Somewhat of a sleepy medieval town by day and a hedonistic party capital by night, Riga has deservedly become a hotspot for pioneering travellers, wild weekenders and indeed anyone looking to dip their foot somewhere a little different. The quaint beauty of the Old Town, the splendour of the City Centre's Art Nouveau architecture, the winding stretches of parkland and the nearby Jurmala beach resort are sure to charm those that prefer the quiet life. Read more

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Riga Latvia - A Survivor's Guide!
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Riga Latvia - A Survivor's Guide!

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Whilst those that prefer a bit of drums, decks and rock'n'roll will definitely find what they're looking for in Riga's buoyant nightlife scene. For the culture lover, in addition to exploring Riga's many museums and monuments, you can catch one of several of its film festivals annually. Snap up some cheap flights, book your accommodation and before you know it you'll be dining al fresco in one of Riga's finest restaurants, fingering your tickets to the National Opera and discussing which of the city's bars and clubs to end the night in...

Whether you're living in the city already, just arrived on holiday or are planning your first Baltic adventure, we aim to be your number one guide to Riga. We've got loads of suggestions on everything from theatres and museums to hotels, restaurants, shops and places to have fun, as well as plenty of top tips on travel and getting around. We also bring you the latest news and events and we've even given you a headstart with the tricky Latvian language - so you're sure to charm the locals!

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With as much history as Riga has, it's hard to know where to begin your exploration of it all. Riga welcomes cultural tourists, with plenty of museums and cultural institutions that will help you understand tiny Latvia's often difficult past. Just walking around the Old Town, you can see some of the architectural gems of Riga's Prussian past, while the Museum of Occupations reveals a much more recent history, mostly focussing on the horrors of the Second World War and brutal life under Soviet rule. But not all is bleak - stroll through the beautiful Art Nouveau District to experience beautiful early 20th century architecture.