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Night Club VIP
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Editor's review

WARNING: We have noticed a lot of worrying comments from visitors to this Strip Club regarding claims of drink spiking, large amounts of stolen money from credit cards, and other possibly criminal behaviour. Please read the comments below before visiting and be cautious about your decisions. 

At first glance, Night Club VIP looks like a typical modern upscale nightclub, complete with sleek cubic furniture and clean sterile walls. But then you notice the ubiquitous metal poles and the girls enter and you realize this is a very different kind of nightclub. VIP can be booked for all kinds of special events, including business outings, stag dos, birthdays, etc. The club is open daily from 9 pm till 4 am., phone number: +48 (12) 4237621 (after 9 pm).

Editor & Krakow Local


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Stefan karlsen

Shit scammers took my wallet,said i own them 2,5k pln when it was paid for. Called the bank 1*hour later they said the card was cancelled since they expected froad

Reply Jun 25th, 2019

SCAM. Don't go

Reply Jun 19th, 2019
berndt widjeskog

I can agree with al other coment´s ! I´m just coming home from a trip to Krakow and first night a taxi drive us to club VIP , some boy invite us free outside the club , and we going in to se the place , only for some drink and look some (cabaret) but it´s ended with that we get something in our glasses and my card was emty the day after , my friend was sleeping 36 hour and when he looked at his credit card he had losed ower 100 000 swedish kr , that was not a good start in Krakow and our trip was destroyed :-) Have no more inspiration rest of the day in Krakow .... Must give a big warning to al citizen to visit VIP -club in Krakow !! greatings from mr. B and Anders !!

Reply May 29th, 2019
United States

I am from the u.s and came to krakow , and now I have no money and I have cancer .

Reply May 28th, 2019

This place is a disgrace. Everything that is said about being drugged and bank accounts being emptied is true. We were a group of six and we were all scammed. It is a real shame that this happens and brings Poland/Poles into disrepute. It is not possible to know if the police are involved in this criminal activity but it reflects poorly on a great country - it is very surprising that the authorities do not do something.

Reply May 24th, 2019

Hi, a similar thing happened to my brother recently. Have you been able to resolve this? Thanks

Reply Jun 21st, 2019

Complete rip off - criminal establishment. Avoid at all costs

Reply May 24th, 2019

Went here on the 18/5/19 and one of the girls Kristina or kristiana i think was her name was DYNAMITE

Reply May 24th, 2019

Wish i added her on facebook.

Reply May 24th, 2019

Hello I have been stolen 600 euros at the cabared pleasure club florianska 6 à Cracovie. N'y allez jamais !

Reply May 23rd, 2019
United States

Criminals. Drugged and had bank accounts emptied. One of my friends almost choked on his vomit. Dread to think what could have happened. Hardly no recollection of bring there and police laughed me out the door. Total scam and police are afraid of the gangsters running the operation.

Reply May 14th, 2019
United States

do you know what the charges appear on your statement as? i think the same thing happened to my husband and it came up at Surprise Krakow

Reply May 12th, 2019

Place should be burned to the ground forcing ghb a date rape drug shots down ur throat forcing card terminals on u and scamming u as u have no idea wats goin on soon as banks accounts empty or cards max out ur chucked out via a side door beware it’s about time people took things into there own hands and delbt with this dangerous place

Reply May 8th, 2019

How is this place still open? Police were useless after I was drugged and had my accounts emptied. Refused to take a statement and didn't want to know. They must be getting a cut as these clubs are still allowed to operate with impunity. Disgusting.

Reply May 3rd, 2019

Absolute robbing scum bags. Read the reviews below, do not go. If you don't take the warning, don't drink anything especially the red shots they try to fire down your neck. I caught on after the third one, but it was too late, blackouts ensued and they tried to empty my account.

Reply Apr 16th, 2019

Does anyone know if Girls are allowed to visit this place?

Reply Apr 12th, 2019

Yes unfortunately, worst experience of my life was to follow

Reply Apr 18th, 2019

Scam artists, they bring you a shot and it’s spiked, then take you into private rooms and charge the life out of your card! charging £1000’s for drinks and dances! Absolute fraudsters, plus it would appear there is no way to get your money back as your pin is entered by either yourself or one of the staff for you. my wallet stripped and £2800 card transactions! Friend comes to try and find me and is told i’ve left! How has nothing been done about this!

Reply Apr 3rd, 2019

There is a lot of negative reviews about this strip club, but mine was all positive. After the horrendous first night on the stag do in the Cabaret club, we decided to try this strip club and we had a great night.

There were five of us all drinking beer most from bottles but I was drinking pints, no one got spiked. Two of us paid for dances with a girl each and bought them a drink which kept them happy whereas the other three were not bothered when they sat there and just watched. Obviously we didn’t take any cards with us, but I thought that was the way with every strip club so I never take my card

Reply Apr 2nd, 2019

You were soooo lucky. I ended up here on 9th April 2019 with completely different experience

Reply Apr 18th, 2019

Same drink & credit card scam operating at:

Cabaret Bar, Fashion Cabaret Bar

previously called Club Pleasure, District Fashion Club

Ul Florianska 6, Krakow,

Ulica Florianska 6, Krakow

Reply Apr 1st, 2019

bad place, go at your peril. they will attempt to rob you and drug you.

Reply Mar 27th, 2019

DO NOT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Total scam, drugged and attempted a robbing.

Reply Mar 27th, 2019

I was here on the 27th of February. Dragged along as I was the Stag, I had heard of scams before so I had said to the guys that under no circumstances do we use cards. Well we didn't realise we would be spiked as well. Luckily my friend was adamant with the host that we would not use cards. Given two shots, defo spiked but we left in a hurry when we realised it is likely run by the mob and they only wanted our credit card to absolutely rip us off. Awful place. It is obvious which reviews are fake. I do feel proud we survived CLUB VIP!! but just don't go.

Reply Mar 27th, 2019
Drugged and mugged

Just quickly scanning some of the reviews already posted, and I completely confirm the same experience as many others here. Not sure if this is the exact same place where I was or not, but I think many VIP/strip clubs in the city may work off the same premise. My friends and I were pulled into this place off the streets late in the night as we were walking by. The girls inside gave us free shots, which I continued to deny for the first half hour. I should have known something was up when they refused to take my cash for payment for one beer, and kept on insisting it is nicer if I pay by card. Eventually, I was literally force fed shots by one of the girls. At first, it was just a taste through a straw, and I thought it tasted really weird. Then shortly after she force poured one (maybe two) shots down my throat. Immediately after I dont remember what happened, it was different than being drunk. I was easy suggestible, weak and super tired. I also started puking everywhere. As I was puking they kept on insisting I owe them more money and kept on handing me the credit card terminal to pay. They were very aggressive saying this one girl was taking care of me and I owe her money for it. I woke up at 4pm the next day, barely remember how I got home and realized my credit card was blocked after they tried to charge me €3,000. Luckily only one small charge went through, but my friend has over €14,000 of charges pending on his credit card. All 3 of us had similar experiences from the night and dont know exactly what happened. We are experienced drinkers, but this was more than just alcohol. Never had an experience like this before.

Reply Mar 25th, 2019
Avoid at all costs

I meant one star not 5 and I’m only giving one as you can’t do none!!

Reply Mar 17th, 2019
Avoid at all costs!!!

My soon to be brother in law attended this place 2 days ago on his stag do, these scum stole money out of his wallet and discarded it which luckily he now has his wallet but also used his credit card and charged a ridiculous amount, his mates thought it was strange after half an hour and had to force entry to find him slumped on a sofa alone barely conscious!!. This place should be shut down and everyone associated to serve long sentences, only good thing is that he was never hurt!!. And the food reviws are obviously bullshit and we’re not stupid to believe them!!

Reply Mar 17th, 2019
United States

Super Klub u super obsługa pozdrawiam dziewczyny kelnerki wszystkie miłe uśmiechnięte !!! M

Reply Mar 14th, 2019
stay away

Drugged and mugged. Listen to the reviews. Don't get caught out :(

Reply Mar 13th, 2019

Scammers, avoid at all costs.

Reply Feb 26th, 2019

Avoid this place and other at all costs!

They are organised fraudsters.. my credit card, along with my friends cards, was maxed out in under an hour at this shitehole.

Whether they had cloned my card when paying for my first drink or whether they had taken my card from my wallet I'm unsure. I'm unsure because they undoubtedly spiked our drinks.

After drinking two or three shots of vodka in around 15 minutes (which btw, you were almost forced to drink without any mixer), I started to drift in and out of consciousness/awareness.

I vaguely recall one of the girls asking me if I could remember her name or what she was studying. I now realise that she was testing whether or not the drug was working... she was testing me to see if I could recall any of the information she had (presumably) told me only 10 minutes prior to taking the shots.

I have very limited memory of the place - the only memories I have is when I regained consciousness/awareness and felt like I couldn't move my legs. One of the times I regained awareness I was completely alone in a small room. I'm not sure what happened after that because I fell completely out of awareness again. The next time I regained awareness I was falling down stairs (I'm not injured but badly bruised over one side - not sure whether from the fall or something more sinister).

I can't be sure but I do believe I had been given some other drug on leaving the place as my heart was racing and I was very energetic considering that I could not move just minutes before.

The next morning, my friends and I woke to messages from our bank about unusual activity on our cards. £2,500 was attempted on my card and £1000 attempted on my friends.

The bank cancelled my transactions immediately but my friend is still fighting for his.

Reply Feb 25th, 2019
I got scammed


I feel this has happened to me exactly the same, I don’t remember the name of the club. What was the name on the transaction that was taken as I would like to confirm it, mine had surprise. With a total of £2500

Reply Mar 25th, 2019

I cannot remember what it said on the transactions but it was not 'Surprise'. I can't go back and check as the transactions were cancelled.

My friend ended up getting his £900 back after they investigated the alleged fraud. I suggest you ask your bank to investigate also.

Reply May 13th, 2019

Fraud! Don't stay here, evil place, i lost 500€

Reply Feb 16th, 2019
Rupert Button
United States

I went there this weekend on a stag do and all was going well until a guy called Cuntio came in and dominated all of the dancers. He must have spent a fortune and finished up with 3 of them. Last time I saw him, he was getting on a train with them.

Reply Feb 12th, 2019

Company which owns VIP is Gastronomika sp z.o.o. and is fronted by "businessman" Mariusz Ambrozik. If you're looking for the bastard responsible for all this....

Reply Feb 11th, 2019

As already stated this place is a total scam and I will forever regret stepping inside.

I will now list the ways in which myself and my friends were conned by these criminals.

The free vodka shorted were drugged and credit card was maxed out by them saying you were paying in zeloty and charging you in pounds no way to tell as display in polish, Also saying card had been declined and forcing you to put in pin again. Management very threatening and I am positive I had hands around my neck at one point.

We all left separately and have no idea how we got back to hotel I personally remember being way out in the countryside at some point and think I may have been dumped there but have little memory of much of the night So glad I only had a few hindered zeloty cash and a fairly low credit card limit.

Police not interested and wouldn’t even file a report about it.

Please stag party’s be warned as I feel this could of been much worse! Feel lucky to be alive if I’m honest.

Reply Feb 11th, 2019

Did you get any money back from the bank?

Reply Mar 7th, 2019

its a fuckin shame for polen that they alowe this all the time and never doing something about it i would shot them dead

Reply Feb 8th, 2019

Witam prosze o podanie adresu mailowego do szefa ochrony,jestem zainteresowany podjeciem pracy jako ochrona ewentualnie jako selekcjoner. prosze o kontakt pozdrawiam.

Reply Jan 17th, 2019
Dead man Jan

Looking for that gold car driving bastard Jan in Barcelona...hope he wears a vest... my lifes ruined..

Reply Jan 10th, 2019

I was invited in alone by a woman telling me that I get a free shot and cheap beer. I had time to kill so went along but aas unaware it was a strip club. I sat down and 2 girls came over to me, and gave me this free red shot. I had it but didn't have any effect on me. I told them that I need to go to the cashpoint to get money as it's not on my card and left after about 10 minutes.

Obviously I didn't go back, but I have now found that €350 that was to cover my trip to Vienna after Krakow has gone missing from my bag. After reading these reviews I think I know the culprit.

Stay away from this shithole. I can't believe this place is allowed to operate openly, and in Krakows main square. It's an absolute shame on the city and makes me wonder who is responsible for keeping it open. Scum.

Reply Jan 9th, 2019

Got 5000NOK stolen from my bank account and they druged me and my friends hard. We where 4 guyes and 3 of us puked, and we didnt even drink much. Stay away from this shit hole, big guards who wont let you leave so dont go near it. If someone ask you to go in knock them out and say hi from me

Reply Oct 18th, 2018

Scam .becarful of this mother fucker .....

Reply Oct 17th, 2018
George Smith

Meant one star not 5, scum place should be blown up.

Reply Oct 16th, 2018
George Smith

Amazing this place doesn't get raided and the owners arrested, I got drugged and robbed of £900 last Thursday, same story as most, girl outside said it was cheap for a beer, went in and got one, also took the free shot, recall nothing more, first I knew I'd been scammed was when my bank texted me the next day. How I go back to the apartment I have no idea, it was only 11 pm when I went in to the club, had only had a couple beers watching Scotland lose. Santander not refunding the money but I'll appeal it and complain anywhere I can about this place. A UK guy was actually murdered there last year, why is it still open!!

Reply Oct 16th, 2018

It was my brother that was murdered there. 10.10.17

Reply Feb 14th, 2019

Was a different venue near square but im down over £3000, Santader are refusing also and i have police reports, translated statements, blood/urine sample given (24 hours later) to police to make sure it was out of our systems. Bank say any pin number entered is not fraud. They would rather support crime than the safety of their customers.

Reply Mar 7th, 2019

that's banks for ya...They are criminals themselves, so they would support other criminals, rather than their innocent customers, who pay their wages...That's one of the many reasons why cryptocurrency was invented :) Sorry this happened to you. A friend of mine got scammed there too.

Reply Mar 17th, 2019

Their businessmodel is to give you free shots that are spiked. The girls are very pushy and force you to take those shots. They are spiked with something simular to rape drug. They also make you pay like 250 zlotty for one drink. Dont go here! There are safer clubs with better girls

Reply Oct 16th, 2018
New Zealand

This is a post for all the victims of this club. Please register at by following the instructions on the Help! page. We are working with Visa / Mastercard and the Polish Justice system to refund victims money and have this club (and similar clubs) shut down.

Reply Oct 6th, 2018
Richard Howells

Pretty sure this is the club i got drugged and robbed in on the weekend. Avoid.

Reply Oct 5th, 2018
Bryan Nob

They took my liver after spiking my big boy juice

Reply Oct 3rd, 2018

I got spiked and robbed too by the personnel. Huge headache in the morning.

Reply Sep 27th, 2018

WARNING: Please stay a way from this place of hell!!!!! I had also my worst day of mi life. You think you will enjoy the evening with a friend of yours and at the end you friends have you debarks you in the hospital because they never see you like this and they have to call the hospital. This isn't by reason that you drunk to much alc no it's why they put KO drops in your drinks!!! The next morning I woke up had no headache by reason of the alc but i was shocked that this Mafia had loaded my Credit Card with 2300.00 EUR its nothing compared to the other poor people that made the same experience but enough to be angry about this shitty place!!! Never drink enter in this place!!!! And more important never ever again drink alc in such locations!!!

Krakau and the peolpe there are so nice!!! Don´t let ruin your trip, holidays etc.

Reply Sep 23rd, 2018
Worst experience of my life

Worst experience of my life. I was spiked, they cleared all of my savings, they continuously lied to make me pay more. My friend is right now in the hospital because he had so bad response to the spiking (barely conscious more than 12 hours after). I lost a bit under 15.000 Euroes. I don't even have the money to get home (since they completely wiped my bank account).

Never EVER go to this place, especially with any debit or credit card your card. And please report it to the police if this happens to you.

Reply Sep 15th, 2018

Im so sorry, but thank you for your opinion, becasue I just consider to visite such place. Jolanta

Reply Sep 15th, 2018
New Zealand

Please register at if you have not already.

Reply Oct 6th, 2018
Never again

Dangerous place to go. Me and friends went in on our last night after being pestered to go in all week and when I went to a private room after paying in cash. I got a cherry shot and I dont remember much after this..woke up the next morning with a empty bank account. Huge credit card expense and covered in cuts and bruises. I manage to retrace my steps through an app on my phone and apparently I had been wandering around for two hours with recollection of what I was doing..such a blight on the town as it is really a nice place overall.

Reply Sep 12th, 2018

Omijajcie z daleka. Laski bezczelne, glodne i pazerne na kase, tancza tylko grube i brzydkie a siadaja na kolanach mlode laski. Na ulicy mowia ze za darmo wszystko free, w klubie laski nie tancza jak nie zaplacisz. Inne kluby oferuja wiecej.

Reply Sep 8th, 2018

My husband who was scammed massively by this so called night club.. was visiting the city for a family birthday celebration.. he was firstly scouted by a lone female offering a first free drink.. after his first free cherry vodka shot everything became a blur.. my husband is a big fella and can candle is drink on a big scale .. he woke up having vivid memories of someone’s hands around his neck to which he is still suffering with neck/shoulder pain.. then to find out he has had over £20,000+ taken from his credit card.. this is a Barclay card and they are trying everything possible to blame my husband.. people do not go into any club/bar that offer free drinks or don’t except cash!

Reply Aug 24th, 2018

My boyfriend went on a stag in Krakow and got drugged and robbed at the club Pleasure. He woke up in the back of a car and they pushed him out into a country lane miles outside the city, robbed his bank account and stole everything from him. These evil people need to be brought to justice and these clubs need to be shut down. Stay away from these nasty evil places!

Reply Aug 22nd, 2018

Absolute scum - stay well away from this place unless you want to be drugged and mugged and dumped outside of krakow. Amazed this is still open with these reviews.

Reply Aug 22nd, 2018


husband went in 13.08.18 - was drugged and had banks cards maxed out, no memory what so ever but saw video footage of him which ended up in him lying in a road being saved - could have ended much worse

Reply Aug 15th, 2018
Joanna Sobon

Boyfriend whent there saturday.

Druget and stoled 1500 euro.

We reported it to the police.

They wil chek the cameras. The card reader they jused is based in czekia. Jesus sombody need to go undercover there and make movie and take testes from the drink. I am planing to take contakt alsw with media. Karma is going to get this place

Reply Aug 4th, 2018
New Zealand

Hi Joanna, I'd love to hear from you. Please register at by filling out the Help! page. We have contacts in the media that would like to interview you.

Reply Oct 6th, 2018

Spent a week in Krakow great place loved it went out on my last night had a few drinks got in a taxi , my phone was switched off from that point that was 3 am the next three hours are a near total blackout only slight memories i have are of feeling very intimidated. I was left walking around Krakow at 6 am with my phone bank card and hotel key card all missing.Returned home and seen they'd taken £300 out of my bank , Reading comments on here I think i was definitely drugged. The money going is one thing the thing that pissed me off is them drugging people what happens if someone has a funny turn and dies ? These people are parasites if Krakow doesn't want to lose tourists they need to sort it out ASAP , police have been notified back in the UK plus fraud squad seems this isn't the first time this has happened in this place hopefully it gets shut down.

Hopefully they fuck with the wrong person and Liam Neeson goes after them like in Taken.

Reply Jul 16th, 2018
Billy ocean

You got wobbed mate just admit it

Reply Aug 3rd, 2018

Stay away! I lost 1400 € total. They drug you and after a while, you will be forced to pay for services you did not use. Was there 02.06 early morning

Reply Jun 4th, 2018

Dont go to this place, they will steal all your money, they put drugs in to the drinks so you cant remember anithings. Fuck them, fuck the strippers, fuck everyone in this pub (i lost like 1400 euro) hard lesson

Reply Jun 2nd, 2018

Je met un commentaire en français pour prévenir, n’allez pas dans ce club on s’est fait droggue au ghb ou autre drogue de ce type à l’entrée aux shooters. C’est un danger ce club, impossible de se rapeller de la soirée des amis se sont fait volés avec leur carte bleue

Reply May 14th, 2018

Sono delle truffatrici non vi fidate state alla pargs

Reply May 13th, 2018
United Kingdom

No stars. Don't go in there at all. If you do, you will be robbed. If you still do, don't go in with Tesco credit card. Most others decline the fraudulent transactions or will refund it.

Reply May 9th, 2018

Подошел барыга, предложил зайти в вип клуб. мы согласились, зашли. мы были трезвые, взяли по бутылочке пива, пока пили, заметили что стриптизерша дала клиенту какие-то таблетки и он их сразу употребил. мы как русский народ, поняли что тут что-то не ладное. в клубе явно проводятся не чистые махигации. спасибо за бизнес-план, будем развиваться в том же направлении))

Reply May 6th, 2018

wrong rate

Reply May 2nd, 2018

stay away..they are thieves

Reply May 2nd, 2018
Tony Thompson

Absolute scam of a place. Will take you for a private dance and of paying for it by card will say it has been declined and ask you to enter the pin. Each time they will have increased the amount on the terminal. They and get you to do this on multiple cards.

Not convinced its safe and don't properly remember leaving. Tried to phone and get a refund of a payment as requested by my bank but they just blank you.

Reply Apr 28th, 2018
United Kingdom

Full of trafficked sex slaves and they took me and my friend for a couple of thousand UK pounds when we bought two beers and tried to leave. Somehow experts at scamming credit cards. Drug you with a vodka shot as soon as you enter. In my case, restrained me when I tried to leave and reading other stories I understand that I was lucky to escape uninjured and only losing money. Just to add that our UK credit cards did the right thing except Tesco who must prefer to take their profit from this criminal enterprise rather than protect their customers.

Reply Apr 26th, 2018

Which cards paid out? Santander are refusing.

Reply Mar 7th, 2019

You’ll be scammed if you ever enter this place, particularly if you make the mistake of taking your credit card with you. Criminal

Reply Apr 26th, 2018
United Kingdom


Reply Apr 26th, 2018

Great fun,but all girls were busy...

Reply Apr 22nd, 2018

Dont go there!!!! Scamp! Dangerous! You can be hurt! Shame for Polish people and krakow! It was a programme about you in Nederlands tv...disgusting!!!

Reply Apr 19th, 2018
Josh Full
United Kingdom

Avoid at all costs. This place is a complete joke and only there to scam you. Do not enter this strip club. Firstly my friend had a total of £500 taken from his account for 1 dance and 7 beers. Another friend £200 for a round of beers. The girls will enter any amount they want into the card machine and not tell you and make you enter your pin very quickly so you can’t see the amount. Also the cherry shots that they give you for free are definitely drugged. Two of my friends had a few each and 10 minus yes later they completely blacked out. They are lucky to have gotten out injury free. It’s a disgrace that this place is knowingly spiking young men and taking their money. AVOID

Reply Apr 18th, 2018

Hi Josh, please register at if you haven't already.

Reply Apr 23rd, 2018
United Kingdom

DO NOT ENTER VIP. I was drugged with a cherry shot that I decided to drink with my Lager having been pressured by the staff. The next 3 hours I am unable to recall very well after that but suspect I got off lightly as I was only taken for 1000 ZLT. I do remember trying to leave and being unable to stand at one stage. I also recall arguing a lot and being asked to re enter my card PIN in the machine as according to staff the transaction would not go through because of an incorrect PIN. The next day I discover I must have entered the PIN at least three times. I can only recall bits and pieces and believe some powder may have blown into my face. Horrible experience, i could have been killed. In the UK a person would get a custodial sentence for drugging and obtaining money by deception. However, this is Poland, an apparent EU country. Don’t be fooled by that, leopards don’t change their spots, this has clearly been happening there for years at this club, simply read the written accounts below. Avoid VIP Krakow to avoid a violation of your body and finances. Nil star review!

Reply Apr 13th, 2018
New Zealand

Hi Jay, this is a great testimony because it is consistent with what so many have experienced. Please contact at and register at so that it can be used in upcomming action against the club.

Reply Apr 15th, 2018
VIP Club Fuck Their Mums
United Kingdom

How this cunting place is still in business is absolutely beyond me.

Ended the night in this place and started the next day in the hospital with 10 stitches in the back of my head and a nice concussion. Assumed I had drunkenly fallen over (which I don’t usually do) and hit my head. Couldn’t find my card so became suspicious and checked my phone - ridiculous amounts had been taken from my account that I would never authorise no matter how drunk. 2 further even larger transactions had been attempted but thankfully declined due to ‘suspicious activity’ (I’ll fucking say). I’m assuming it’s at this point they have decided to literally kick me to the curb, and hospitalise me.

In conclusion, after first thinking I had caused this all myself, having read all the reviews and seeing my bank account, I don’t think it is much of a coincidence - think I may have had a helping hand.

Avoid this place like the plague.

Shit cunts.

Reply Apr 12th, 2018

Do not go to this Club!!!

They did put 350zl in the Device, but when they did press enter the value did change to 3'500zl.

Reply Apr 8th, 2018
New Zealand

Hi Markus, if you haven't already, please register at as you can join a class action suit to shut the club down and hopefully see your cash back

Reply Apr 23rd, 2018

Absolute cheat 3400 zl gone in vane for 3 drinks

Machine has some error s do not go in .

Reply Apr 4th, 2018

Girls are trying and doing everything to get your money. Drinking and having normal fun is not possible.

Don't go there! At the end you are feeling nailed...

Reply Mar 31st, 2018
Sjtienke Lieti

Is n't that exactly what you wanted.

Getting nailed by a Polish babe.

Reply Mar 31st, 2018

hahahahahhaha ♥

Reply May 19th, 2018
United Kingdom

Beware of this club don't ever use your debit or credit card they have just scammed me out of £1700 by telling me I was paying in Zloyts when in fact it's GBP

Reply Mar 30th, 2018

I'm sorry that this has happened to you. Please file a police report and register at

Reply Mar 30th, 2018

Most likely the same thing happened to me the 22nd of March.

Was in this club and remember everything we were doing until this club. Then I found my myself waking up the next morning somewhere in a park. At first I thought it was my own stupid mistake after drinking too much.

Couple of days later, I saw my balance. Now I am checking this site, wondering how I could ever be so stupid to pay this much.

Reply Mar 26th, 2018

Please register at as your written statement is valuable to us

Reply Apr 3rd, 2018

Drugged and money gone

Reply Mar 15th, 2018

Please register at as your statement about this is valuable to us

Reply Apr 3rd, 2018

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