Riga Culture A - Z

This is a full, alphabetical directory of all the culture in Riga, listed on Local Life.

Academy of Science

Riga's ugly sister 

1 review

Art Museum Riga Bourse

Masters at work 

2 reviews

Art Nouveau Centre

In with the new 

2 reviews

Aviation Museum

Flight into the past 

0 reviews

Culture and Arts Project NOASS

An active Association of Arts and Culture 

11 reviews

Culture Palace VEF

A palace of culture in Soviet style 

0 reviews

Dailes Teatris

Theatre with a rich history 

1 review

Film Museum

Eisenstein was here 

0 reviews

Freedom Monument

Monument to freedom towering above Riga 

4 reviews

Galerija 21

Ugliness not allowed 

0 reviews

Galerija Templis

New gallery with bold ambitions 

0 reviews

House of Blackheads

Resurrected architectural wonder 

5 reviews

Laima Clock

A timely masterpiece 

0 reviews

Latvia Sports Museum

Latvia has sporting heroes? Oh yes... 

0 reviews

Latvian National Museum of Art

VIP experience for art lovers 

7 reviews

1 review

0 reviews

Mentzendorff House

How the wealthy lived 

0 reviews

Motor Museum

The magic of motors 

0 reviews

Museum of Anatomy

Evidence of bodies 

0 reviews

Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

Art and design in the oldest stone building in Riga 

1 review

Museum of Geology

This place rocks 

0 reviews

Museum of Occupations

Grim but essential museum 

9 reviews

Nativity of Christ Cathedral

Largest Orthodox cathedral in Baltic states 

0 reviews

New Riga Theatre

Speechless performances 

0 reviews

New Theatre Institute of Latvia

Institute of Latvian drama 

0 reviews

Old City Walls

The last of Riga's fortifications 

0 reviews

Open Air Museum

Easier than a time machine - and no flux capacitor needed! 

1 review

Pharmacy Museum

Just what the doctor ordered 

0 reviews

Porcelain Museum

The art of ceramics 

0 reviews

Powder Tower

A tower that used to hold powder, how exciting! 

1 review

Riga Castle

Feel like royalty in Riga 

1 review

4 reviews

Riga Gallery

Riga's centre for contemporary art 

0 reviews

Riga Ghetto

Holocaust memorial 

0 reviews

Riga Latvian Society House

Beautiful and historic multi-purpose venue 

0 reviews

Riga Opera House

One of the best in the world 

10 reviews

Rundale Palace

Take a peek at the Duke's bedroom 

0 reviews

Russian Drama Theatre

A stage for all the world 

0 reviews

Sapnu Fabrika

Multi-functional events venue 

0 reviews

St. Peter's Church

Age old feature of the Riga skyline 

4 reviews

Three Brothers

Medieval architecture in Riga 

0 reviews

Valmiermuiza Brewery

Where the beer comes from 

0 reviews

Water Supply Museum

Tap into history 

0 reviews
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