Nightclubs in Krakow

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ul. Stolarska 13

1. Baccarat

51 reviews
ul. Szewska 5

2. Frantic

243 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 12

3. Jazz Rock Cafe

16 reviews
ul. Szewska 23

4. Rewolucja Club

4 reviews
Rynek Główny 8

5. Club Pod Jaszczurami

13 reviews
Plac Dominikański 6

6. Prozak 2.0

157 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 6

7. Carpe Diem II

13 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 13

8. Afera Pub

14 reviews
Mały Rynek 4

9. Alternatywy 4 Club

1 review
ul. Meiselsa 24

10. Kochanka Club

0 reviews
ul. Szewska 7

11. Goraczka Freak Club

34 reviews
ul. św. Tomasza 4

12. Klub Spolem

4 reviews

Reviews about Nightclubs in Krakow

Worst stripclub ive ever beem to. Pls do never come anywhere near this place. I got husstled for 200 euro. Whatever you do, please for your own sake. Dont go here! All they do is try to rob you.

Goraczka Freak Club

No longer music venue, its a nice looking bar with strippers - you will be drugged and robbed of all your money on your bank cards. Horrible place. Police dont really care as these places must be taking in £100K a night.... neither does your UK bank.

Goraczka Freak Club

club is closed pernamently. Now there is nightclub and stuff clean credit cards when you pay.

Goraczka Freak Club

wouldnt call any of the music alternative but i still had a great night out dancing!

Alternatywy 4 Club

daaaaance dance dance

Carpe Diem II

good when there are good djs - bad when there are bad djs

Prozak 2.0

nice place with many different kinds of concerts & a good local following

Jazz Rock Cafe

you have to be really really drunk to enjoy this place.... or broken inside


Wytańczyłam się do (prawie) białego rana - fajna atmosfera!


I urge every British lad to carry a knife or similar in these Krakow shitholes. Stab the Polish doorstaff.

Afera Pub