything for evidence? I'm in the same boat, however after they presumably violently threw me out of the club (another one, in Warsaw) after rinsing £8k, I got hauled into the drunk tank until the next night, because PL police assumed I was drunk rather than having been given a date rape drug! So it was too late by then to go to a hospital (GHB stays in your system about 12 hours).

Did you have to give a police report to your bank? I just did. What happened? I'm really worried I won't get my money back...

Reply May 9th, 2022

If you are from UK, file a report with Action Fraud giving as much detail as possible. If your bank tries not to pay you back due to some rubbish in the T&Cs about Apple Pay raise a formal complaint recounting your whole experience and threatening a report to the financial ombudsman. I hope you get your money back, I was lucky enough to get mine back.

Reply May 20th, 2022
Krakow victim

They took all my money through Apple Pay 7.4k bank can’t do anything as Apple Pay need to go uk police and make a case with them then Gonna go from there and go down financial ombudsman route

Reply Oct 3rd, 2022

Avoid scam! They will charge a lot of money and you not going to be aware.

Reply Apr 21st, 2022

On Thursday the 7th of April 2022, my friends and I flew to Krakow for one of their stag-dos. We had been drinking throughout the day (as you do on a stag), and found ourselves spending our day in a pub.

Later In the evening we headed to La Bodega. There is a watershed moment, In which after 8pm, you are harassed in the street, constantly, by people aiming to take you to strip clubs. It was acknowledged in the group that we would want to go to a strip club at some point, but not until after we enjoyed heading to a club.

Looking at the transactions on my Revolut app, It looks like around 1am we arrived at the strip club (Mr Lucky/Suprise Klub). We were escorted there by a man in the street, he was around 5”8 and was slightly over-weight. He had a buzz cut and looked so pale, like a heroine addict or as If he had an illness.

On arrival to the club, It seemed as though we were the only people In there, we sat by the bar on the sofas. The area was dimly lit, and everything had a red glow.

A stripper (Katarzyna Grzymek) came over to me, I said that I didn’t want a dance. Her colleague brought over drinks for me and we sat and chatted. When the stripper had her time to do a public dance a litter later, she took me to the room where she was performing (for the club, not just for me).

Afterwards she sat down by me, I was extremely drunk at this point. I hadn’t agreed or had been asked to pay for a dance, but she asked me to follow her. It gave the illusion that this was not to be paid for. I do think It’s worth noting at this point that to take advantage of someone who’s this drunk and vulnerable Is awful behaviour, people this intoxicated should be asked to leave.

Whilst in the room, Katarzyna and I were chatting. Although again, my memory here is patchy and I have flashes of visuals. A colleague of hers (dark hair, glasses and thin) came in periodically, forcing a card reader towards me to pay for the dances. Whilst I hadn’t consented to pay for the dances I felt It was okay to pay some money as I had spent time with a stripper one on one.

This happened on a few occasions (and you can see the frequency and persistence in the Revolut transactions). The lady asking me to pay was threatening me (although I can’t really remember what she was saying, her demeanour was direct and frustrated). She witnessed me being physically unable to input a PIN number, nor being able to read the money being taken from my account, she held my phone to my face to unlock it and transferred funds from respective accounts to facilitate sending large sums of money and override the Revolut 2FA.

Katarzyna had spent the evening building a relationship with me, giving me her number, suggesting we go for a drink the following day to create an air of trust. The other lady facilitating the payments would raise her voice at me, take my phone to charge the battery and by the end of the night had me in my boxers on the floor, again, asking for money.

The last night of the trip I spoke to a man in a club who’s friend experienced the same treatment at the same place, losing money to the tune of 5k. The police translator had laughed and said at one point “We’ve never heard of a stripper giving out her number, she must’ve liked you”, which whilst this was a great ego boost for a day I felt awful, It is telling of a culture where these actions are supported.

Reply Apr 11th, 2022

I’ve went to this place with some friends. The moment I was gonna pay, they said that my card wasn’t working. Imediatly they took my credit card en tried a couple of times without my approval. They took 650 euro’s. Don’t go to this place!

Reply Apr 10th, 2022

We were here for the weekend with my 22 year old son , we headed home early and he stayed in the square for a few more drinks being a young 22 year old lad enjoying a few drinks in krakow on a sunday night,long story short he was given a spiked drink and had 2 transactions on his bank account 1 for £177 and 1 for £179, both under the name mr lucky , i went looking for him in the early hours found him totally disorientated and his bank card was missing , the last thing he remembers was a group of young polish guys and girls offering him to join them , just be careful if in Krakow if on your own , we had a great trip but this certainly spoiled it for my son.

Reply Apr 5th, 2022

I lost almost 900 euros and my friend 400 euros in florianska street's club named CandyLand on monday 28.3. They drug and rob tourist every night. We we're alson given those free shots that will later cost you all the money they can get. Ruined holiday

Reply Mar 31st, 2022

Didn't mean to give 5 stars.

Reply Mar 31st, 2022

L’ambassade et ok il faut 5 semaines pour interpeller j’ai prévenu les filles que vous êtes en danger !!!!

Je rentre dans mon service ont arrivent dans 3 semaines avec les mandats

Reply Mar 11th, 2022

I had been stolen in a club in Florianska street. Fortunately, I didn't use my card, but I lost more than 200 euros. I think they put something in the beer, because usually, I am very careful with my money. So, I paid a lot of money for nothing, because only one girl gave me a private dance of 5 minutes. And the money left was lost. This place should be closed by the police. They drug you and you lost your judgement. This is a criminal behaviour and authorities do nothing.

Reply Mar 10th, 2022

Il drogue aussi au Ghb certificat délivré j’espère réellement qu’il a de bon avocats car sinon je vais faire justice

Reply Mar 11th, 2022

Being stolen

Reply Mar 10th, 2022
None of your fucking business

Arrived with friends after being in a bar before. The woman offered us a free drinks so we eagerly took them. After 30 minutes we started to feel odd but did not register at the time. Needless to say, our drinks were spiked and the girls robbed 5k euro from me. I went to the police station filled official report and am getting my lawyer ready for the upcoming shit show that I will wreck upon that God forsaken joke of an establishment. I wish the worst upon you all working there. Fuck you and fuck all who work on this sham. May you all rot in hell.

Reply Mar 5th, 2022

yo son, you don't have to announce ya attack, ya gotta use the surprise factor...silently analyze and attack from from their backs while wearing a face mask, might take some days or weeks... your advantage is you know where to find them, they don't... and they have too many enemies, so is going to be an unsolved mistery....let many months to gangsters have good memory, these guys just scammers

Reply Feb 27th, 2022

Me and my mates were drugged, and then they cleared every bank-account without us knowing.

An absolutely terrible experience, coming back to Krakow in a couple years with the boys to beat this shit up.

Stay away at all costs, absolutely ruins your trip!

Reply Feb 10th, 2022
Bouncer from club

Haha. Another asshole . Please come to us with friends if you have courage . Next time we will steal you 50 000 euros from you and your friends.

Reply Feb 25th, 2022
George Smith

I went back the day after you drugged me, your fat bouncer shit himself, haha.

Reply Feb 9th, 2023

Yesterday we were visiting Krakow's central square and we were surprised by a boy telling us to visit a nightclub next door with cheap drinks, so we went and found a cabaret. When we sat down, a fat old lady, brought free black cherry vodka shoots to drink, I didn't drink and my friend did, a blonde bitch sat next to him and called him a dance, I waited for him for two hours and he didn't appeared, and so I decided to leave that satanic nightclub. My friend arrived at the hotel at 4 am, totally drugged and disoriented. He vomited and when he woke up he saw his bank account totally stolen, €5,000 euros were stolen without his permission. He remembers some flashes and the fat lady stole his wallet in the private room and brought it later (in that time she stole the wallet she made several bank transactions with exorbitant amounts). Today we went to the police where they said we couldn't register because the incident report has to be done in Polish and we speak English, they asked us to get a Polish person who speaks English to do the translation. And so we got the help of a Pole on the street, we took him to the police station to help us and the police once again dodged and didn't want to register, told us to go to another police station. The Polish police are involved, this country is a disgrace, it was the most rubbish trip I've ever taken in my entire life!!! They deserve to die, they cheat and steal from tourists. That fat ugly old woman needs to be arrested!!! And the local government does nothing about it, national shame!!!

Don't go to this place, people have already died inside!

Take care, be safe.

Reply Feb 1st, 2022

Me robaron 3500 euros. La primera vez que me pasa algo así. Me bebí una copa y no me acuerdo de nada. Mucho cuidado con este sitio. NO VAYAIS!!!

Reply Feb 1st, 2022

Siento su perdida. Yo también perdí, más de 200 euros. Te engañan, te drogan y pierdes el juicio. Esta gente debería ir a la cárcel por todo el daño que están cometiendo. Después de esto, ya no creo que vuelva a Polonia. Entre todos, debemos hacer algo para acabar con estos abusos. Se aprovechan de la soledad e inocencia de muchos hombres para clavarles.

Reply Mar 10th, 2022

Was lucky enough to read in advance as we were staying above this trap. We personally saw staff pay off police and one of the other girls was very nice in trying to help us find our place by insisting we go inside their club. Im not stupid you know, mischievous girl. Witnessed one guy come out beaten and with no clothes left.

Reply Jan 31st, 2022

F***ing scammers, I was on holidays and was a bit tipsy, I don’t even remember going inside, completely lost the money I had available on my account, I only remember being in the street 3 hours after the first transaction in complete desperation, when I approached the police the were telling me to go way, on the next day went to present a formal crime report and I they laughed about it, told me to go to the wait room and then I could hear them talking and laughing, 30 minutes after another officer came and I reported what happened and they said they are going to look into it but there isn’t much they can do as this is very common. If it is very common they should understand they are actually scammers, they drug people and do whatever they want. The police must get something out of this as the wages there are so small so they just steal the money of everyone. Absolute disgrace, this country should take serious actions against this however they don’t as they are corrupt as f**k so the European Union should get involved as this is absolutely crazy to even think about. I lost a lot because of this experience I hope this place gets shut down, everyone inside should face life sentence.

Reply Jan 27th, 2022

It's a joke. Surely we can chip in to stop this. Happened me the weekend

Reply Jan 29th, 2022

I went to krakow and stayed above one of these "clubs". I personally saw the bouncers and owners bribe police officers. They laugh because they are on the payroll.

Reply Jan 31st, 2022

change your rating to 1* instead of 5 then!!

Reply May 23rd, 2023

My friends and I went to krakow and on the 23rd at night we went tinder in any clubs were open, when a women approached us saying that a bar was opened there with cheap drinks and we went, getting the first drinks we realised that was a strip club, we didn’t want to be rude as we were also quite scared so we drank our drink when they arrived with shots, we didn’t touched the shots as everything was very dodgy, we left and the stripers followed us insulting us for leaving, the next day we had some drinks during the day in town and my friend had couple more, he went for a walk near the apartment to get some fresh air, he was in video call with us till 20:03 as he said he was heading back to the apartment, he didn’t said anything for 30 min so we called back, no answer, 2 hours passed, meanwhile we called police, hospitals and ran in loops on the street trying to find him, after those 2 hours he showed up disoriented near the apartment, the strippers stole £1500 from his account with his iPhone, not even a card, he’s been drugged and doesn’t remember how he got in the same strip club again as he already knew what that club was about, he doesn’t know if he was taken there by someone. Anyone knows if they push people or kidnap?

Reply Jan 27th, 2022

We went to see***

Reply Jan 27th, 2022

Sorry.should had read Jan 2022

Reply Jan 24th, 2022
United Kingdom

Just in case anyone may think this is all historic and that the club is okay now my friend and I got drugged there Jan 2002. Only when down for night cap as out appartment was litterally next door. We got away lightly. Couple of hundred pounds each. We refused the advances of the girls which made the fat "waitress" very angry. As we were staying nearby it became apparrent that the other "customers" in the bar were in fact also working there and will intimerdate and worse if you dont give them what they want. The up side is that for the rest of trip we disscouraged anyone we saw being approched on the street from entering. despite the massive bouncer hovering beside us. If anyone wants to get in touch reply to this. Perhapes if we pull together we can get these criminals shut down before someone dies. I firmly believe that to be only a matter of time.

Reply Jan 24th, 2022

These guys are scammers.

Reply Jan 18th, 2022

Just came back from a lovely visit to Krakow... got spiked on my first day.

Very similar story to everybody...

We were looking for a new club, met a girl on the streets, she was also going to a club. We decided to walk together but after entering we looked behind and the girl was gone. We didn't think much of it but as soon as we entered realize this wasn't just a new club.. it was a stripclub.

Me and my mate sat down and bought 2 drinks ($10) and decided might as well have a short stay. Got offered 2 free shots and my friend went into private room. They gave me 2 or 3 more shots before they convinced me to go into a private room and thats where I have my last memory.

My first next memory is 5 hours later after walking through the city with no coat in the cold for 4 hours and finally arriving home. Checked my account the day after and had 2 more transactions... $560 and $900..

I don't remember anything.. I don't even know if they danced for me or anything. Should I get tested??

I transactions were from Mr Lucky, but they call it Surprise Klub or something. It's in a small alleyway at Grodzka 4.

Reply Dec 21st, 2021
still anonymous

Honestly I don't remember anything.. should I get tested?? How likely is it I actually did something? I see nobody talking (or remembering) anything they actually did.

Reply Dec 21st, 2021
Damien bruce

Scammed me £1000. Absolute w***ers. Obviously I was an idiot to use my card, but was lied to about the price and done me over big time! The fact it was in Poland was why I just put it down to being a twat, otherwise place would of been turnt upside down the next day if in England!

Reply Dec 5th, 2021
Lisa Pearce

My son and his mates are in Poland this weekend. They went to this club, ordered a drink and was given free shots, they cannot remember a thing after this. My son checked his bank the following day to find three transactions totalling £1500 taken. His mates also had money taken off their cards in the hundreds. They also stole all the cash from their wallets that was left in their coats in the cloak room. An absolute disgrace and reading from other reviews the police do nothing.

Reply Nov 28th, 2021

Scammer/Hope they die! We ordered jägern, and rum/cola

And 1 bottle of champagne! I have receipts for everything! They have charged us with 2x21000 9000 and 4k! I personally hope they die!

Reply Nov 27th, 2021

Me and two friends were at the club. Exactly like many other writes. We met a girl outside who took us with her. We haven’t drinked that day. They served vodka and puff we were gone. The next day we were robbed for 62.500 slotty or 15.300 usd.

My friend and I got a test and yes they drugged us. Stay away from those scammers.

We called the police and the officer said “is it my or yours problem”

Reply Nov 16th, 2021

Meant to give 1 star

Reply Nov 16th, 2021

This club is just demolition!

One person picks up the customers on the street and brings them into the nightclub. Vodka is then served, which is to be consumed quickly. As soon as the senses are somewhat dulled, the rip-off begins!

Avoid this club at all costs - you can only lose and lose lots and lots of money!

Reply Oct 22nd, 2021

Powiem krótko... Byłem wstawiony dalekim się na mówić na drinka... Po piwie i szocie ... Jakaś panna nagle ulica hotel... Skurwiele wyczyscili mi kartę na 8 . 000 płn

Miał być denkiem dka dziewczyny... Taniec kilka stów... A pobrania... 2.500 konsumpcja... 1800 konsumpcja itp

Nie pamiętam...

Nie dajcie się naciąć...

Reply Oct 9th, 2021

I was on my way back to my hotel. A bit tipsy, and a girl took me there. I think i got drugged but not sure. When i tried to leave i almost had to hit a girl because they wouldnt let me. 3 blocked my way out. I eventually escaped and when i checked my bank account i apparently spent €1000 for a few coffee, about 3 shots and a 1 hour private dance.

Reply Aug 18th, 2021

Wish i had read the reviews. Luckily i was not charged more then they said. But, i wad drugged. And puked for 2 hours maybe. I dont remember. In the end before i left a lady came when i was puking to a bucket and asked for me to pay! Because one of the strippers was with me while i was puking. I dont know how i retainef my wits but i yelled at her to leave me alone and that the drinks were spiked. That shut her up but they showed me out. I dont remember how. Or how i came back to the hostel. My stomach feels off and i was dizzy and weak the entire day. Those are criminals! Stay away!!!!

Reply Jul 30th, 2021
Kealan Fitzgerald

I was spiked at this club and when I refused to give my card because I noticed the extra zeros and forcibly left, the taxi that picked me up outside tried to take me outside of krakow, I only got out of the taxi when I jumped out while slowed down for lights.

The driver got out of the car in traffic and pepper sprayed me in the face, stole my phone and wallet and pmdrove off. Luckily for me I had but my bank card in my bum bag before going into the pub or I would have been stuck in Poland.

I was luckily helped by a hotel who's doors I managed to stumble in.

Do not go to to this bar, under any circumstances.

This was 3 years ago and this place is still scamming people and probably stranding, seriously injuring or even murdering tourists. Two of my friends called their banks the next day and both banks had the bar on their radar at that stage! Three years ago!

Reply Jul 20th, 2021

I visited club VIP in Krakow on 10 May 2017 after I was approached by a lady outside the club. She told me I could have one beer for 19 zlotys, no obligations. I had the beer, watched a few average strip dances, and left. Within half an hour after I left I received two text messages of transactions on my card, totaling about 2500 zlotys, but there was no transaction for the 19 zlotys.

Reply Jun 8th, 2021

The similar situation happened to me in Krakow in the club which is called Gorączka in November 2019. I did not drink shots, BUT beer was also spiked! I was very weak. I went to private dance with a girl. They tried to charge me and Ukranian xxxx brought card reader for my bank card. I said that I had only cash. One bitch started to speak Russian. I understood that she said: how else can we charge him? I know Russian cause my parents are Russians. I didn't have much money on me, so I did not worry much.

Next, that piece of shit asked me to take off my pants. I think it was because she wanted to check my pockets. I asked for a beer. While she was away, I went out the room and wanted to go out. Several other bitches tried to stop me and then I said: my friends are outside, they know where I am and if you not let me go I and they will call police. It worked.

Next day when I was passing by this place I saw police car and some happy guys getting out. I assume they just CALL THE POLICE!!! SO, DO IT! If you are in the situation like this then just call for police and then they will let you go.

Reply May 5th, 2021
Daniel Spary

For some reason you have to put a star to comment.

Me and my cousin were lured into this place FEB 2020 for a drink. We ordered 2 beers and they came with those and some free cherry shots. Fantastic. Next thing, my cousin was gone, I was taken off, and ended up walking around Krakow for 3 hours as I could not get back into the Hostel. When I did my cousin had been sick in the reception area. I checked my banks the next days and off one credit card over £4k had been taken. They also charged me and my cousin £70 each for 2 beers!

My case is still with the financial ombudsmen and doubt they will give the money back.

They drug you and then steal your money. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! It's ruined a lot for me!

Reply Jan 20th, 2021
guest, still

The demons in Krakow are still going on.

Reply Dec 11th, 2020

Not this club but I am sure it is linked another underground club in Krakow called the Angel club.

Absolutely robbed me and my fiancé, walking back to our hotel two doors up and was told we could get a drink in here, fine not our usual place but we were having a nice night which we didn't want to end so popped in for one.

One drink and then we were leaving, suddenly bombarded with so many free shots! They kept coming, and coming and coming, destroyed us and totally robbed me, got my polish fiancé obliterated and took me for many different payments in a couple of hours.






Took me for over £1000! Sneaky sneaky and completely disgusting. My fiancé was left in a pile on the floor puking on himself! I was crying my eyes out.

Took us two days to recover from whatever was is the drinks! day three and I still feel sick to my stomach.

How can two people who didn't move from their seats be charged for over £1000! These people know exactly how to play this game, don't fall for it.


My bank won't touch it because it was all chip and pin and one on Apple Pay.

Reply Oct 7th, 2020
Drugged and Robbed

Surprise Aug 31 2020. I was drugged and lost over three hours of time in a basement under ground strip club in krakow. A chubby waitress with shoulder length hair offered me a free drink and i purchased 4 drinks for me and a dancer which i had a beer and a shot and she the other two. I was lead to a back private room and not even an hour later i was out waking up more then 3 hours later and pushed on the street. I was very lucky i survived. Whatever they used was very strong and took me a few hours even awake too wear off, I'm a user of cocaine, meth also fentanyl. "Not at all proud to admit my addictions" Whatever they spiked me with can kill a horse. Somebody will die and be robbed at place where the entrance has two flaming torched lit at light just passed the old church steeple is all that remains of the old church. I lost almost 4 hours of time after being put down from a spiked drink. Cleared my wallet of 400. polish money. $20.Canadian funds and $1350.00 from my Master card which comes back as a place called surprise. Surprise surprise Surprize surprize. That's what the fraud department is on the chase for now. Call the police if this chubby waitress women waitress drugs you and robs you. Also a pretty longing dancer claiming to be from spain.

Reply Oct 1st, 2020
United States

Scammed. Took my cards to get cash out while I was in the club and managed to get my wallet back in my pocket. They are extremely good at what they do. Stay clear. They are ruthless. Drinks also spoked. Nearly killed me. Please stay clear

Reply Sep 13th, 2020
The 'Old Man' - Reviews

Me; Lager.

Finchy; Lager.

Strip Club, Lager, sometimes opioid Tranquilizer....

The Tour must go on!


'Old Man'

Reply Aug 28th, 2020
Don't Go Here

Got spiked and robbed of €1000+. Same story as everyone else here. Drugged shots and being held against my will.

Reply Aug 25th, 2020

Does anyone actually get anywhere with their bank. My son had £8000 taken from him and was drugged. All his savings gone

Reply Sep 3rd, 2020

This happened to me last February.

I phoned the bank early the next morning while the fraudulent transactions were still in the "pending transactions" and the bank were very helpful, cancelling all transactions.

My mate wasn't so lucky... his bank opened a fraud investigation and was without his money for 9 months. He did eventually get it back though.

Reply Sep 17th, 2020

Group of friends from UK all drugged and money stolen - why don't the hostels warn young people about this and various other places! Such a massive shame as the rest of Europe comparatively safe. The Polish police don't seem to give a damn either!!

Reply Aug 18th, 2020

Police does not give a damn because they are in on the scam. Something should be done about it. Gives it a really bad name to this great city. Well some may say say if you go to such a place you are asking for it. Not so. I had luck escape as mentioned in my previous post. I was not even looking to go there. This scam place needs to be closed. In my younger days I have few times been to strip clubs. You would never worry about anything like this. I check here once in a while in hope that someone would post a message that this fricken place is closed. I hate seeing so many people put through misery.

Reply Sep 6th, 2020

Yes, they ruin your trip and your stay in this beautiful city.

Reply Mar 10th, 2022

Do not go!!!

Reply Aug 18th, 2020

You will be drugged and scammed DO NOT GO

Reply Aug 17th, 2020

daft question but is there no "restrictions" with the virus? Is that the lapdancing back to normal and open again?

Reply Jul 11th, 2020
Joe Exotic
United States

Carol Baskin owns this club and she's a bitch.

Reply Apr 6th, 2020
Guest, still

I do not get easily agressive but this réaction is one of à single cell brain créature.

Reply Jun 2nd, 2020
Mr Stripnado

Me and my friends went a while back, I ordered numerous bottles of goose on my debit card, I then called the bank the next day and they refunded me due to the historic complaints I don't k ow if this cost the club but your Predator or prey. Fight back #vivalaresistance

Reply Apr 6th, 2020
Guest, still

That is my greatest wish that people who have been made victim of this club, will fight back.

Reply Jun 2nd, 2020
Simon Dalsgaard

Could you elaborate on how you got your money back? I was drugged and lost 1000 euros yesterday

Reply Jul 23rd, 2020
LevelUp victim

I have been robbed for €7500 last week..we should all unite. Together we might accomplish something.

Reply Jun 20th, 2023
Boris johnson

Me and my friend are going to come back to da kluub for more free drugs after the Coronavirus outbreak. GROUP PARTTTTTYYYYY

Reply Apr 2nd, 2020
Guest, still

Yeah, right, idiot!

Reply Apr 3rd, 2020

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