Go Blonde, baby!

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Pinch yourself. You're not dreaming. There really are thousands of blondes converging on you .. well then passing you by. It's a parade, dummy. And it's for charity and good causes around Riga and Latvia.

Blonde Power has been growing in Riga for the past few years and now the Latvian Association of Blondes is ready to put it on the international travel map. It's even big enough for some of the group's esteemed members to get "Go Blonde" credit cards.

Break out your pink feather boa and buy some cute new summer fun wear and head to Riga for the best parade anywhere. The annual event happens over a weekend in late May or early June, starting with a Retro Blonde competition and vintage car tour on Friday. Then Saturday is the big parade from Ratslaukums to Doma Laukums. The dress code is strictly pink and white and, of course, blonde!

Later the ladies and their friends can party at a concert and in various clubs and venues throughout central Riga.

Going to the Parade?. Get details here.

Share your photos and videos with other Riga Life readers. Contact us and tell us where you've stashed your stuff on Flickr, YouTube or other media sites and we'll string together the best of the Riga Blonde Parade for you right here.


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Andrew Rai
United States

Love it! I'm getting sick of ugly american women, I should visit

Reply Nov 14th, 2013
Jack OShyte
United States

American Feminists hate the Blonde Parade. That's one of the reasons I love it. Here in the US we've been stuck with overbearing women bent on destroying the traditional family and dominating the workplace for 25 years. It is a great pleasure to see that in Riga, estrogen is still a source of pride. Thanks for this. May the parade never end.

Reply May 6th, 2012
United States

I have been there twice! Not only was the parade was nuts, so were the festivities following it. Djs, modeling show, good food & beer.. and tons of hot chicks! Nightlight was "ridonkulous"!

Reply Mar 15th, 2012
United States

We have to start one of these in Boulder

Reply Jun 16th, 2010
United States

my friends and i gotta be there ... go blondes!

Reply Apr 14th, 2010